Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – September 15, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Bill Bratt, Timber Ridge Golf Course, Hole #8

I used a Taylormade P790 pitching wedge. The cup was somewhat hidden between two knolls in the green, but we saw that the ball hit, skipped forward and disappeared. There was no real excitement until you see what transpired. I was playing with my good friend Andy and a couple of gents that we met, Cole and his Nonno. There were only three balls on the green and Andy quickly claimed the ball next to the pin, I thought that he was pulling my leg. Nonno saw the markings on his ball, almost the same as my markings, and claimed his ball. That’s when Andy said, “check the hole!” I pulled out my phone and there was my fourth career hole-in-one! This happened five days after I celebrated my first-ever hole-in-one 25 years earlier at Crowbush Cove. It’s been a really good year as I was turning 70 I wanted to shoot my age and managed to shoot a 69 and a 68 a month or so ago!

Dennis Yoo, Greenhills Golf Club, Hole #3

It was 157 yards and I hit a 7 iron. My playing partners were Glen Hall, Danny Pacifico and Anthony Bolzonello.

Aaron Campbell, Countryview Golf Club, Hole #16

My playing partners were Shawn Arbing, Mike MacNeill and Alex MacFayden. The hole yardage was 120, and my club was a pitching wedge. The ball played was a Srixon Z-Star XV, Club was a Srixon ZX-5 pitching wedge.

The event was day one of the Countryview Golf Course Club Championship. I went on to win the second division flight in a one-hole playoff.

Art Lappalainen, Penticton Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

I was playing with my regular golf buddies, Glen Brennan, Eric Johnson and Rod Zornes. Rod was the first to hit on the 16th hole which was playing about 164 yards. We couldn’t see the ball, but we thought it was really close to the hole. The other two guys hit but didn’t hit the green. Then I hit, I thought it was a pretty good 6 iron but I thought I was a little long, but we couldn’t see it from the tee box.

When we got close to the hole, we noticed there was only one ball on the green just past the hole. I said to Rod, “Are you going to check in the hole” because I thought it was his ball that went in. When he looks in the hole he said, “That’s not my ball because I wasn’t playing a Callaway.” I looked in the hole and I realize it’s my ball with my blue marks on it.

Bev Born, Southside Golf Course, Hole #15

I was playing with our fun Friday afternoon group, the Swingers. My foursome consisted of Arlane Balichowski, Joan Chittick, Mikki Dandonneau and myself. Our hole #15 at Southside is 88 yards, and I used my new 9 iron hybrid. I am very fortunate for this to be my third hole-in-one (the second time at Southside).

Bob Fox, Carstairs Golf Club, Hole #12

I finally joined the “club” at age 69. I was playing with my wife, and two friends.   hit a pure shot into a breeze, right at the flag. It carried the bunker and went in the hole.

Brad McIlroy, Kawartha Golf Club, Hole #12

It was a father son outing. Once a year my dad and I invite a longtime friend from public school and his dad. My buddy wasn’t having a great day, and on the 12th hole I said to him, “Okay this is a short hole, if you’re going to turn your day around or get a hole-in-one out here, this is the hole to do it on!” We had 111 yards uphill over a bunker, down wind. I hit a high draw with a 54-degree wedge that looked to land just right of the hole. Because it was over a bunker we couldn’t see where the ball finished. When we approached the green, we didn’t see my ball on the green, and it turns out it was one of those rare occasions where you look for your ball in the hole and there it was!

Brandon Bird, Coppinwood, Hole #11

The hole-in-one was made from 193 yards with my 4 hybrid. I was playing with my wife, Janis Bird, father, Brian Bird, and friend, Andrew Rowland.

Cam Kissick, Land O Lakes Golf Course, Hole #11

Great day!

Charles Greene, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #12

I was playing with my wife, Susan Quinn, and a friend, David Pfeiffer. It was a blue flag, 166 yards into a breeze. I took an extra club, using a 5 iron. It hit the side of the green on the left which slopes to the right and tracked into the hole. My last and only other hole in one was on the 17th of August 2008 on the 15th hole.

