Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Erik Lee, Portage Golf Club, Hole #12

On July 15th during the Aaron Asham tournament, I got a hole-in-one on the 12th hole at the Portage Golf Club in Manitoba. It was a hot day with the temperature around 31 with a humidex close to 38. I was golfing with Mike Panko, Gary Woods and Susanna L’Heureux. There was a bit of wind from the east so slightly helping. Pin was set middle front at a distance of 139 yards from the tees.

I was between clubs, thinking I might hit a nine but also took an 8 iron up to the tee box. I decided on hitting a nine. Stride had a couple of tents set up handing out BP Pizza on the back of tee box with Stacy and another employee there. Brad Bailey was also there with his group.

I hit the nine beautifully, a high fade turning towards the pin. It looked like it landed right beside the pin and had stopped so I picked up my tee and turned around. A bit of time had passed when all of the sudden everyone starts going crazy. I hit it 10 feet past the pin, but the ball bounced forward and then spun all the way back into the cup. So, it looked like it was stopped but it was rolling back towards the cup when I turned around. So, I actually never saw it fall in!

I golfed pretty well after that and made a number of putts and another birdie on five by hitting it over the trees even with a headwind. Great day.

Thank you,

Erik Lee

Alan MacGregor, Blue Devil Golf Club, Hole #7

It was a 120-yard hole #7 at Blue Devil. Used a 52° wedge. I was playing with Matt Davey and Ryan Rausch. Thanks for reaching out! 


Andre Edelbrock, Mississauga Golf & Country Club, Hole #10

Appreciate you guys reaching out…what fun…what a feeling to finally get my first!

It was on hole #10. 139 yards. I used a 9-iron. I was golfing with three great guys: Lou Donato, Robert Howie and Otto Kaiser. We teed off for the round on hole #1 at 10:40 A.M. Beautiful sunny day.

Bruce Rieger, Copper Point Golf Club, Hole #7


Thought I would share my hole-in-one information with you. Thank you for the recognition! I wasn’t expecting it and found it to be a pleasant surprise.  

7th hole at Copper Point in Invermere in Southeastern B.C. on September 15th. My GPS showed 168 yards downhill, so I pulled out my Callaway 7 iron and as always, hoped for the best. My group was able to watch the ball the whole way, hitting before the green, trickling up to the center pin and mildly dropping in. The rest of the course heard the results about two seconds after it went in. My first one after more than 40 years of trying. I have to admit it felt better than I expected. Can’t wait for the next one.


Bruce Rieger

Clint Lee, Beach Grove Golf Club, Hole #13

Thank you.


– Hole 13 at Beach Grove Golf Club

– 143 yards with a headwind

– Predicted to play 160 yards

– 7 iron with a draw

Ball bounced once and fell back into the hole.

Daniel Nelson, Lynbrook Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

Thanks for the encouragement. I was playing with my friend, Nolan Mortenson. It was hole# 3 at Lynbrook Golf and Country Club. Measured 118 yards. I used a gap wedge.


Dave Marchand, Edmonton Garrison Golf & Curling Club, Hole #3

Hi Golf Canada,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I was in Windsor, ON playing in the Golf Canada All Abilities National Open earlier this week.

It was Men’s Night, and I was playing with two of my regular golf friends, Bob Cotton and John Kennedy, who are both retired from the Canadian Armed Forces. We had started our round on the back nine and so when we arrived at hole #3 it was my 12th hole of the night. The yardage was 157 yards, and we had a decent cross breeze and so I used a 9 iron. I hit a good tee shot heading straight for the flag (red), the ball landed just on the edge of the green and took two or three hops and disappeared. I was 80% sure it had gone in but wasn’t certain until I drove up to the green. John got to the hole just before me and said the ball was in the cup. We had a good celebration and yelled a wee bit. It was my first ever hole-in-one and by far the highlight of my golfing life. 

