Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – September 22, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Mery Tarigan, Highland Country Club, Hole #2

I was playing with my Canadian father Paul Tufts. The distance was 170 yards and I used my 3 wood.

Jay Tucker, Bear Mountain Golf Course, Hole #10

I hit the shot super solid, but a little long and a little left of the flag. It hit the hill behind and left of the flag. One of the guys said it was on the lower level, so I was thinking about how I would need to putt it close to make my par. Then it rolled down the slope and really accelerated hard to the right on the green and then just disappeared at the pin.

The two guys I was playing with both screamed, "it went in!" and "hole-in-one!" and then absolutely mobbed me screaming and jumping up and down. Then many high fives and a quick ace picture. I finally confirmed it was truly in the cup after heading up to the green.

We had shots of Crown Royal from the drink cart and a bunch of high fives from the ladies piloting said beverage cart on the next hole fairway. Proceeded to make a birdie on the following hole.

That is my second hole-in-one so far. The other was at La Quinta, Dunes Course.

Art Wilkinson, Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

It was 148 yards and I hit my 7 iron.

Bev Jensen, Surrey Golf Club, Hole #13

It was a white flag, 142 yards. I used my 6 iron and my Titleist ProV1 ball.

Bill Small, The Lakes Golf Club, Hole #8

It was 145 yards with my 7 iron. I played with Simon MacDonald, Glenn Usher and Bill Murphy.

Christine Cheng, Hautes Plaines, Hole #3

Hole #3 is a par 3 with an elevated green so you can’t see the hole from the tees. From the red tees it was 113 yards with a blue flag. I hit a great shot with my 9 iron. We saw my ball hit the front of the green and it took a big bounce. When we got to the green, we couldn’t find my ball, so we looked in the brush and trees behind the green. Since no one was behind us, we looked for about five minutes without success when I finally decided to drop a second ball and take a penalty. At that moment, my husband called our playing partner over to the green because he wanted to “show him something”. I followed and when we looked in the cup, there was my yellow and black chrome soft ball. My husband’s father always told him that if you can’t find the ball, check the cup. My husband has found three holes-in-one that way! We were so excited that after taking photos, our playing partner got to his golf cart and realized he hadn’t even putt his ball which was still on the green! Since it was ladies’ night at the club we finished our round, 50 women celebrated my hole-in-one with a free drink! It was such a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Claire Lawrence, Revelstoke Golf Club, Hole #17

It was my first ever hole-in-one and I was playing with two guys from Alberta who were on a golf tour in B.C.

It was hole #17 at Revelstoke from the green tees, so 92 yards. With water and a sand trap in front of the green I took an 8 iron as you can be long, but you most definitely do not want to be short.

The ball flight was perfect, nice and straight and high over the water. It hit the front of the green and felt like it just steadily rolled until we couldn’t see it anymore.

The guys celebrated louder than I did. I didn’t want to get excited until I saw it was for sure in the hole.

Craig Harkness, Eaglequest Grandview Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

I was with Ken and Faun Doctor and Ron. I used my 9 iron into the wind, the yardage was 129.

Dave Gignac, Thames Valley Golf Course, Hole #8

I played with Jeff Skinner, Neil MacMillan and Joe Speed. The 8th hole was 152 yards that day and I used an 8 iron for the shot.

Debbie Dyck, Two Eagles Golf Course, Hole #2

I was golfing with friends Gary and Shannon Abbott and Ken Koemsted. The yardage was 133 and I used a hybrid 5 wood. Gary and Shannon bought a ball marker for me. They went to retrieve the scorecard from a cart and the starter asked if they were with the person who got a hole-in-one and when they confirmed they were he gave them another ball marker. An anonymous golfer in the area of the hole had purchased one for me. We were very impressed with that random act of kindness from another golfer.

George Watson, Cranbrook Golf Club, Hole #17

I am a 76-year-old who has been playing golf since I was 4. I was blessed by parents who brought me into the game when I was very young and encouraged me to play it throughout my life. My Dad was my coach forever, and I was fortunate enough to have won Club Championships at Vernon, Windsor Park (Winnipeg), Ft. Nelson, and Cranbrook. I love the game and feel very fortunate to still be able to play three to four times a week.

