Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Michael Agouros, RedTail Landing Golf Club, Hole #17


The ace happened at RedTail, on the 198-yard hole #17. I used a 6 iron.

Mike Agouros

Al Sampson, Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

Further to your request, I was playing in senior tournament with: Mike Fitzpatrick, Peter Lao and Daniel Deng. On hole #17, 187 par 3, I used a fairway 5 wood. I saw my ball drop from the tee blocks, but there were some doubts that it dropped. Mr. Deng rushed to the green screening, “it’s in, it’s in.”

Brendan Koch, Lynx Ridge Golf Club, Hole #12

Hi there,

I was playing with a few friends from work at Lynx Ridge. The 12th hole was a front left pin position that day. I hit a 6-iron from around 200 yards to the pin. Landed about 4 feet before the pin and just released into the hole. Very exciting. Shoutout to Matt, who I was playing with, for an eagle (2) on the ninth hole from 145 yards out. Big day on the course.



Carole Withers, Radium Course, Hole #12

Good morning,

Thank you for your email in regard to my hole-in-one. It happened on September 24th on the Radium Course. I was golfing with my husband, Wayne, and my daughter, Stacey. It was hole #12; it was a 141-yard par 3 with an elevated tee box. The club I used was an 8 iron. Unfortunately, I personally didn’t see it actually go in the hole but my daughter did so that was fun. 



Carolyn Rutter, Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course, Hole #13


My hole-in-one was on hole 13 at Tsawwassen Springs. I was playing in my Tuesday Ladies League with Alison, Margaret and Laureen. It was 106 yards, and I used my 7 iron. I watched the ball hit the green curl toward the hole and fall in. Very exciting! It was an expensive day though as there were about 40 ladies to buy drinks for after the round…well worth it though!


Carolyn Rutter

Chris Ritchie, Eagle Crest Golf Couse, Hole #16


I shot a hole-in-one on September 18, 2022, during the Acadia University golf team tryouts at Eagle Crest Golf Course in Centreville, N.S. Shot a pitching wedge on the 117-yard hole #16, with a Taylormade TP5 “bacon and eggs” logo ball. Playing partners were Tai Robichaud and Connor Stites.


Doug Skinner, Loch March Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

I organized a small Fall tournament to enjoy the changing of the leaves consisting of 16 players. That hole was the closest to the pin contest where everyone threw in $5 each to compete. So bottom line, I won $80 but the bar tab was $125. I was playing with Chris Day, John Black and Jamie York. The hole was 138 yards. Used a 9 iron.

Fred Ollewagen, Deer Creek Golf Club, Hole #18


It was on the last hole of the Ruby 9 at Deer Creek North. It was 171 yards and I hit 8 iron and it bounced once and disappeared.

As chance may have it, I made another hole-in-one yesterday only a couple of hours after responding to your email. That makes it two in three days after struggling for 25 years! This one was a pitching wedge from 148 yards on the 4th, Ruby at Deer Creek North in Ajax and it went straight into the hole, not even a dent on the cup! 

Kind regards,

Ferdinand Ollewagen

George Land, Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

I was golfing with Terry and Ray. 144 yards to the middle pin and used an 8 iron.



Grant Armstrong, Royal Liverpool Golf Course, Hole #11

Good morning and thank you for your email.

It really was a thrill for me! I’ve been playing for 50 years and that was my first hole-in-one. My playing partners were Ray Leonard (also a Golf Canada member) and Graham Child (a resident of England). I hit the smoothest 4 iron of my life! The hole was 171 yards.

Many thanks.


Greg Peebles, Magna Golf Club, Hole #17

Thanks for the congratulations from Golf Canada. This was my second hole-in-one, the first being on the 8th hole at Bayview Golf and Country Club. I used a 9 iron for a 146-yard shot directly into the wind. The best part was seeing the ball fly over the water, hit the front of the green and roll into the hole. What an experience. Made it even more fun because I shared it with my friends from Bayview that were playing in my foursome – Michel Paradis, Nick D’Agostino and Mark Paterson. What a day.

Heather Swallow, Dinosaur Trail Golf & Country Club, Hole #5


Thank you for the note and recognition of my hole-in-one. They are indeed exciting, and I am lucky enough to have now experienced this excitement four times.

The yardage for my hole-in-one was 107 and I used a 9 iron.