Cohen Bitzer, Penticton Golf and Country Club, Hole #10

I was golfing with Jackson Coates, Matt Jones and Matt McDermont, all members of Penticton Golf and Country Club.

I made the hole-in-one on hole #10, with a middle-left pin placement 163 yards away. I was shooting into the wind, so I decided to use my 7 iron.

Darold Kurytnik, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #14

The golf game was one of our regular men’s section games played each Wednesday. I was playing with fellow members Brad Reimer, Bill Stuart and Gerry Adams. We were playing the 14th hole, which is a par 3 and 198 yards long. I used a 4 hybrid for the shot. When Bill Stuart hit teeing off first, the rest of us were standing around with nobody rushing to hit next. I said I’m not looking forward to this shot either, but I’ll hit. I struck one of my best hits that day and the ball was going straight for the pin, we are all watching and none of us saw the ball go in the hole as the pin was in a shadow. However, my 17-year-old grandson Samuel was in the group behind us, and he was on the 13th green with a good view of the 14th green. He came running over to congratulate me. That made the experience more enjoyable.

Darren Sopkow, Red Deer Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

Our group for the day was eight individuals and we were doing our final year end battle it out amongst the golf group for who’s the best. We have a fun golf group that passes around a club head cover for who’s the best for the year. The winner gets to keep the club head cover for the following year until it’s up for grabs again. Unfortunately, I never won the club head cover, but I did get a hole-in-one. We’ve been talking about how cool it would be for someone to get a hole-in-one in our informal year end event. 

The wind was quite gusty. Our #2 hole is an uphill par 3 with three tiers to the green and a couple of bunkers on the left side and trees to the side. You want to hit the correct tier or miss short of the green altogether and rely on your chipping skills to get up and down because any putt from the wrong tier can often result in a three putt bogey.

It was a middle tier, back right-side pin location playing 192 yards. I hit a high spin fade shot so I opted for my 4 iron and hit what was a perfect shot. It was fading from left to right, I knew it looked good and that it would zip across the green from left to right. Our foursome got a little excited by the look of the shot and as it was zipping across the green my thoughts said if that ball passes the pin and disappears, it’s got to be a hole-in-one. It disappeared and we got really excited but needed to rush up there to check and see. Sure enough, it was in the hole.

Our other foursome behind us and people on the 18th tee and third tee all heard the commotion and it was all very exciting for those who were a part of it.

Dave McCafferty, West Hills Golf Club, Hole #5

I had a hole-in-one on June 17th at the West Hills Golf Club in Fredericton on hole #5. Measured that day at 102 yards and used a 52-degree wedge.

Dylan Wescome, Island Brae (Club de golf), Hole #6

It was an exciting hole for sure! It was about 140 yards, and I used a 7 iron.

Ed Bond, Assinibone Golf Club, Hole #4

Pretty exciting to get my first!

Here’s a couple of pictures and some information:

– August 18th, 2023

– Dale Esopenko memorial Pro-Am
4th hole

– Assiniboine Golf Club

– Winnipeg, Manitoba

– 134 yards

9 iron

Gaige Weseen, Olds Golf Club, Hole #13

I was playing with three other members in Olds: Mike Dezall, Mark Schultz and James MacDonald. Hole #13 was 152 yards and I hit a 9 iron. It was a tricky day, there were 35 km winds blowing left to right very slightly helping.

Garfield Moore, Picton Golf and Country Club, Hole #18

The hole-in-one was at the Picton Golf and Country Club on the 18th hole. I used my 6 hybrid and the yardage would have been approximately 160 yards. This is my third ace.

Gary Stephen, Penticton Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

Making a hole-in-one is always a fun experience. This is my fourth time, the other three were at Shadow Ridge Golf Club in Kelowna, B.C.

The 16th hole at the Penticton club is 150 yards and I used a 6 iron. I was playing with my good friend Chris Stodola along with Lawrence and Ken. We celebrated with a shot of “birdie juice”.