On Tuesday, August 29th, I came to the 17th at St. Eugene hitting the ball decently, but not scoring particularly well. My friend, Gerry White, hit a really nice shot that appeared to be a little left of the pin, but about five or six feet away. He told me he left space for my shot.

The 17th was playing 158 yards, with the middle pin set about 30 feet behind the front bunker. I hit a nice high 9 wood that looked pretty good from the time it left my club. I lost sight of it when it landed, but Gerry said, “it’s in!” To be truthful, I thought he was pulling my leg. I got in my cart and headed for the green. Gerry and my other great friend, and next-door neighbor, Pat Koski, headed to the green in the other cart.

When I got to the green, I could not see my ball, but thought it might be over the green, so I grabbed my putter and my wedge, and walked onto the surface. Gerry said, “you won’t be needing either of those.” So, I walked to the hole, looked down, and there it was.

Many thanks to Gerry and Pat who witnessed the shot, and to Cindy, Mike and the St. Eugene Pro Shop staff for all their enthusiastic support and congratulations.

Jane Wallbridge, King Valley Golf Club, Hole #12

Wednesday is Ladies’ Day at King Valley. I was paired with Sandy Cho and Tina Morrison. The game for the day was “Pink Ball” so each team was given a pink ball. Each player had to take their turn playing with the pink ball as we rotated every third hole. Whichever team returned the pink ball to the clubhouse at the end of the game was given a prize. It was my turn to play the pink ball on hole #12, par three 103 yards over water. I took my 9 iron and hit away! It landed and rolled right into the cup. We were watching from the tee box and could not quite believe it was in the hole. But when I got to the green and did not see the pink ball on the green, I looked in the cup and there it was sitting at the bottom! This is my third hole-in-one at King Valley. The first was on hole #16 in 2013, the second on hole #7 in 2021.

Jerry Gildemeester, University Golf Club, Hole #7

It was 121 yards, and I used a pitching wedge. I was playing with three friends, and we didn’t know it went in at first.

Jocelyn McInnis, Olds Golf Club, Hole #16

This is my third hole-in-one in three years. This one was different than the first two. It was not exactly the perfect shot, but it had the right line and bounced onto the green then caught the pin dead on and in. It would have been off the green. This is my second on this hole from the silver tees. The par 3 was 125 yards.

John Gray, Burlington Springs Golf, Hole #3

As we approached the third hole at Burlington Springs Golf Club which was playing 146 yards, I hit a six iron and watched as it one hopped into the hole. This was much to the delight of my playing partners Ross Banford, Chuck Alcote and Murray Depape. We then realized how lucky we are to be playing this game.

Karen Biskey, Burlington Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

It was a hot Thursday, September 7, 2023, and I was playing with Leslie, Iva and Judy. Leslie and I were playing the white tees and Judy and Iva were playing the reds. Our group plays ready golf, and I was the first to tee off #6. I tend to jump up to the tee. The yardage that day was 129 and I pulled out my favourite club, my Callaway Maverick 11 wood.

The pin was left of center and my tee shot flew the bunker and landed softly to the left of the pin. We were all watching as the ball rolled toward the hole and I started thinking “this just might go in” and then it disappeared! The four of us erupted for at least five minutes of cheering and jumping up and down.  I then went on to take a 9 on the 7th hole (par 5) so the golf gods kept me humble. I started to calm down by the 8th hole and finished my round with my usual 90.

Kyle Shaw, Spring Creek Golf Club, Hole #9

My first ever hole-in-one at 53 years of age. It was the ninth hole playing 157 yards to the pin and I used my 7 iron. I knew I hit it well but due to sunset and shade areas on green I lost the ball once it hit the green. My buddy James said, “that’s in!” I looked with my finder and thought the ball was at the back of the green. As I got closer, I noticed it wasn’t a ball and my heart rate started to climb. Once I got to the hole and saw my ball in the cup I started to yell. What a great feeling!

Larry Longo, Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

It was September 13th when Larry Longo had a stroke of luck on hole #17 at Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club. I was playing with fellow members Tom Worsley and Ken McAndrews. My last hole-in-one was way back in the 1970s, so this was a pleasant surprise. I used a 5 iron for the 185-yard shot. I remember saying, ‘go in,’ as I watched the ball rolling on the green, and to my amazement, it disappeared into the hole.

