Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Balwinder Sahota, Glen Eagle Golf Club, Hole #8


Thanks. It was an amazing time. I experienced this with family and friends. That day, I played with my neighbour, Jazz Makkar, Aman Saggu and nephew, Raman Sahota. We were on 8th hole par 3 and playing from white tees. Hole measured 165 yards and I used a 7 iron. I was the last guy to shoot and had a good swing. One bounce and it rolled in.

Cody Yaremovich, St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, Hole #7

Thank you! That was my first, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. The annual boys trip! Yes, it got pricey, but it was unforgettable. 

My playing partners that day were Dave Lengyel, Jamie Hiltz and Jonathan Hirst. Yardage for the day was 126, playing into a slight breeze. I hit a choked down, sawed off 9 iron that flew right over the flag, eight inches passed the cup and spun back into the hole! We may have been the loudest group on the course once we realized it went in.

Thanks again! 

Cody Yaremovich 

Craig Huxter, Glendenning Golf Course, Hole #11

Thanks for the congratulations. I was playing with Kent Rowe, a Golf Canada member, as well as Jennifer Baker and Phonse Leonard. The tees were forward on September 3rd on the 11th hole and I lasered the flag at 122 yards. I pulled a Callaway Apex DCB pitching wedge which is my 115–120-yard club. The ball was blown by the wind, a little right to left. It landed on the right edge of the bunker on the left of the green and bounced right and spun right across the green, hit the flag and dropped into the hole.  

Glen Erickson, Connaught Golf Club, Hole #3

Thanks so much for the kind words and congratulations! This was a cool experience, my second hole-in-one.

I was playing with Gary Kavanaugh (Medicine Hat) and Brian Paush (Edmonton) in the final round of the 89th Southeastern Open at the Connaught Golf Club in Medicine Hat. I had a four-shot lead after two rounds but by the time we reached our 14th hole (it was shotgun start), I’m pretty sure were all tied for the lead, or at least within a shot of each other. I’d played kind of an erratic round in the wind.

The second hole at Connaught, our 14th of the day, is a par 5. Both Gary and Brian made birdie while I four-putted for a double-bogey seven. I was livid about the three-shot swing, but knew I had to keep my wits about me. When we arrived at the par 3, third hole, our 15th of the day, I joked with the volunteer on the tee box that I would have to hole my tee shot to play #2 and #3 in even-par.

Gary hit his tee shot on the 3rd into the left greenside bunker, then Brian hit his into the bunker on the right side. I hit a good shot, a high draw with my 9-iron, a shot the wind moved slowly toward the flagstick. One bounce and in, from 127 yards! I think I flipped my club into the air and raised my arms and looked back at the guys with some bewilderment. Gary and Brian came running up to me with handshakes and congratulations. Gary laughed, “that’s how you make up for a double-bogey”.

We took a couple of pictures at the green before Gary and Brian played out the hole. They both made bogey. So, that was a three-shot swing in my favour!

Three holes later, I rolled in a birdie putt on the last hole to win the Senior Men’s Division by one stroke. It’s really fun to be in the hunt!

Coincidentally, I used a Ben Hogan FTX 9-iron to make the ace, the same club I used back in 2008 when I made my first hole-in-one at the Shannon Lake Golf Club in West Kelowna.

A few days later, head pro, Brian Oliphant, presented me with a wonderful memento on behalf of the entire team at Connaught. It’s just beautiful! The ace is a nice accomplishment, but the camaraderie that day and the celebration after play with my friends and competitors is really what made it all so special!

Glen Erickson

Gordon Harrison, Napanee Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

I was golfing with fellow member, Mike Bellerive, and two green fee players whose names I have forgotten. I used a Jumbo 32* 11 wood, and the yardage was about 125 (not measured). This was my second hole-in-one.


Graham Macdougall, Algonquin Golf Course, Hole #14

Many thanks for the recognition of my hole-in-one last week at the Algonquin Golf Course in St. Andrews N.B. I am a 79-year-old Senior who plays out of the Riverside Country Club in Rothesay N.B. (not Saskatoon). I have a 12 handicap and was visiting the Algonquin Golf Course with my brother, Alan, who was visiting from Toronto. The magic moment came on the 130-yard, 14th hole. Used a 7 iron. As so often happens, the shot was later in the afternoon and directly into the sun, so I did not see the result until I got to the green. Just to bring a bit of sobriety to the day, I made a double bogey on 18 to shoot 80. Nevertheless, a magic golfer’s day. We went to the Rossmount Inn for a nice celebratory dinner. This was my second hole-in-one.