Thank you,

Heather Swallow

Hugh McEwen, Glacier Greens Golf Club, Hole #12

Hole-in-one was on #12 at the Glacier Greens course in Comox, B.C. The hole was playing 109 yards and I used a 9 iron. I was playing with two of my buddies, Dave and Rick. It was my second hole-in-one on that hole and third total. 😁

Hugh McEwen

John Leask, Michelson National Golf Club, Hole #15

Thanks for the email. It was a great day for sure at Mickelson National! The hole was #15. The yardage was 169. I took the shot with a 7 iron.

Thank you!

John Leask

Jordan Tinney, Gallangher’s Canyon, Hole #2


Thank you. To your questions:

We have just completed renovations to our home and wanted to thank the husband-and-wife team who partnered with us on the renovation for the past six months. They golf so we wanted to take them out. It was a late afternoon tee time and a gorgeous day.

I had the yardage as 135 and its slightly downhill. I took out a nine iron. Since it was late afternoon, it was one of those shots where the sun was in your eyes. I hit it and it felt solid but with the sun, I couldn’t see it in flight. I put my hand up to block the sun and just looked at the pin waiting for it to land (hopefully) somewhere on the green. You can see the green well, it landed right in front of the pin, and seemed to take a small roll and just disappear. We all thought that it went in and as we then walked to the green, there it was, in the hole. Wild. I’ve never had one.

In true golf fashion, I did the following things. I fixed my ball mark, took a picture because it was amazing. Then, I was reminded about the golf gods who got even with me as I went on to double the next hole. 

The ball now sits on my shelf, as who knows if it will ever happen again. Oh, what’s luckier than getting a hole-in-one? Doing it on a day when the course bar was closed (as they were punching the fairways on the main course).

Take care,


Joseph Han, Deerfield Golf Club, Hole #11

Hi Golf Canada,

On September 17, I got a hole-in-one at Deerfield Golf Club which is located in Oakville, ON. Occurred on hole 11 with a 7 iron.

Joseph Han 

Kevin Fairburn, Flowing Springs, Hole #8

I would like to report a hole-in-one.


– Course: Flowing Springs

– City: Regina, Saskatchewan

– Date: October 1, 2022

– Hole:8

– Yardage: 136

– Ball used: Callaway Chrome soft #3

– Club Used: Taylormade 9

– Had three people see it go in Larry Scheffer, Cam Leonard and Randy Taylor.

Wind coming from the Northeast. Hit the green about 2’ from the pin. One bounce and went into the hole.  


Kevin Fairburn

Leo Jacques, Bellmere Winds Golf Resort, Hole #8

I had a hole-in-one at Bellmere Winds, hole #8.



Mike Elwood, Islington Golf Club, Hole #6

Thank you for the email regarding my hole-in-one on number 6 at Islington Golf Course. 

The group is the usual gang on Wednesdays, who I refer to as the Super Seniors. Let me clarify, I am not one of them, I am the young one.

The group in the picture attached is me, Bob Guthrie, Larry Citrullo and Goerge Mitchell who was filling in for the absent Bruce Kenney.

Hole #6 was playing 108 yards from the blue tees which is the Super Seniors tee of choice on Wednesdays. I hit last as we play ready golf, and I grabbed my pitching wedge, the pin was white which is middle, but it was behind a mound so you couldn’t see the ground. I fired a little draw to the right side of the green and it actually hit the fringe and did the left turn. That was all I saw from the tee, but I knew it was good. When I got up to the green, I passed George’s shot, he was right, off the putting surface. Larry had already arrived at the back of the green as he was long and in a cart that day. Bob was lumbering up to the bunker short of the green. 

As I climbed the little rise to the green and noted all of the above, I did not see my ball, and the pin was about 10 paces off the right, so I proceeded to the hole with my clubs still on my back, I looked down and there it was lying comfortably in the bottom of the cup. I bent over and quietly picked it out of the hole. Larry was the first to notice and acknowledge that it was an ace. I was thrilled but didn’t celebrate in a manner one might expect. Bob was shocked that I didn’t hoot and holler but it’s not my style and even though that was my third ace on number 6 the celebrations have all been the same, very subdued.

Mike Elwood 

Mike Gains, Uplands Golf Club, Hole #4

It was our last Uplands Golf Club Men’s Night, and I was playing with my three chums Mike Paget, Kerry Davies and Randy Price from high school in Victoria (1974).

4th hole at Uplands GC, 165 yards and the ball took one bounce and the second bounce disappeared into the hole! Very special hole-in-one to me as it came during the 100-year Anniversary of our Golf Club!

