Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Debbie Cook, The Springs Course, Hole #4


Playing with my husband, Warren Cook, and friends, Debbie and Larry Martin. The hole is 87 yards, and I used an 8-iron.

Deb Cook

Andrew McCarthy, Donalda Club, Hole #14

Thanks! I was playing in our play with the pro final tournament with Marty Cairns, Jay Lilge and Paul McGrath. I hit my pitching wedge in from 130 yards.

Ann Kirkland, Riverside Country Club, Hole #7

103 yards with an 8 iron. I was playing with Monique Devine, Sharon Fyke and Laurel Arnason. Hole #7 has a restroom. Laurel was the only one who saw it. Monique and Sharon just heard the celebration.  

Carla Johanson, Whispering Pines Golf & Country Club, Hole #14

Thanks for your email congratulating me on my hole-in-one at Whispering Pines Golf & Country Club. For this hole-in-one, I used a Cleveland 3 wood, and the yardage was approximately 145. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I was golfing with my husband, Wayne Simms, and our good friends, Ian and Debby Fraser. I was shocked when we went to the green as we did not see my ball roll into the hole, but it was straight up the centre of the fairway rolling towards the green. We were looking all around the sides of the green and then Ian Fraser decided to check the hole and there was my ball! It was a very exciting finish to a beautiful summer and golf season!


Carla Johanson

Chris Appleby, Northlands Golf Course, Hole #3

Thanks. I shared the achievement with my family: wife Sandy, son, Jordon and daughter, Kendra. It was our last family golf day of the year. It was at Northlands Golf Course. On hole #3, I used an 8 iron, and the distance was scoped at 150 yards.

Fabian Frendo, The Pulpit Club, Hole #3

Thank you!

I feel blessed to get another hole-in-one this year as I got one last year at The Brush on number 13…which I understand just got ranked the hardest Par 3 (not sure if that is in Ontario or Canada).

This hole-in-one was on the 3rd hole from the blue tee box. The distance was about 145 yards, and I used a 7 iron. My playing partners that day were Christopher Northfield, Kelly Perrera and Tony Halovanic.

Have a great day and week!

Thank you for the acknowledgement. Much appreciated.


Greg Poole, Langara Golf Course, Hole #12

Hi. Thanks for doing this.

I was playing Langara Golf Course in Vancouver on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, with Jerry Gildemeester and Rod Hale and we were joined by a single golfer, Rochelle.

I was having quite a bad round until the par 3 12th hole. From the blue tees the front flag was 174 yards away. There’s a rise at the front lip of the green so the hole itself was not visible from the tee. I hit a 5 iron solidly and the ball landed just in front of the green, hopped up and rolled over the little rise and onto the green. I said, “that should be close I think.” My playing partners all hit good shots. When we got to the green, I saw only three balls, so I went directly to the cup and there was my ball, resting comfortably in the hole. Quite the thrill.

Greg Poole

Jacey Kennedy, Islesmere (Club de Golf), Hole #9

Thank you for reaching out, it’s an accomplishment I’m pretty proud of!

Here are the details you requested:

– Who were you playing with? Marco Landry, Eric Moffette and Don Borne

– What was the yardage, and what club did you use? 137 and I used my 5 hybrid



John Murray, Greenhills Golf Club, Hole #15

Thank you for the recognition. This is my third hole-in-one and no matter what people say I put it all down to luck. It was a great day and total surprise.

I was playing with friends George Olszowy and Jeff McGuffin. Number 15 is a pretty long par 3 at our course so I used my Ping driver. From the whites it is 183 yards.

Aiming at the left edge of the left bunker the ball took off straight to the middle of it then faded right in flight, bounced as it hit prior to the trap to the front of it going 45 degrees right and rolled onto the green. We lost sight of it in the shadows as it rolled but upon walking to the hole, we all saw it had gone in.

After the patio celebration at Greenhills, opened a Hidden Bench pinot noir and lit a Cuban cigar at home to continue the lucky day till my wife could join me with the wow…wine on weekends and a hole in one.