Dave Marchand

Doug Hayes, Goodwood Golf Club, Hole #8

I was playing with a couple of golf industry guys, Don Nichols of Peter Millar G Fore and Dave Kaufman, former General Manager of Magna.

167-yard shot with a 6 iron on September 18th; my daughter Quincy’s birthday.

Hug Samson, Maître de Mont-Tremblant, Hole #7

Thank you for your email, and the fine looking graphic. Here is my story…

1) I was golfing with Barry Klett and Denise Goulet, both also members at Le Maître, and Allan Dines, their guest.

2) I aced the par 3, hole #7 at Le Maître on September 15, 2022.

3) It was a 175-yard shot from an elevated tee into a stiff breeze. I used a Ping 23° fairway metal. The ball was a Titleist Pro V.

4) No one in our group saw the ball go in the hole; the glare from the sun made it impossible to see the shot when it landed.

5) When we got to the green, I could not see my ball, and thought I had hit it through the green. I walked to the rough behind the green, but still no ball to be seen. At that moment, Barry exclaimed, “I see a ball in the hole.” Sure enough, it was mine. Denise cheered, and I started laughing. It was my first ace, and I could hardly believe it.

6) We finished the round, and headed for the Le Maître clubhouse, thirsty for a celebratory drink. It was Men’s Night at the club, so my hole-in-one insurance policy paid for a lot of drinks that night.

7) Barry and Denise joined my wife, Chris Perl, and I, along with our friends, Barney Bangs and Jane Palmer for drinks. We stayed for a celebratory dinner. It was great. Members came up to me for the next hour or so, thanking me for their drink, and offering their congratulations.

8) During dinner, Eric Laframboise, the club’s General Manager, presented me with a beautiful glass trophy commemorating my Coup d’un Trou.

9) It was a wonderful experience and was definitely the highlight of the season for me. Golf is a terrific sport; even the most ragged amateur like me, can feel like a world class Pro, albeit only for a brief moment. What other sport offers that?

All the best,


Jérémie Chiasson, Royal Oaks Golf Club, Hole #6


We were playing in our annual Ryder Cup tournament at Royal Oaks Golf Club in Moncton on September 9th, and this was the first of two rounds. It was a front left pin location going up the hill on hole #6, playing 125 yards with the slope. I hit my gap wedge and stuffed it! Lucky enough, I was playing with JP against two of my brothers-in-law, Luc and Matt. We ended up winning the match and celebrating with some pints in the clubhouse for the entire group of 22 fellas! Good times!

Thanks for reaching out.


Jérémie Chiasson

Joshua Seguin, Glen Abbey Golf Club, Hole #15

Thank you! It was an awesome experience – my first! I was playing with Braden Taylor, Andrew Jensen and Owen Botelho (all local to the GTA). 

The yardage was playing to 133 yards up the hill – the gold and blue tees were stacked. I hit a pitching wedge just long and it spun back down the hill and into the cup! 

Joshua Seguin

Kelly Miller, Brampton Golf Club, Hole #11


Thanks so much for the hole in one graphic. It’s pretty cool.

I was playing in an 8 a.m. shotgun with Shirley Steele and Jennifer Shaw and started on the 10th hole so this was my second hole of the day. The distance was 120 yards, and I used my 8 hybrid. The ball landed on the green, bounced once and then rolled and disappeared into the hole. It was very exciting!

This is my second hole-in-one. My first was September 21, 2020, so I think September is a good golf month for me.

Thanks so much.



Kim Kemper, Earl Grey Golf Club, Hole #13

Good morning, 

Thank you so much! It was a spectacular day and the hole-in-one made it all the more amazing. I was playing with my husband, Chris Kemper, and good friend, Danny ManDonald. The yardage was around 120 and I used my 5-hybrid given the wind and that the hole is over a beautiful valley. I have played a handful of times a year up until 2020 where I had the time and desire to play much more. My handicap started at 28 this year and with lessons from Scott Stiles I have reached 19.1! What a year.

Have a great day! 

