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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Frank Dakos, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #5

I appreciate the email and your congratulations.

I was playing in the Seniors "Boomer" league with George Moon, Ted Powers and Mo Smith. When we got to the 5th hole, a par 3, I realized I'd left my Pinseeker at the last hole, so everyone in my group hit away when I went back to retrieve the Pinseeker.

Not finding it, I returned to the hole and my group started checking the carts to see if it was misplaced somewhere there.

The hole was 145 yards and I hit my 8 iron, and the ball landed about 6' from pin and rolled up. It disappeared and I said to my group (who were busy checking the cart) that I thought the ball might have gone in hole! I didn't get too excited because that green has several dips where a ball can roll to and disappear from view but still be far from the hole.

We drove up to the hole and there was a ball about 4' from pin and I thought it must be mine, but after I checked, it was my cart partners. I looked in the hole and there was my ball! At that point my whole four some got excited! My first hole-in-one!

At Whistlebear, anone getting a hole-in-one gets to ring a large bell in the lounge, and also get 25 drink tickets. Surprisingly, I seemed to have a lot of friends there that day as I gave away 23 tickets!

Thanks again for the interest.


Frank Dakos

Bernice Taylor, Aberdeen Glen Golf Club, Hole #14

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I was playing with Steve and Lucy Martin. It was on hole #14 and was 122 yards. I used my 8 iron. It happened on August 22, 2022.

Thank you again,

Bernie Taylor

Bruce Bodden, South Muskoka Curling & Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you for your kind message regarding my hole-in-one at South Muskoka.

From the greens, hole #17 plays about 124 yards. I hit a 7 iron which landed on the green, bounced once towards the pin and then disappeared (in the cup)! I was playing with fellow members, Dave Robinson, Dave Gray and Kim Allsop.

Nice celebration followed on the clubhouse patio.

Bryan Head, Cataraqui Golf & Country Club, Hole #2

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Thank you for the email and the graphic! 

The hole was #2 and it was from 205 yards. It just happened to be on our Men’s night as well so an added bonus of winning the skin and closest to the pin. It was witnessed by my normal group, consisting of Scott Stevenson and Chris Richard. Our other buddy, Adam Stewart, was unfortunately on vacation, so he missed out on a few pops afterwards. 

Thank you again,

Bryan Head

Carl Bedford, Rustico Resort Golf & Tennis Club, Hole #5

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Thank you! Was playing with Marie Janice Boudreau. I used an 8 iron. Hole measured 139 yards.

Chris Wheaton, Memramcook, Hole #8

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Thanks. It was a really special moment because my two young sons (Liam and Xavier) were playing with me! It was an 8 iron into a 140-yard back pin with a decent headwind. It landed about 6-8 feet in front of the pin, bounced a couple times and rolled right in. My boys started screaming and sprinted to the green.

Chris Wheaton

Daniel Lam, Weston Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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Hey Golf Canada,

I was playing with my buddy, James Mcgrade. The back tees were playing 158 yards into the wind. I thinned my 8 iron and next thing you know it rolls out 4 feet into the hole. 



Denis Ladouceur, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #15

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My playing partners were Pierre Lamontagne, Jean Boisvert and Mike Kelly; all Clublink members.

We were on the 15th hole at the Greyhawk Predator course, 197 yards on a perfect sunny day. I opted to use my Taylormade M2 5 iron and my preferred Taylormade TP5X ball.

An awesome experience. I certainly hope to make more.


Elaine McCall, Innerkip Highlands, Hole #2

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Yesterday, after 25 years of golfing, I achieved my first hole-in-one. Before leaving my home, I thought to myself I wish it was raining, I feel like I have golfed too much lately and don’t really feel like golfing today. On the second hole, par 3 at Innerkip Highlands, measuring 126 yards from the tee, I pulled out my driver. I knew that in all likelihood it was too much club but for me that particular hole always seems to play long. I took my tee shot and the ball landed on the green five or six feet to the left of the pin. It then started to roll very slowly to the right and disappeared at the pin. One lady in my group said, “did that go in?”. I thought that it might have gone in but, I also thought that it was possibly tucked behind the pin and hidden from my line of vision by the ball lifter that was installed at the start of the pandemic. When we got to the green and there was no sign of the ball, the cameras came out and a video was filmed as I lifted the ball from the cup. At the end of the round, we all celebrated, and the club gifted us a bottle of champagne, and gifted me a commemorative certificate and a future round of golf. All-in-all a very satisfying day and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to my inner voice, and I went golfing.