John A. Murray

Jonathan Van Dyke, Cottonwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

I stepped up to the blue box on hole #17 and rang out the yardage as 160 playing 155. I clipped a solid 8 iron towards the green. It was right on line and Merman (Murray) said, “JVD that’s a good looking shot and tracking”, as Jordan said, “that’s going to go in!” I said, “it’s close but not going in!” Well, the flag was center and about 15 feet in as it hit the fringe, rolled directly at the flag, and dropped. We erupted in laughter, smiles and high fives as Dave yelled out, “that’s the first hole-in-one I’ve ever witnessed.” On to #18 we went and as we finished, Murray said, jeez and shook his head as I laughed and told the group I used the same ball to finish the round as we headed in and celebrate my third hole-in-one inside a 40-year career. Oddly, the ball I used was a number “3” and brand I never use.

Best part of this hole-in-one: being at my home course and surrounded by really good friends who shared in a fun and special moment in time, as well as a few libations. 

Fun facts: 

– Jordan had a hole-in-one on the same hole four weeks prior to mine.

– Dave played with a fellow who aced one the following Wednesday and there were two aces that Men’s night (now Dave has seen two aces inside a week).

I’m not an angry golfer, but I have to admit I did rip my card in half on the hole prior to my hole-in-one after my second double. When I presented it to Ethan, our junior pro, he said, “I’m pretty sure we never seen that before” as we laughed.  

Take care,


Josiah McColeman, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #3

Good Afternoon, 

Thank you for the email. I was playing with a fellow member at Wild Winds, Chris. The yardage was 165, and I hit an 8 iron. This is my third hole-in-one.

Thank you, 


Kyle Morrison, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #5

Thank you for reaching out and for providing that awesome graphic! It was a very exciting moment and happens to be my second one this season! I had my first one on a golf trip to San Diego back in April, and sure enough I end up with a second one last week. They are the first two I have ever had and somehow, they end up occurring in the same season.

It was the first day of Fall and it sure felt like it with the 12-degree temperature and 50km/h winds. I was playing with two of my closest friends, who are also members at Wildwinds, Navid Kazemeini and Brendan Woods. The wind was blowing from left to right. We lasered the pin at 188 yards, which was at the back-centre of the green. I hit a flighted 6 iron, trying to keep it low in the wind, it started out going left and turned back with the wind pushing it right back towards the hole. The ball landed on the front left of the green, took a big first bounce, then settled on the second bounce and spun right towards the hole and then disappeared! I jumped with excitement thinking it may have gone in, but being members at Wildwinds, we all knew that it was more likely to have gone over the green into the bunker, which is usually what happens when you go at the back pin on hole #5. As we got closer to the green and the back bunker became visible, there was no ball to be seen and reality was beginning to set in. Sure enough, the ball was right in the hole and celebration ensued (sorry to the guys hitting shots on holes around us).

Lawrence Pyman, Grandview Golf Course, Hole #11

On Tuesday, September 27, on hole #11 at Grandview Golf Course in Huntsville, I recorded a hole-in-one. The hole measured 147 yards and I shot a 7 iron with a high fade to the middle pin.

Lawrence Pyman 
Clublink Member at GreyHawk Golf Course in Ottawa

Len Esposito, Rebel Creek Golf Club, Hole #17

On September 5, 2022, I aced the 17th hole at Rebel Creek Golf Club in Petersburg, ON. I used my 9-iron for this 141-yard shot. This was my first hole-in-one, and with my 70th birthday coming up in two months, I was wondering if I’d ever achieve the feat before I died.

I didn’t die, but my wife almost did when she saw the clubhouse tab. Unfortunately for me, it was during our Labour Day Classic, so there were lots of members there that day. Regardless, it was the highlight of my golf career.


Len Esposito

Nick Mavromihelakis, The Pulpit Club, Hole #16


Thanks for this. It was hole #16. I was with a client and my wife. 151 yards with an 8 iron into the wind over the water. Surreal feeling.