Kim Kemper 

Larry Phillips, Stanhope Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

How nice to receive your note!

Although it was my fourth hole-in-one, much to the chagrin of my wife, Judy, who now sits one behind at three, it was special day because I was sharing the round with a lifelong friend, Chris Pandoff, and his wife, Annette, and their son Christian, who were visiting P.E.I. for the first time. It was also special because Stanhope is our home away from home, where our family have been spending summers for the last thirty-six years. I have been a member of Summit Golf Course in Richmond Hill for 40 years but, Stanhope Golf Club is a gem of a course, with one of the most active and friendly membership groups you will find anywhere in the country. To make an Ace on Stanhope was special for our family since our son, Andrew, recorded an ace at age 11 on the 6th hole 25 years ago!

On this past Tuesday, the third hole was cut in the back corner of the green, 128 yards from the white tees. I hit a nine iron into a slight right to left breeze. The ball flew dead on the pin, bounced once and dropped into the hole. My playing partner, Chris Pandoff, followed my ace with a beautiful fade that hit short left of the hole and slowly rolled up towards the pin and came to a stop a mere four inches from the hole! So close to a double ace. That is why the photo had to include both Chris and me.



Leszek Kibler, The Legends Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

Thank you for the congratulation letter. As always, a hole-in-one is an unexpected event, and I didn’t expect that it would happen to me.

The yardage on this hole is 148 yards so I used a 7 iron. I played with Ches Pruden, Fred McCuaig and Kermit Haakonson. The #7 hole on Traditions Nine of the Legends Golf and Country Club is over the water. I was late to the tee and my partners already hit their shots and two of them were already by the green. I was rushing a little bit, hit my ball and watched it landing on the green and rolling towards the pin. I thought it was a nice shot and should birdie the hole, so I bent to pick up my tee when I heard guys on the green cheering. I looked up and I couldn’t see my ball. My first hole-in-one and I didn’t see the ball going into the hole. 


Les Kibler

Mario Rebelo, Maple Ridge Golf Club, Hole #13

Thank you. I played with Luis Oliveira, Joe Fernandes and Luís Peixoto, we are all member at Westminister Trails. My GPS stated 164 yards to the centre of the green and the pin was more to the back. I hit my 7 iron and struck it well in line with the flag, ball hit the front of green and rolled right into the hole.  

Mark Korman, Donalda Club, Hole #7

Thanks very much. It was an exciting experience.

I was with my son, Sam Korman. It was the seventh hole at Donalda Club. I was hitting from the blue tees to a front pin placement from an elevated tee. Probably about 152 yards. I used an 8 iron and landed it just short of the green to the left of the pin, beside a green-side bunker. It rolled onto the green, and then in.

Best regards,

Mark Korman

Matthew Bylander, Belmont Golf Course, Hole #5

Hello! Thank you for the note. 

I was a single and got paired with some folks I’ve never met, who will probably become good golf buddies now. 😊 The shot played 167 yards and I hit a 7 iron.

Couldn’t have asked for many better holes on which to pull it off. It’s probably a 60-foot drop from the tee box to the green.

There were a few people around, but I think just my partners saw the shot. I was second to hit in the group. It was just perfect; the ball pitched a foot in front of the hole and dunked on the first bounce. A club flip and a few good whoops and high fives were had, and the starter even came over to say congratulations then the drinking began! 🥳

Thank you so much. Have a great week!

Matt Bylander

Pat Meyer, Poppy Estate Golf Club, Hole #15


I played with Sharon Owen and Barb Davison. The 15th hole is 145 yards, and I used my driver. The hole is uphill, and we didn’t see the ball go into the hole but when we got to the green, we couldn’t find my ball. When Barb was putting out, she said there’s a ball in here. Pulled it out and lo and behold my Srixon marked with my name in red. A thrill for sure.