Thanks for being interested.

Graham Macdougall

Grant Noble, Scarboro Golf & Country Club, Hole #11

Firstly, thank you for the email and yes, I’m super stoked. 

So, I had the worst round of the year funnily enough when I dropped the ace. I was playing with good friends Nathan Tam, Taylor Tolleffson and Ryan Son Kee who are just beauties and were just as happy as myself. 

It was playing 96 yards and we thought 100 yards with the wind.  Nathan went up first and flushed a shot into the back bunker. I went and changed my club from a 50-degree wedge to a 54-degree. Flushed the shot to the right of the hole and it juiced back into the hole. We went crazy.

Heather Murray, Predator Ridge, Hole #4

Dear Golf Canada,

Thank you so much for the note and the wonderful graphic acknowledging my hole-in-one.

My playing partners were Doris Ritter and Barbara Reid. I was the first player to hit off the tee on hole #4 of the Predator Ridge Golf Course. The yardage was 98 from the lavender tees and I chose to hit my 9 iron. The pin was middle centre on the green. My ball landed below the hole but was moving forward towards the pin. My ball had good line to the pin, but it seemed like it was moving in slow motion, and I thought to myself, “Geez this is probably going to be one that stops just inches from the cup.” But the ball kept rolling forward and then disappeared into the hole! Whoa! I turned to my playing partners and said, “That is unbelievable!” Next were high fives and texting to my other golf buddies to meet after the round in the clubhouse because drinks were on me!

It was a rush and a thrill to walk to the hole, look down into the cup and say, “Yup, that’s my ball”. TaylorMade black number zero ball marked with a red racing stripe and that is the picture I took to remember this hole-in-one. I retired the ball.  



Jeff Ostrow, Ambassador Golf Club, Hole #16

Thank you for your interest in my story.

It was a beautiful day for golf, 22 degrees, light breeze. It was the last day of league play at Ambassador Golf Club. Starting on the back 9 and walking up to the tee, I surveyed the distance to be 190 yards to the par 3 16th hole. I placed my tee a yard or so behind the pewter tee markers and took my swing with my TaylorMade 3 hybrid. It felt good, since I knew it was going to be on the green, I bent down to pick up my tee and I heard Enzo say, “Jeff you might want to watch this”.  Watch it I did. The ball was fading from left to right, landed about 15 feet left and short of the hole, rolled towards the pin and disappeared. Steve and Enzo were convinced, but from 190 yards I needed to get closer to know for sure. As I drove up to the green and noted it was not behind the pin I was thrilled to walk up to the hole and find it at the bottom of the cup. How awesome. High fives, fist pumps and pictures! Witnessed by Enzo Pappini and Steve Jaksich. 

After I finished my round and went into the clubhouse to buy some drinks for everyone, I realized that another league member had a hole-in-one on the same hole 30 minutes after me. No one has had a hole-in-one all year on that hole, and two in the same night.  I guess I don’t even get a skin!

What a great feeling.

Jeff Ostrow

John Volcko, Fox Harb’r, Hole #7

Thank you very much for the email! It took 45 years to get my first one and now I’m hoping for many more. 

The hole-in-one occurred on the 7th hole at Fox Harb’r on September 3rd, 2022. I hit a 5 iron to pin that was at 173 yards into a slight breeze on a bright sunny day. It was witnessed by Cindy Bruce.

Thanks for reaching out!


John Volcko

Judy Chin, Stony Plain Golf Course, Hole #12

Thank you for your congratulatory email. Yes, I was very excited and totally elated to have a hole-in-one on September 5th.

I was golfing with Murray Chase and my significant other, Patrick Kelly, who just had his first hole-in-one in June at Stony Plain. My hole-in-one was on hole #12. The yardage was 150 with wind towards me. So, I played a toned down 5 wood and it did the job superbly for me! I actually have a picture taken at hole #12 and also Jeff, our Pro/General Manager, gifted me with a flag for that.

I do not have an objection in sharing this good news with Golf Canada. I hope this will help inspire more women golfers to come out and play. 

Best regards,

Judy Chin

Justin Ward, Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

Hey Golf Canada! 

Thanks for the email. 