Paul Goyetche, Rosemere Fontainebleau Golf Club, Hole #17


I was playing with fellow golfer, Yvon Dumoulin. It was only my second round with my new set of Callaway Rogue ST Max OS irons. The 17th hole, our 8th hole as there is a Friday crossover, was playing 139 yards with a strong head wind, indirectly caused by Fiona in the east. I hit a high 6 iron that bounced and started to roll towards the pin. I thought it was a good shot and stopped watching it, but Yvon said it had gone in. I wasn’t convinced until I walked up to the pin.

It was my third hole-in-one, but the first late enough in the day for the bar to be open. Our hole-in-one insurance paid off.


Paul Goyetche

Paul Moffatt, Credit Valley Golf & Country Club, Hole #15

Last Tuesday, I was playing Credit Valley with three members – Chris Strome, Eric Zeldin and Pierre Natividad. The 15th hole measured 149 yards and I used an 8 iron. I shot my lowest nine-hole score of 29. On the back nine, I made four birdies and an ace!

Rick Ferguson, Brooklea Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

Thank you very much for your email.

I was playing that day with three guys in the Brooklea Senior Men’s League which I joined for the first time this year: John Young, Jim Goom and Paul Muldoon. We arrived at the 7th hole which is a medium length par 3 which crosses a bit of a ravine to a fairly wide green with a bunker protecting the left side and a bit of a hump between it and the green. This day the flag was tucked in behind that hump on the left and was a bit over 140 yards away. There was also about a 15 to 20 km/hr wind coming pretty much straight at us so rather than play my usual 9 iron, I opted to go up to the 8. Both Paul and I were ready on the tee chatting a bit about the pin placement and how it was a sucker pin, so you don’t want to go straight at it. I suggested that I would go first and give him a target. Paul half-jokingly said that all I needed to do was aim at the fat of the green with a little draw toward the pin. So, I set up and hit my shot and, sure enough, it started about 15 feet right of the pin and started drawing in toward it.  When it landed, it seemed to have just cleared the hump in front of the pin and then we couldn’t see where it ended up. The rest of the guys hit their shots and we proceeded to the green. When we got there, we quickly found the other three balls but didn’t see mine. I figured it must have rolled right through and was hiding in the rough behind the green so John and I looked and couldn’t find it so then John suggested we should look in the cup. I said yeah, let’s make sure it’s not there but when we got there, it was nicely resting in the bottom. What a surprise and thrill we all got!

There is also a little bit of back story I would like to share with you. My dad passed away about four months ago and he loved the game of golf. Although he took me and my brothers out a couple of times as kids, I never took much interest in the game until I was nearly 50. My dad introduced his dad to the game at about the same age and he was able to have more than one hole-in-one during his time with the game. So, when I did take up the game a bit, he would ask me any time I was out whether I got a hole-in-one yet like his dad. Unfortunately, it never happened while he was alive but a couple of days before he died, I told him I was going to get one for him and if I did, I would know he was up there helping me out. Dad’s birthday was September 19th, and I couldn’t play that day, but it was only two days later that this happened, and it just seems incredibly fitting. So, this one’s for you dad.


Rick Ferguson

Rick Harper, Lookout Point Country Club, Hole #5

I scored my hole-in-one on the 5th hole at Lookout Point Country Club. Tee to pin was 135 yards with a headwind.  I choked up on a pitching wedge and took a full swing at the ball. It drew in just a bit, before landing on the front middle edge of the green and smoothly rolled right to the front of the cup before dropping right into the hole. Although this was my 2nd hole in one (my first was at another club nearby), it was a much more satisfying experience due to the fact that it was on my home course, and I was playing with my regular group of friends.  

Tyler Eby, Shelburne Golf & Country Club, Hole #14

I was playing in our club championship. Yardage was around 145 with the wind in the face so I hit a three-quarter 8 iron to keep it a little lower. My first ever hole-in-one.