Paul Deruiter, Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Hole #18

Thanks so much for reaching out about my hole-in-one. I was playing in our Thursday night Men’s league with Greg Greovski, Bob Warnick and Steve Moore. The hole was playing 160 yards and I used an 8 iron. It was my third hole-in-one, but the first one in about 30 years. 

Thanks again!

Paul Deruiter

Paul Titus, Batteaux Creek Golf Course, Hole #16

Thanks for the congratulations on my hole-in-one. I was playing with Bill Lynch, Doug Wanamaker and John Eversfield. On September 14, hole number 16 measured 140 yards and I hit an 8 iron.

Rick Hayes, Whitetail Crossing Golf Course, Hole #16

Thanks for reaching out with the accolades and for the graphic. Here’s the story:

This is my first hole-in-one after 40 some years of playing. I’ve come close a few times, but this was the first to drop. I was playing with three buddies, Daryl, Andy and Kyle. It was a beautiful day at Whitetail Crossing (Mundare, A.B.) and I had a great back nine going. I was one over on the back heading into the par 3, 16th hole. It was playing 155 yards with a slight breeze from behind. Normally an 8 iron, but the breeze was enough for me to use my Ping G410 9 iron. I hit a solid shot just left of the target. It landed short of the green on a downslope, bounced a couple of times onto the green, then rolled in a nice arc straight into the hole. The small hill in front of the green prevented us from seeing it go in, but I thought it would be close. As we approached the green, I could not see the ball so I thought it might have rolled off the back (the greens were pretty fast that day). But Andy was there first and shouted that it was in the hole! I didn’t believe him at first, but it hit me when I looked down into the hole and there it was, my first hole-in-one! Celebratory high fives all around! This was also the last day for the CCT hole-in-one contest that ran all summer. The rules said you must call the club house right away so they can capture the video as proof. I made the call in order to qualify for the $1000 prize.

Rick Hayes

Ron Braedley, Eagle Creek Golf Course, Hole #8

Thanks for reaching out about my hole-in-one.

The details are as follows:

I was playing with some of the hole #12 volunteers, who marshalled the hole during the CP Women’s Open recently held in Ottawa, ON. Our hole Captain, Riad, arranged the game. The hole was playing about 115 yards with a slight headwind. I was playing the forward tees and used a nine iron. The ball landed on the fringe, and we saw it roll in the hole. This was my second hole-in-one.


Ron Koop, Talbot Trail Golf Club, Hole #18

Thanks for the interest in my hole-in-one. I was playing with Frank Gow, Kevin Shaten and Claudio Sabelli. All of us are members at Erie Shores Golf Couse in Leamington, ON. Our course was closed for a tournament, so we played Talbot Trail in Wheatley, ON. The yardage was 119 yards, and I used a seven iron into the wind. Pretty good shot for someone who usually misses the green from that yardage. Thanks again for the interest.

Sharon Booth, Granite Pointe Golf Course, Hole #7

Thank you very much! This was an exciting day for me. I am 65 years old, and I have only been golfing for five years and never thought I would get a hole-in-one in my lifetime. I was playing with my husband, Doug, and some dear friends, Nancy Houston and Rod Trites. I don’t remember the exact yardage, but it was a back pin and I used my 5 hybrid. My husband saw it go in and I thought I did but I know how deceiving it can be from a distance, so I didn’t believe it until I saw the ball in the hole.  

Thank you for the graphic. I have shared this with my friends and family!

Sharon Booth

Shawn Trudeau, Meadows Golf Club, Hole #7


Our league was holding their year-end golf tournament at the Meadows Golf Club, Gloucester. On Saturday, September 17th, Shawn Trudeau was playing the South Course, hole #7 when we heard allot of happy screaming from the players. We heard, hole-in-one!

I didn’t know exactly who got the hole-in-one from the foursome, but as President of our Bell Golf League, I knew I would need to do something. I advised the golf club of this momentous experience.

This hole-in-one was on the South Course, hole #7.