Details on the hole-in-one. We only played 9 holes as it gets dark early. Played the gold and black combo (tips). 8th hole. 150.9 yards out. Centre red flag pin. It two hopped then rolled straight to the pin then disappeared. I was the first to shoot as well. I played with my friend Cherokee Eagletail and her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s younger brother and another friend (we were allowed a fivesome). 

Keith Wyman, Mount Brenton Golf Course, Hole #3

I was playing with Ron Voldeng, David Pringle and Mike Smith. Hole number 3 is about 120 yards so I used a nine iron. Hit a high one over the sand trap. lost sight of the ball when it went past thousand trap. When I went to find the ball on the green. it was not there, so I looked around the edges. I found my ball mark when I was repairing the green which is when Ron said my ball was in the hole. I said yeh sure thing it must have run off the green, but then I looked and it was there.

Kody Thorne, RedTail Landing Golf Club, Hole #4


Thanks so much for offering congratulations on my recent hole-in-one at RedTail Landing Golf Club on September 5th, 2022.

I was with my regular golfing buddy, Walter Richards. We have golfed together regularly for the last five years. I have been golfing on and off over the last 30 years, but it has really been the last five years that I have taken it more seriously, setting new targets every year and focusing on reducing my handicap index which I am happy to say now sits at a very healthy 3.5. 

We were also paired up with two other gentlemen. Unfortunately, I can’t recall their names, but I remember that they are both very fine first responders enjoying some time off by golfing. I was very pleased to buy them both some drinks to mark them sharing this occasion with us!

It was hole 4. It was an overcast day and there had been a little bit of light rain, but nothing to warrant putting waterproofs on. The yardage was 180. I chose a 6 iron. When the ball was hit, we watched it land just in front of the green, bounce onto it and then roll eight or so feet and drop into the hole. A very surreal moment and one that I will never forget, especially as this was my first hole-in-one!

Thanks for reaching out with the congratulations! It was unexpected and a very pleasant surprise!

Kind regards, 


Latch Sanker, Watson’s Glen Golf Club, Hole #13

Thanks for noticing and following up. To fill you in with the details of my hole-in-one. I was playing with my wife, Rosemarie, and a buddy, Jim Doucet. We also had a walk on playing with us. His name was Jay. I was playing from the blue tee blocks and that day where the pin measured 164 yards. I used an eight iron (Srixon ZX7). After teeing off and approaching the green, the Marshall informed us that the group behind us was on a timeline and if we would let them play through. We waved them to hit on and watched them putt. One of the players was surprised that there was already a ball in the hole. The group was then told about the hole-in-one.

Just an added note. My wife, Rosemarie Sanker, also had a hole-in-one on the same hole on August 31, 2020.


Latch Sanker

Linda Gordon, Spallumcheen Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

Thank you.

I was playing with my husband, Tom Gordon, and Ben and Greg Poggemoeller. The yardage was 84 and I used my 9 iron.

Thank you,

Linda Gordon

Matthew Langelaan, St. Catharines Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

Good morning, 

Thank you very much for reaching out!

Some information about the round:

– Course: St. Catharines Golf & Country Club

– Hole: #12

– Yardage: 165

– Club: 8-iron

Played with: Tom Rankin, Brendan Robertson and Mark Cahill


Matthew Langelaan

Maureen Bowerman, The Legends Golf Club, Hole #3

Thank you so much for your acknowledgement of my hole-in-one. It was a real surprise and fun shot! I was playing with Luella, and Trish on the first day of our League Championship. Trish Santo got a hole-in-one in August, so we feel we are lucky charms for each other. The hole measured approximately 117 yards with a fairly strong left to right wind. I used a Callaway 8 hybrid (clubbed up for the wind). Again, thank you for the acknowledgement.

Maureen Bowerman

Nickie Aumiller, Wildwood Golf Course, Hole #14

I was golfing with Gus Gerecke, John Zerr and Dick Froese who are also members of the Wildwood Golf Course. They told me to go first, and I said to them, “you just want me to show you how to get a hole-in-one.” The hole was reading approximately 110 yards and I used my seven iron. The ball hit the green and we all watched it drop in the hole. It was very exciting as it was my third hole-in-one. I had two prior in Hanna, Alberta. 

Thanks for the message. 

Nickie Aumiller

Patrick Hammerschmidt, Valley Ridge Golf Club, Hole #11


It was one of those rounds of golf where everything clicked and to make it special, a hole-in-one on hole #11 to top it off.

The 11th hole is a par 3, with an elevated green. The pin was in front, playing 131 yards and my 9 iron was the choice. I played past the pin, the ball rolled back to the flag and in the hole.