Gordon Penny, Berwick Heights Golf Course, Hole #5

I shot a hole-in-one on September 2, 2023 at the Berwick Heights Golf Course in Nova Scotia on hole #5. It was 146 yards with a 5 iron. I was playing with members Troy and Kathy Ferguson.

Jack Vicq, The Glencoe Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

I was playing in our junior club championships and it was 135 yards.

Jane Lavoie, Sunset Ranch Golf Club, Hole #8

It was during the Club Championship.

Jason McGonigal, Earl Grey Golf Club, Hole #7

I was playing with Al-Karim Moloo and Hussein Bhanji. If I recall correctly, the yardage was lasered at 152 and I hit a 9 iron. I was told we had the loudest hole-in-one in Earl Grey history with our celebration.

As an aside, my first-born daughter started kindergarten the day after my ace, my wife had her academic research published in a scientific journal that same day and we welcome our second daughter exactly one week after the hole-in-one, so it was a very memorable week!

Jen Stocks, The Club at North Halton, Hole #9

I was playing with my three golf friends Alanna, Whitney and Vanessa on our regular ‘Women’s Day’ Tuesday. It was on hole #9, a par 3, and 88 yards. I used my pitching wedge and had a lovely lofty shot over the pond to land about a foot above the pin which then rolled right in. The balcony at our clubhouse was packed as it was around 5:45pm and lots of people had finished their rounds so were able to see it happen. I didn’t really believe it, but the balcony of members and guests cheered and yelled my name. It was pretty great.

Jill Barrigan, Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club, Hole #5

I was playing with my husband, Cory Letourneau, and Diane Banman and Al Stafford. I hit my 7 iron, and it was about 105 yards.

Joe Ardito, Brampton Golf Club, Hole #3

It was an amazing September 4th Labour Day Monday. I was playing with Phil Menary, Mike Menary and Jon Tyner. Got the ace on the third hole at the Brampton Golf Club. A 132-yard 9 iron to a slightly elevated green. What a great day!

Joseph MacMullin, North Bellingham Golf Course, Hole #14

I was in a tournament held by the TGA Tour. As you’ve seen it was at North Bellingham Golf Club just south of the border.

We were playing from the blue tees. I was playing in my foursome with Freddy Fredrickson, Chris Wareing and Azi Mohammed. Hole #14 was 121 yards. I used a pitching wedge, and it landed about 15 feet short of the hole and rolled in the left side of the cup. At that point I dropped my club and fell on the ground, covering my face, screaming, “I did it!” I think I can safely say that was the most magical and surreal moment of my life.

Justin Miller, Cattail Crossing Golf and Winter Club, Hole #6

I was playing with my brother Ben, his friend Luke and my friend Jack. It was a tryout for a highschool golf team. I was using a 7 iron there was a little bit of a back wind and it hit the green and rolled right in.

Lyne Beauregard, Rosemère (club Link), Hole #6

The distance was 116 yards with an 8 iron.

Mark Way, TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley, Hole #4

It was quite exciting, especially after coming very close a few times this year. I was playing with Gavin Mistry, also a preferred member at TPC Toronto. The yardage was 160 and I used my 7 iron.

Michael Evans, Cedar Brae Golf Club, Hole #11

The yardage was 185 yards, I used a 7 iron.

I was playing with Collin Charles, and Curtis Mascall, Mr. Charles’ guest.

Mike Legg, Prince George Golf and Curling Club, Hole #14

The hole was 131 yards and I hit a 9 iron. My playing partners that day were Gary Long, Jason Mckague, Blair Scott and Tyler Hapke.

Mike Malek, Hollinger Golf Club, Hole #8

On Monday, September 4th, I was playing golf with my daughter, Heather Seguin, and two of her friends at the Hollinger Golf Club, my home club. On the 158-yard par 3, 8th hole, which was playing shorter I hit my high lofted (33 degree) hybrid onto the front of the green. Luckily the ball had eyes, and rolled right into the hole, for my first ever hole-in-one. I love golf!