Mark Griffith, Paradise Golf Course, Hole #17

It happened during a morning round at Paradise Canyon Golf Course in Lethbridge, Alberta. It was on September 12th at 10am on the 17th hole par 3. The yardage was 143 and I took my 8 iron and hit it to around four feet left of the pin and the ball spun right into the hole! It felt amazing.

Mark Stevens, The Hamptons Golf Club, Hole #5

The yardage that day was 151.9 per my rangefinder and I hit a 7 iron. I don’t mean to brag, but this was my fifth hole-in-one. My first two occurred on consecutive days the first playing men’s night and then the next day in a corporate tournament, I won $2,000 for the first one and $10,000 for the second one. It pays to be lucky.

Peter McMath, Northview Golf and Country Club, Hole #5

My playing partner was Evan French and paired with an out-of-town couple from Arizona (Sunny and Amanda). The scorecard yardage was 167 yards but we lasered it at 152. I used a 9 iron.

Pierre Quinn, Rockland Club de Golf, Hole #3

It was quite a feeling to get a hole-in-one, my first ever after playing golf for over 45 years! I was playing with a friend by the name of Danny Marques. I got my hole-in-one on August 18th, on hole #3 at the Rockland Golf Course. The hole measures 140 yards from the green tees. I used my 7 iron, landed the ball to about 10 feet from the hole and it rolled in. What a feeling!

Rob Ferguson, Barrie Country Club, Hole #7

On Sunday September 17th, I was invited to play with three other members on a great brisk morning. We arrived at our 7th hole which is an uphill par 3. The pin was at the front that day. I took my 9 iron, 142-yard shot. Nice easy swing, hit in front of the flag and in! Amazing day!

Roman Groch, Grand Niagara, Golf Club, Hole #6

This wonderful hole-in-one happened when I was playing the white tee blocks and was about 148 yards, using my 8 iron. It was witnessed by Richard Chehowski and Scott Stacey.

Scott Brauer, Rossmore Country Club, Hole #12

I was playing with fellow members Zac McLennan, Andy Tesch and Jeff Weselake. The yardage from the blue tees was 173 to which my range finder indicated. I chose an 8 iron as my club choice. I struck the ball, and it came off my club face at a high trajectory with a slight draw straight towards the hole. The ball landed on the green, seemingly right at the hole. However, due to the greens elevation the shot was blind for us. We all thought it must be close but weren’t certain until we heard the group ahead of us yell, “it’s in the hole!” I think we were all sort of in shock when we walked up to the green to confirm.

Shauna Adams, Carmoney Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my husband, Wade Bearchell, our friend, Jeff Newby and Ethan Engels, another member at Carnmoney.

I was playing a Callaway ball. The yardage was 118 and I used my 9 wood against the stiff breeze. It hit the bottom of the pin and dropped in for my first hole-in-one.

Sue Sloan, Iroquois Golf Club, Hole #18

It was on hole #18, 138 yard shot with my Taylor Made 3 rescue club. It was as exciting as my other five holes-in-one, I can close my eyes and see every one of them. It was just as exciting to watch my golf partners, Janet Uline, JoAnn Uline and Les Craig and how excited they were. To date this season our club has had seven holes-in-one recorded. We have a very scenic golf course on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, a hidden jewel!It was on hole #18, 138 yard shot with my Taylor Made 3 rescue club. It was as exciting as my other five holes-in-one, I can close my eyes and see every one of them. It was just as exciting to watch my golf partners, Janet Uline, JoAnn Uline and Les Craig and how excited they were. To date this season our club has had seven holes-in-one recorded. We have a very scenic golf course on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, a hidden jewel!

Veronica Martinez, Brantford Golf and Country Club, Hole #3

On Friday, September 15, 2023, I went out to play a round of golf with my golf buddy, Vanh. We were on hole #3 at the Brantford Golf and Country Club. The distance to the pin was 102 yards, downhill drop. So, I picked my weapon of choice, a pitching wedge. I hit my golf ball in line with the flag, saw the ball land on the green and took two bounces then gently rolled in the hole. Wow, what an incredible moment! This is my second ace and Vanh’s first time witnessing a hole-in-one. We were both ecstatic!

It all happened at 2:55pm, Vanh captured video, but after the round we had to go back to the hole to get a hole-in-one pic. By that time, the sun was setting. Cheers!

Wendy Motyer, Michaelbrook Golf, Hole #4

I got holes-in-one on back-to-back days! So happy!