I reached out to Steve (one of the foursome) who was golfing with Shawn, and this is what he recounted: 

We were standing behind Shawn on the tee block as he teed off last in the group. When he hit the ball, it landed just before the green and we all thought something good could be happening. Once the ball hits pin and dropped in, I may have blacked out. Pretty sure I may have been more excited than him. Congratulations Shawn.


Sandy Booth, on behalf of Shawn Trudeau

Stan Pink, Lingan Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

Hello and thank you! The day I achieved the hole-in-one I was using a 6 iron as I was hitting into 50 km/h cross winds. I was golfing with Vaughn MacDonald, Cyril MacQueen, and one other individual. The distance I hit it from was 172 yards. 

It was a good day!


Stan Pink

Susan Hansen, Edson Golf Club, Hole #17

Hi. Thanks for following up! I was playing with a fellow member, Catie Kopp. It was 128 yards, and I used a 7 iron and a Titleist ball. This was actually my second hole-in-one, my first was August 6, 2008, at Edson as well, hole #8. I have been golfing for 36 years. Thanks.

Terry Hilton, Princeton Golf Course, Hole #7


Every Fall, this group gets together and travels to a B.C. area for a week of golf. This year, we stayed in Osoyoos. Each day we golfed a different golf club ending with a team scramble event at the Princeton Golf Course on Friday. On Friday September 16th, I was golfing with Charlie Brard, Newton Wainman and Neil Weisner. 

We were -2 getting to the sixth hole and shot a bogey. The 7th hole was a par 135-yard par 3. I was second in the order. We could see the flag but a mound in front prevented seeing the hole. I selected an 8 iron and aimed right of the hole hoping it would roll down to the flag. We were confident that three of the four tee shots were on the green. Once we got to the green, we only saw two balls. Neil went and checked the hole and there was my ball. I was ecstatic!

Good thing I bought hole-in-one insurance. This was a thirsty group. We ended up tied for first place with two other teams at six under. Amazing day to end a great trip with great people. 

The Princeton Golf Course gave me 2 passes and a hole-in-one golf bag tag. 

Great golf course. 

Terry Hilton

Tim Heffernan, Emma Lake Golf Course, Hole #10

Thank you for the congratulations. This was my first hole-in-one. The distance was 184 yards, and I used my TaylorMade five iron and a Titleist Velocity ball. I was golfing with my wife Judy, and my hole-in-one was also witnessed by Gerald Brunning who works at the Saskatchewan golf course. My golf swing and contact was one of my best, which made the results even more exciting. The trajectory was perfect, and the ball tracked the pin for the entire shot, absolutely no fade or draw. It was difficult to be 100% certain that the ball had gone in, so Gerald jumped in his cart, rushed to the green, verified the hole-in-one, and then gave me two thumbs up before Judy and I had left the tee box. Judy missed the green on her shot but followed up with a beautify pitch shot that we will also remember for a long time.

My excitement likely contributed to my double bogey on hole #11, but then I settled down and had three birdies on the back nine, in addition to the hole-in-one. It was late in the day when we finished, and the Emma Lake Golf Course Bar was closed so Jude and I drove straight home for a couple cold beers. What a beautiful ending to the day. 

Tony Gibbs, Brundenell Golf Course, Hole #5

Thanks for reaching out to me on the hole-in-one. The yardage was 135 and I used a 7 iron. It was quite windy there as well with the wind blowing from left to right. The ball landed on the front of the green, took one hop and rolled to the cup and dropped in. My playing partners were all yelling, “go in, go in.” We have been playing this mini tournament for quite a while now and usually we have anywhere from 12-16 guys, and some come from as far away as British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. This was our 25th anniversary this year and it is the first hole-in-one in 25 years. The names of my foursome are Roger Maslen, Fred Graham and Gerrard McInnis.

Travis Bale, Rossmere Country Club, Hole #12

Thanks so much! I was playing with fellow members Evan Riffel and Zach Payonk. It was a well struck 8 iron from 158 yards that bounced on the green, hit the flagstick and disappeared into the cup.