I was playing with two other Valley Ridge members and a guest, my wife’s uncle, who was my guest for the day.

What a great day.


Rick Atkinson, St. Catharines Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

I was playing last Wednesday with Ed Fox (who was kind enough to take the picture), Bill Longlade and John Giddings at St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. I hit a 9 iron on the 155-yard fourth hole. It rained the entire 9 holes, so we were unable to play 18. It was my third hole-in-one. Better to be lucky than good!

Rick Lambert, Broadmoor Public Golf Course, Hole #16

The hole-in-one occurred on Wednesday, September 7 during our Men’s night (a costly one for sure).

Hole #16 was playing uphill at 120 yards and a pitching wedge was used.

This is my fifth hole-in-one. It took me about 35 years before I got my first in 2000 and it seems that I get one every 5 years or so although at times it seems longer.

Robert Fellows, Westfield Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

Thank you.

I was playing with Dale Price and Reggie Williams. It was hole #12 which is 200 yards but it was back pin (blue) so it was playing 211 yards. I striped a 3 iron which landed in middle of green and rolled right towards pin. Ball disappeared but we thought it just went over back. Dale discovered it in the hole.

Russ Ingram, Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club, Hole #6


My name is Russ Ingram, and I had a hole-in-one at Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club in Eastern Passage, N.S.

It was on the 9th of September 2022, a beautiful day for golf in Nova Scotia. It was the par three, hole number six, and I was hitting from the gold tees.  The distance was just over 130 yards and the club I used was a nine iron. The shot was high like a nine iron should be and the ball landed on the edge of the green, took one bounce and curled perfectly into the hole. Bingo! My second hole-in-one, 31 years after my first.

Here is a picture of me taken from just off the number six green that day with my three witnesses, Gerry Locke, Mike Taylor and Bert Elms standing behind. 

Steve Blair, Shilo Country Club, Hole #16

Thank you for the congratulations. 

I hit a 7 iron 154 yards on the 16th hole in Shilo. It landed three feet from the hole and rolled in. There was a backup on our hole so there were 9 people who witnessed it. Marlene Blair (my wife), Roy Demers, Jake Degroot, Stewart Burnett, Dwight Edwards, Jim Renwick, Dick Scott, Myles Hubbard and Bob Cummings. 

Steven Polsinelli, The National Golf Club of Canada, Hole #10

Thank you so much for the kind words. 

I was playing with my good friends, Andrew and Stephen, at our home course: The National Golf Club of Canada. I was having quite an average round when we made the turn to a back nine, I will never forget. 

I was the first to tee off on hole 10. For background, the hole is one of the most beautiful on the course: an elevated tee shot to a green surrounded by water and perfectly placed bunkers. 

The hole was playing 158 yards into the breeze. I pulled out my trusted 7 iron and gave my best swing. At first, I thought my shot was going to fly the green. However, to my surprise, the ball landed four feet from the pin and rolled in! We all screamed in celebration!

I am thrilled to have experienced this special moment at The National, but more importantly, with great company.

Thank you,

Steven Polsinelli

Thom Hannah, Shannon Lake Golf Course, Hole #5

I achieved my fifth hole-in-one on September 7, 2022, on hole #16 at Shannon Lake Golf Course. I hit an 8 iron since the hole was playing 147 yards. I was playing with fellow members, Oliver McEvoy, Steve Gorkoff and Bernie Cundliffe. What a thrill that all four of us saw the ball go in the hole.  

If anyone visits the Okanagan Valley, make sure you play our hidden gem, Shannon Lake Golf Course in West Kelowna, B.C.  


Thom Hannah 

Tom Schurman, Green Gables Golf Club, Hole #5

Well, the hole-in-one gods are in my favour again. Haha!

Funny thing is…it was a reunion of our “Scotland Trip” back in May when I had the hole-in-one at the Old Course in Scotland. Almost four months later, I’m at it again. 

This time it was on the fifth hole at Green Gables Golf Club in Cavendish, P.E.I. I used a pitching wedge from about 120 yards. My playing partners were Ian Power, Mark Francoeur and Andrew Mills. 

2nd of 2022 and 6th ace in my golfing career. 😊

Tony Barnes, Langara Golf Course, Hole #14

Thanks. My first one in 30 years of golf. 118 yards into the wind. 7 iron. Played with two old friends. Saw it go in from tee box. Yippee!