Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – September 29, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Dave Killick, Royal Colwood Golf Club, Hole #7

I was playing with Bruce McElroy and I used n 8 iron. The distance was 142 yards.

Tim Weaver, Sturgeon Point Golf Club, Hole #2

It was on a par 4 that measured 270! It was during a tournament at our course.

Al Donald, Cherry Hill Club, Hole #16

I was playing with Mark McBride. I used a pitching wedge and 125 yards.

Alex Lolua, Beverly Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

It was during the final night of Men’s League, so I won closest to, a skin and the hole-in-one jackpot. I was playing with Tony Cupido, Tony and Andrew Mantecon.

Andre Ereaut, Cougar Creek Golf Resort, Hole #3

Best day!

Baron Snow, Grand Falls Golf Club, Hole #12

I played with members Tony Beson and Roger Budgell. It drizzled in the morning, and both Tony and I thought it might have gone in but weren’t sure due to the drizzle on our glasses.

When we approached the green it was nowhere to be seen. I asked Rog to check the hole to see if I needed my putter or not. He said leave the putter but bring his phone. At 66 years old I wondered if I would ever get a hole-in-one, but I did!

Barry Caland, Fort William Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

It was 120 yards with a gap wedge. My witnesses were Don Zatti, John Boorman and Bill Mauro.

Bill Drury, Inverary Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

I am 73 and mostly playing from the red tees these days. Hole #8 at Inverary shows a yardage of 115 yards. There’s a lip at the front so it’s playing a bit longer, plus a wind against on the day. So, I figure total yardage at 128 yards. Using a hybrid, I hit the shot and saw the ball very close and above the hole. It stayed there for a few seconds before it rolled into the hole, helped by the slope and the wind. My playing companions were my wife, Cynthia, and our friend, Al Parkin.

Bill Robinson, Brockville Country Club, Hole #9

I used a wedge on the 9th hole at the Brockville Country Club. I was playing with a friend, Paul Sloan, who is also a member. The distance was 115 yards.

Doug Ward, Thornhill Country Clubm, Hole #5

I was playing with our Wednesday afternoon men’s group. The hole was approximately 150 yards long with a significant uphill rise. I used a TaylorMade 6 iron. I hit the ball fairly clean, and it landed beside the green and got a very good “kick” towards the hole and it went in. A very pleasing feeling.

Eddie Dent, Prince George Golf Club, Hole #12

What a great day!

George Bowditch, Chinook Golf Course, Hole #7

I made my third ever hole-in-one on the par 3, 135-yard 7th hole. My buddy Bob Sanders witnessed it and ironically, he witnessed my first when it was hole #4 on the same tract of land but the direction of the green was reversed. This area of Chinook Golf Course is my favourite and luckiest part of any course I have played.

Jamie Alcock, Mill Run Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

I played with John and Karen Michalicka. It was 139 yards and I used my 9 iron.

John Faubert, Harbourview Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

It was on hole #2, 160 yards hit with a TaylorMade Hybrid #4 fairway metal. My partners that day were Dave Gillam, Steve Leigh and Dominic Cugliari. This was my second hole-in-one since I began golfing.

Kellan Bernard, Scenic City Golf Course, Hole #11

I was playing with Sean MacDonald and Trevor Beadie. It was 123 yards with a 54-degree wedge.

Kieran Shanahan, Glasgow Hills Resort, Hole #7

I was playing with Derek Huestis and Mike Holland, fellow members at Glasgow Hills. The yardage was 127 yards, and I used my 5 wood club. It only took me 62 playing years to accomplish the goal.