Elaine McCall

Eric White, The Links at Penn Hills, Hole #8

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Hole-in-one on #8 at Penn Hills.

My playing partners were Ryan Julian and Kelly Powell. I used a 7 iron which measured 144 yards.

Eric White

George Crocker, Terra Nova Golf Resort & Golf Community, Hole #12

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After thirty years of golfing, I finally got a hole-in-one.

I was playing with my wife, Angela, and used a 6 iron for a 155-yard shot. With strong winds and heavy rainfall, the group of four in front of us, decided to let us play through and wouldn’t you know it, they witnessed the shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t get their names, but we did have a discussion on what happened to my ball.  It looked like it disappeared and someone in the group said it’s in the hole.

With all the rain coming down, it was hard to tell, so I proceeded on over to the green and walked to the hole and there it was, in the hole.

I looked back at the group, raised my arms and gave a yell to them. We also caught up with the next group and Angela told them that I had just made a hole-in-one.

Thanks for contacting me.

Greg Jackson, Rivershore Golf Links, Hole #7

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Thanks for the email. I was playing with Kevin Brett and Gerry Illner on the second day of the Club Championship. The funny thing is I had a hole-in-one on the same hole a year earlier on the second day of our Club Championship. The yardage was 179 and I hit a ping 22-degree hybrid.


Greg Jackson

Harvey Brinkman, Royalwood Golf and RV Resort, Hole #8

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I had a hole-in-one at Royalwood Golf and RV Resort on August 9, 2022. Hole #8 it was playing 130 yards from the white tees. I am a member at Royalwood Golf and RV Resort.

Janet Johnson, Glen Lea Golf Course, Hole #2

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Was golfing with my friend, Ann Hlynsky, at Glen Lea Golf Course in Brandon, Manitoba on July 03, 2022. I had a terrible first hole (scored a 7)! When I got to the second hole, the course Marshall (Brent Mills) was there filling the box up with score cards. We talked a bit, then he stayed and watched us tee off. Ann went first, hit a nice ball which landed in the green. My turn now. Swing and finish felt perfect, and we watched it land near the hole, and roll right into the cup! At first, I was a little stunned, then realized what happened! Threw my club up in the air, hugged Ann and then the Marshall (whom I’d just met!) 

When we finished the front nine, the staff was waiting for me, and presented me with a ‘hole in one’ congratulations banner, and took a photo of me holding it, as well as my pitching wedge and Titleist golf ball, that I had used. 

As I found out later, I had two witnesses, but the whole golf course heard me. 😂

To have witnessed a hole-in-one on TV, or have a friend tell you they had one is one thing, but when you get your own first one, there’s no feeling like it! Plus, I had just turned 75, five weeks earlier! 👏

Jason Higson, Summerland Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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What a fun time in Summerland, B.C.! I was playing with my dad, Gary Higson, his friend, Tom Moran and one of Tom’s friends from Penticton. The yardage was 135 yards. I used a gap wedge and hit it 10 feet pass the pin and it slowly backed up to the flag and then disappeared! After some celebrating on the tee box, we snapped a picture with the three of us from Dawson Creek, B.C.! 

Jeff Morris, Clovelly Golf Course, Hole #15

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I did get a hole-in-one on Saturday, and it was my first! I was playing with Jacob Losinski (another member at Clovelly), and it was on hole #15 at The Osprey. It was a front pin, 120 yards, playing about 130 with wind in the face. I hit a flighted pitching wedge that landed about a foot past the hole and rolled back in!


Jeff Narraway, Mountain Creek Golf Club, Hole #14

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Thank you for the congratulations.

– Whether: Sunny, high around 30 degrees Celsius.

– Location: Mountain Creek Golf Course is located just outside of Arnprior, Ontario. Hole #14 is a 135-yard par 3 from the whites and runs east to west with a small pond to the front right of the green. That day it was playing 129 yards from the whites.

– Club: I used my Mazuma pitching wedge.