Noah Mugenyi, Dentonia Golf Course, Hole #18

I luckily got three holes-in-one at Dentonia Golf Course for the month of August 2023. Occurred on holes #12 (August 3), #10 (August 23) and #18 (August 24).

Also, I can proudly confirm that in just four years of playing and getting into this intriguing and wonderful game; I have registered six holes-in-one.

Percy Clark, Chapples Municipal Golf Club, Hole #8

I was playing with Tony, Paul and Rob who I met at the first tee that day after being paired with them! It was 145 yards to the pin and hit one of the best 9 irons I’ve ever hit. We didn’t see it go in, but Paul was sure it was. Sure enough, he made a beeline for the pin and announced it for the group. As exciting of an achievement as it was, it wasn’t the most exciting of the weekend. The next day, I won the 5th annual “Skatman Invitational”, a yearly tournament played by a group of buddies.

Peter Flemming, Fox Hollow Golf Club, Hole #3

My partners were Alan LeBlanc, Barrie Clarke and Joe Devison. It was 129 yards with a 7 iron.

Randal Braden, Aberdeen Glen Golf Club, Hole #6

The yardage that day was 146 yards, and I used a hybrid club. I didn’t actually see it go in the hole. I was playing Men’s Day with my regular group, Dan Aviss, Jason Proctor and Shane Sucholotosky.

Richard Grimes, Guelph Country Club, Hole #7

It happened on August 29th at the Guelph Country Club. I was playing with Paul Walton, our club pro, and two other members. Our 7th hole was 146 yards that day, so my 6 iron was a good choice!

Robert Macphail, Berwick Heights Golf Course, Hole #16

I started golfing in 2019 after my retirement. This was our weekly men’s day at Berwick Heights Golf Club. I was playing with my normal foursome, Tom Goode, Stephen Sangster, John Yuille. The 16th hole is around 160 yards, and I used my 6 iron with a slight breeze from behind. We saw the ball land on the green rolled towards the pin and disappeared, quite a feeling.

Ron Streatch, Craigowan Golf Club, Hole #3

I was playing with Mark Alparan, Nick Weszner and Matt Gibbons. The yardage was 155 into a slight breeze. My 8 iron landed just beyond and to the right of the pin and spun into the hole.

Sheila Kennedy, Lingan Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

I was playing with three other Lingan members Jayne Burke, Peggy Sheppard Forward and Abbie Boudreau. It was hole #6 and 120 yards, and I used my 8 iron. It was an awesome day shared with great friends!

This was my second hole-in-one in the past six months, but my first at my home club at Lingan, which I was very excited about.

Steve Redden, Granite Springs Golf Course, Hole #13

I was playing with Mike Hutton and Fred Hill. The yardage was 143 yards, and I used an 8 iron.

Steve Whitford, University Golf Club, Hole #16

I used a 6 iron from 175 yards. I played with my lifelong friends.

Stuart Burnie, Muskoka Bay Club, Hole #2

My hole-in-one was on hole #2 at Muskoka Bay. The pin was a blue flag, back left location, approximately 157 yards. I hit an 8 iron and it went in on the fly. My playing partners are Gary Maracle, Mike Thomson and Roy Micks.

TJ Keslick, Woodlington Lakes Legacy Course, Hole #8

It was the 8th hole, playing 142 yards. While the ball was in the air one of my buddies called it, “that’s going in!” It hit about four feet in front of the hole, bounced once, rolled a little and disappeared into the cup! I was still in disbelief until I got up there and saw the ball at the bottom of the cup!

Todd Chevalier, Galt Country Club, Hole #11

It was on Men’s League Day. I was playing with Kory Mortimer, Taylor Moffitt and Geoff Genzle.

Todd Fraser, Banff Springs Golf Club, Hole #8

My partners were two Banff residents and an 85-year-old father. It was 130 yards, and I used a pitching wedge.

Vito Bommarito, Beverly Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

I played with three good friends, Mark Maguire, Jon Jurus and Jason Daleo. It was 156 yards downwind. I used my Cobra LTD 9 iron.