My only other hole-in-one was at Gorge Vale Golf Club as a new member in 1984. 

Michael (Mike) Gains

Pamela Piotrowski, Boyne Highlands Resort & Country Club, Hole #16


Thank you very much for reaching out and acknowledging this exciting moment during my 2022 golf season.

I was playing with my husband, Alex Yandryk, and friends, Angie and Craig Anderson (all active Golf Canada members). During our last day of playing at Boyne Highlands, I stared down the 95 yard #16 at the Arthur Hills course with my pitching wedge and after one bounce, it rolled into the hole. Funny thing is that my playing partners all saw the ball go into the hole, but I forgot to wear my contacts that day and only saw the ball flight off the tee but nothing else!

Although this is my second hole-in-one, it truly an awesome moment for me.

Thanks for the graphic to help commemorate this occasion.


Pam Piotrowski

Rae McLeod, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Hole #15

Had an absolutely marvelous day on the course today. Great weather, great friends and a hole-in-one. What more could I ask for?

I hit a 7 iron in to the 135-yard, back pin on the signature hole. It traced nicely to the green and rolled down toward the pin. It looked good but appeared to stop a couple feet short, so I bent over to pick up my tee when my playing partners yelled, “it went in” simultaneously.  I looked up and the ball was nowhere to be seen so had to be in the hole. This is my second hole-in-one at the Dunes and both times I was picking up my tee when the ball went in and missed the actual ball drop. Still a thrilling experience.

Rae McLeod

Richard Bigsby, Riverside Country Club, Hole #11

Thanks for your email. I was playing with Rory Picklyk and Rick Gore-Hickman. It was 208 yards into a two-club wind. Hit a 3 wood. Cheers.

Scott Morgan, University Golf Club, Hole #7

Details of my fourth ace:

– UGC hole #7, 127 yards off whites.

– 6 hybrid

Playing with Jim Davidson and Ken Teskey!

Sharon Case, Miramichi Golf & Country Club, Hole #5

Thanks for the lovely follow up regarding my recent hole-in-one.

I was very fortunate to have my brother, Bruce Clark, and my twin sister, Karen Flett, witness my shot. This was on the 5th hole and the yardage as indicated on the scorecard is 88 yards. I used a gap wedge. This actually was my seventh recorded hole-in-one which gives me a one up on my husband who last month recorded his sixth on the very same hole!  We have quite the friendly competition going!

Golf is such a great game, and we sure enjoy the amazement by our fellow club mates that as a husband and wife we have 13 between the two of us. 

Terri Buckingham, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #2

Thank you for your congratulations!

Trevor Yachimec, Pine Hills Golf Club, Hole #4

My playing partners for that beautiful day were Les Desi, Duncan Chisholm and Don (Shorty) Owchar. It was hole #4 which scoped out at 147 yards. I used my 9 iron. Shorty called it in the air and to my disbelief, it hit right of the pin, one hopped and spun into the hole.

Wanda Cook, Harmon Seaside Links, Hole #5

Hi. Thank you. It was at Harmon Seaside Links, Stephenville, N.L. on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, on hole #5 which was playing 129 yards.  I used my R7 rescue draw #6. My golfing buddies, Glenda White and Rowena MacDonald, were playing with me. It was very exciting.

Will Lake, Lowville Golf Club, Hole #13


Thanks for reaching out. It feels like I’ve been on cloud nine since that magical moment. 

I was golfing with Mike Morningstar and Dino Zampini. We normally tee off early and last Sunday was no different as we teed off at 7:10am at Lowville. 

The round was going a little sideways before I stepped up to the tee box on hole #13. Dino had just made birdie on No. 12 to increase his lead on both Mike and me.

The wind was directly in our face on the par 3 which measured at 149 yards but was playing 160. The hole was cut on the lower tier of the green. Dino played first and came up just short. I was the next to play and used a 7 iron. I hit my line which was to land on the top tier and allow the ball to disappear down the slope to the hole. Mike’s shot ended up on the back of the green 15 feet from the hole. From the tee box, the hole was out of sight so as we were walking up to the green, we only saw Mike’s ball. I started to get a little excited. I crept up to the hole like I was hunting, trying not to make a noise. I peered over the lip of the hole and there it was, all snuggled in cozy in the bottom of the cup. 

As this was my first hole-in-one ever, a rush of excitement stayed with me for the rest of the round and day. To say there were a few high fives and smiles would be an understatement. It was amazing to share that moment with the boys as while we want to beat each other, we high five each other when a great shot it made.