– Ball: Orange Titleist Velocity

– Background: Playing a threesome (Wendy MacNaughton, Dan Turcotte and I), teed off at 08:00. We were shooting into the sun, and it was difficult to watch/see the ball. But we could hear the plop when the ball landed. Dan shot first, then me and Wendy. When we arrived at the green, Dan’s ball was sitting on the front of the green. But I could not see my ball on the green. We looked all over and off the green in case I overshot. Then we saw the ball mark about 30” in front of the hole and when I looked in the hole and to my surprise there it was, and I had my first hole-in-one.

Take care and stay safe.


Jim Cronin, Crimson Ridge, Hole #7

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I scored my ace on #7 at Crimson Ridge golf course in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on August 22, 2022. Playing partners were Gino Cavallo and Val and Jean Suriano. The pin was at the back which made it a 180 yard shot. I used my two hybrid club and initially thought I had overshot the green. One of my playing partners helped me look in the rough behind the green. I was preparing to take my penalty shot when another member of our foursome yelled “There’s a ball in the hole!” Sure enough my Titlest with a distinctive red stripe was nestled in the bottom of the hole.This is my second hole-in-one, the first one being scored nine years ago on a Michigan course. Kudos to PGA of Canada instructor Travis Spiess at Crimson who has helped improve my swing.  

Jim Cronin

Jon Andrews, St. Andrews By-The-Lake, Hole #5

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Given my surname, it is rather ironic that my first hole-in-one occurred at St. “Andrews” by the lake.  

It occurred on August 9, 2022, during a family reunion trip in Summerland (I live in Ladner and normally play at Surrey Golf). I was golfing with my wife, Karen, and my cousin, Ray, who was visiting from England. I had last played the course about 25 years ago when I had just taken up golfing. 

There is a walk up to the tee box. As the card said 191 yards, I went up with 5 hybrid. However, once at the tee box, my GPS read 204. There was a wait before I could tee off and someone in the following group arrived and confirmed the distance as 204 yards.

Given the GPS reading, it was a good thing I was too lazy to go back and get my 4 hybrid as the 5 hybrid did the trick. I saw it land before the green and bend on the green towards the hole, but I thought the ball had rolled past the hole. My wife thought it might have gone in the hole.  

When I didn’t see the ball on the green, I didn’t dare look in the hole until I checked behind the green. As the ball wasn’t there, I peeked into the hole and was ecstatic to see the ball and that I finally had my first hole in one at age 58.

As it happens, on the previous hole I was 2” from getting an eagle on a par 4 for the first time. That’ll have to wait for another day. 

Judi Richard, Eaglequest Grandview Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

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Thank you for your kind letter, I was thrilled to receive it!

I played from the red tees. Yardage was 140 yards, and I used my 4 hybrid. It’s an elevated tee with the flag was at the front of the green. I watched it go straight for the flag. I couldn’t see the hole, so we had to wait until we reached the green. When I didn’t see my ball anywhere, I presumed it was in the hole and it was. Lots of screaming started happening when we all took a look at it sitting pretty in the hole! It was Ladies Day, so we had ladies coming up #6 and ladies in front on #8, lots of excitement. It was my first hole-in-one at Grandview and a day I’ll not likely forget. 

The names of the ladies I was playing with when I got my hole-in-one are Sheila MacDougall, Sandra Attersley and Pam Ellis.

Thank you once again, I’m grateful for Golf Canada’s interest.

Judi Richard

Kristy Fearn, Sandpiper Golf Club, Hole #12

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It was a very fun day. I was playing with Jenifer Jones. Yardage on hole 12 that day was about 89 yards. I used my approach wedge, hit the fringe, took one hop, and rolled in the hole. Nicest hole for it as the view is spectacular. 

Louise Lee, Campbell River Golf & Country Club, Hole #18

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I made my hole-in-one on hole #18. It was a back pin that day so it lasered at about 120 yards. Wind was against us, so I clubbed up to a 7 wood. Landed in front and rolled about 30 feet to the pin.

I knew to club up as I had participated with my Mayfair Lakes GC (Richmond, B.C.) members two days earlier in the Howie Meeker golf tournament (in support of Special Olympics for the Campbell River chapter) held at the Campbell River GC and my 9 wood fell short and the ball ended in the lake fronting the green. Lesson learned!

The assistant pro, Tony Rommel, at Mayfair grew up in the Campbell River/Comox area and he brings a contingent of members to support the Howie Meeker tournament every year. We only missed 2020 tournament due to COVID-19. It is always great fun!