Kyle Shaw, Spring Creek Golf Club, Hole #9

Every Wednesday 12 of us play Spring Creek Golf Course. Afterwards we all have a beer and chat about the past and future plans. On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, my dream finally came true! I was having a decent round with two bad holes and was four over going into the 9th and final hole. The pin was playing 157 yards with sunset creeping over the left side tree line, casting shadows on the green. I teed off first using a 7 iron and hit it pure. My buddies in front of us had an opportunity to see the shot but kept walking to their cars. I lost the ball as it was coming down and my buddy James said, “I think that it went in.” as he saw it hit the front of the green and lost it at the flag. My other buddy Dick said, “It sure looked good so I grabbed my range finder and couldn’t see it on the green but thought I had seen a ball at the back of the green just in the first cut. James and Dick then teed off and I was very curious at this point to see if my dream had come true. As we approached the green, I noticed the ball that I thought was mine, wasn’t a ball, my heart started to beat faster. I then looked in the cup and there it was, a 157-yard hole-in-one. I let out several large yells and James and Dick started taking pictures. My buddies in front of us were already on the deck with their beers when they asked why all the yelling as they thought I chipped in for birdie, only to find out they were getting a free beer on me. I went up to the club house and told the lady what happened, and she was just as excited as me. I am now part of the hole-in-one club at Spring Creek, and she gave me an emblem to put with the case I’m planning to purchase to showcase my ball (Taylor Made TP5), scorecard, emblem/pin and picture. As I was waiting for the group behind us to get on the green, I started asking them all what drink they want only for them to realize I had gotten a hole-in-one. I can honestly say I never thought it would happen and now that it has, there truly are no words to describe it and what an amazing feeling.

Larry Davies, Piper’s Heath, Hole #11

I had a hole-in-one at Piper’s Heath on Thursday, September 21, on hole #11. The yardage was 166 and I hit a beautiful 6 iron that landed and then rolled in the hole like a putt. I marshal at Piper’s and was playing with a fellow marshal and two other individuals we had not met previously. This was number eight for me but the first in over five years.

Lisa Carbonetto, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #14

I was golfing with my husband, Barry Carbonetto, Sean White and Desmond White. As we approached the par 3, hole #14 my husband just happened to be talking with Sean about a hole-in-one that I got many years ago, at River Spirit Golf Course (which was a total fluke as I had only golfed maybe two or three times in my life). I took out my Callaway 7 Hybrid and hit my ball 122 yards to sink my shot in one! It was quite funny that a hole-in-one had just entered our conversation prior to me hitting the shot. This was my last game of the season as we are heading over to Rome to see the Ryder Cup. What a terrific way to end my season!

Mark Flood, Rocky Crest Golf Club, Hole #17

The yardage was 157 and I hit a 7 iron.

Maureen Schell, Ponoka Community Golf Course, Hole #17

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, I was golfing the Ponoka Golf Course with two friends from the course, Barb and Marj and I got a hole-in-one on the 17th hole!

The distance for this hole is 141 yards with an elevated green. The pin placement for that day was on the left side in the front. I always use my driver on this hole because I don’t often hit the green (in my eyes it’s the toughest par 3 of the 4 that we have)!

Marj was the one who called it! She said, “This is a hole-in-one! It’s in!” I hit the front right of the green and the ball just started to curl left and rolled slowly into the cup! It was surreal! The three of us just hooted and hollered!!

The best part was to have gotten a hole-in-one with two great friends as witnesses!

Michael O’Reilly, Pheasant Run Golf Club, Hole #16

I got the hole-in-one on the 16th hole. It is actually the 7th hole on the Midlands 9. I play from the white tees. The yardage was approximately 136 yards, and it was a 7 iron. I was playing in a foursome. My playing partners included Merle Sibbert, John Pagniello and a gentleman who joined us who I did not know. His first name was Loui.

Mike Cornford, Beach Grove Golf Club, Hole #7

I was playing with Paul Rempel, Shawn Babcock and Gregg Rushton. What a special day and one I won’t ever forget. It was hole #7 at Beach Grove Golf Club, the yardage was around 122 and I hit a pitching wedge. Absolutely perfect shot, a few yards past the hole and spun it right back into the cup. One of the best shots I’ve hit this year, and it absolutely proved it. Can’t wait to get out and play again all fall and winter!

Noel Hay, Mount Brenton Golf Course, Hole #7

The distance to the pin was about 125 yards. I used a hybrid pitching wedge. Slight draw, landing close to the pin and rolling in. Unfortunately, I did not see the ball fall in but the other three saw it all. My foursome included Jim Baker, Ray Morris and Germain Belanger.