Mark Hougen, Silver Springs Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

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My first hole-in-one was Friday August 26 at Silver Springs Golf Club is sunny Calgary. I was playing with my amazing wife, Traci Meades, (who had her first hole-in-one earlier this season as well) and our friends Randy and Corrine Chappell.

Hole #17. par 3. 142 yards. Used a pitching wedge.

Randy and I jokingly talked about not having seen a hole-in-one as we walked up to the 17th tee box. I went first. While my well struck ball, with a baby draw, is in the air, I jokingly say “get in the hole so Randy can see a hole-in-one.” 

As the ball approaches the green, I lose sight of it in the shadows. Randy says he heard my ball hit the flagstick. But none of us know where my ball ended up.

As we walked up to the green, we discover that my ball went directly into the cup…never hit the putting surface.

I don’t normally take my cell phone on the golf course, but I did that day as I was expecting a call from a client. Glad I did…so I have great photos (and memories) from that day!

Thanks Golf Canada!

Matthew Watson, Brightwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #15

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I was golfing with my mom and dad (Stehpanie and John Watson). I hit an 8 iron 144 yards. We watched it hit the front of the green and roll in. It was my first ever hole-in-one. Thank you for the image.

Nathan Keller, Greenbryre Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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Thank you so much for reaching out! As if getting my first hole-in-one wasn’t already exciting enough.

I’ve been playing golf a long time, but it wasn’t until the last three years that I started putting more effort into improving my game. I’ve always been a long hitter, coming from a baseball and hockey background, so my short game is where I have been spending the most practise. With more time spent golfing, my wife and son started joining me and golfing more as well. Sunday was the first time we took on the challenge of taking my daughter (2 years old) along with my son, (5 years old) out for a round. Amongst the chaos of two restless kids, I somehow managed to pull off the best shot of my life so far.

The hole was a 126-yard par 3, slightly uphill and playing a bit downwind. 126 yards is between a gap wedge and a pitching wedge for me, but I opted to go for a choked up three-quarter swing pitching wedge. The ball was struck perfectly, and it was precisely on the line I had picked. I knew it was a good shot instantly. Upon landing, I immediately froze trying to focus my eyes on just how close it really was, and that’s when the ball disappeared. My wife and I quickly turn to each other, and both simultaneously say, “I think it went in!”

I took a video of the walk with my son up to the green to verify that it had indeed dropped in the hole. Below is the hole in one picture, and a day on the course with my family I’ll never forget.

Roberto Erana, Fort Langley Golf Course, Hole #15

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It was on hole #15. 158 yards. I used a Callaway Razr 4 rescue club.

We are part of a golf club called Parbreakers Vancouver.

The other 3 golfers in my flight were Binky Cruz, Vic Legazpi and Chole Cebrero.


Trish Santo, Legends in Warman, Hole #7

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I was very amazed to learn that you knew about my hole-in-one on Tuesday, August 16 at the Legends in Warman. Thank you for your recognition of my special day.

To answer your questions: Tuesday is Ladies’ Day for our Tuesday Morning Ladies Golf League at the Legends. This year, we have 37 members from all walks of life and a very sociable group. I was playing with Maureen, Sylvia and Cindy. The par 3, hole #7 from the forward red blocks is 92 yards. In the past, I have tried using a 9 iron and was never satisfied with the results. So, recently I have started using my 6 iron (I don’t have a 7 or 8 iron in my bag) with better results. On the 16th, I teed up and had also changed my ball from a Callaway to a Pinnacle Lady with my lucky number 4 on it. My shot was the sweetest, lovely in the air, straight at the flag and dropped almost immediately into the hole. Our cheers echoed across to the group behind us. Since our fun day game was closest to the pin on the par 3’s. I had my name on the proximity marker for the prize.

The next sweetest thing is my name and date goes on a small, engraved plate mounted on the hole #7 board in the upper hall of the clubhouse. Four boards are there for each of the par 3 holes and above, the title Legends Hole in One Club. My name plate is the first one on the hole #14 board for my hole-in-one on September 28, 2011, during the first game I played at the newly opened Legends course. I didn’t see that one go into the hole because I was picking up my tee and looked up to see my playing partners cheering wildly. This wall display is a special to all the people whose names are on it and an excellent tribute by the Legends course management.

Thank you for the extra special celebration you have added to my achievement.