Norm Oliver, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #8

My hole-in-one was on the 8th hole at Whistle Bear Golf Club. It was 109 yards with a two club headwind. I used an 8 hybrid.

Paul Horswood, St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Club, Hole #17

It was on the 17th at St. Andrew’s Valley. The pin placement was at the front left, and I believe it was 138 yards from the white tees, which is what our group were playing and usually play. The club was a rather nicely struck 8 iron. I had time to pick up the tee before we all watched in silence as the ball pitched about a foot in front of the pin and rather serenely rolled forward and disappeared into the hole. At which time the silence was broken with a mix of profanity and jubilant celebrations. My foursome was Davey Stone, Peter Saunders, Jeff McCloskey and myself.

Ron Ellis, Blue Devil Golf Club, Hole #16

The yardage was approximately 145. I used a 7 iron as the wind was behind me. I was playing with Michael Zaychkowsky, Rob Hughes and Bill Salter who are all members of Blue Devil Golf Club.

Ronnie Birdgenaw, Pine View Golf Course, Hole #10

It was 97 yards, and I used a 54-degree Titleist Vokey SM9 and a Titleist ProV1x ball.

Scott Mirault, Deep River Golf Club, Hole #4

The scorecard says 155 yards, but with the pin at the back of the green, and tee blocks at the back of the tee, it was playing 165. My 8 iron landed just short of the pin and we (Todd Chaput, Ryan Joyce, and Eric Senohrabek) all witnessed the ball disappear into the cup.

Sing Lee, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #7

I played with my husband, Dave Blanchard, Fred Steinhauer and ShiKan Yue on a freezing cold day. I used an 8 iron and it rolled in like a putt!

Tibor Bogdan, Chilliwack Golf Club, Hole #17

Yesterday was my dad’s 62nd birthday and I took him golfing at Chilliwack Golf Club in Chilliwack, B.C.

About two months prior, we played golf together at the same course and I made a hole-in-one on the 17th hole.

Yesterday my dad made a hole-in-one on the exact same hole I had one on. He hit a 5 iron from 155 yards. To top it off he called it on the tee box, and it was his birthday!  Pretty incredible!

Luke Bogdan, on behalf of Tibor Bogdan

Tom Fagan, Smuggler’s Glen, Hole #10

This is my second hole-in-one. I was playing with a group of 24 players, who refer to the group as the Monkee Tour. They have been playing together every spring (May) and Fall (September) for over 30 years. 

Saturday was our last round of the trip, and I was playing, Jim Micucci, Tim Oakes and Lindsay Nickels. On the 10th hole at Smugglers Glen, I used an 8 iron. It was nice that we all saw it hit the green and roll straight in.

Vicki Lacasse, Kanata Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

September 18th was a typical golf day for our Monday ladies group. I was fortunate to be teed up with Farida Tavares and Penny Rae-Keyes. Needless to say, I had one of my best rounds of golf shooting a 92. To top it off, I ended up with an ace on the 16th hole.

I was the last person to tee off on this particular hole and we all shared our choice of what clubs we were going to hit. It was decided that I would use my 5 hybrid. This hole has always been a nemesis for me as I don’t always know what club to hit. It was a 110 yard shot to an elevated green. As I hit the ball to the green Farida yelled out, “Your ball hit the pin” and thought, perhaps it may have gone in the hole.

The 16th hole par 3 is an elevated hole which is a difficult hole as it is an elevated green with three sand traps in the front. It ended up being a very exciting day with many of my club members congratulating me for my ace. Fortunately for some of the members they were able to share in the celebration for the next hour with free drinks on the house!

Wayne Butters, Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

I was playing with Al McLean, Peter Hogg and Jerry Schaubel. I used my 8 iron and the yardage was 120.

Will Smith, Conestoga Golf Course, Hole #2

I got my second hole-in-one at Conestoga Golf Course outside of Waterloo on September 21st. It was hole #2 on the Goose nine, 160 yards and I used my 5 iron. It was our high school class reunion tournament, so I had lots of friends around to share in the excitement. As a bonus it was also the hole, they were using for closest to the pin, so I won a nice bottle of Tequila.