Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – September 8, 2023

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Mark Graham, Lindsay Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

I was playing with my friend and Blake Wilson. The yardage was 135-140 and I hit a pitching wedge.

Andrew Krestick, Galt Country Club, Hole #11

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Lovely day!

Andrew Lyon, Willows Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

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After a few rounds in the past 30 years, this is my first summer to have a club membership and learn how to golf. I had one golf lesson with a pro in the spring and then set out to practice and play. On Saturday, August 26, Martha and I had a follow up lesson playing the course with pro Mitch Bach and Josh (who signed up to complete our foursome). Hole #8 is about 100 yards over water, so I used my 9 iron. We all watched the ball lob up, bounce once and then disappear. It was all over in a few seconds, but I had excellent witnesses.

Anthony Iozzo, Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

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I was playing with Michael Gentile, Al Noseworthy and James Lau. I hit it 128 yards with my 9 iron.

Bernie Robert, Kananaskis Country Golf Course, Hole #16

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I was playing Kananaskis Mt.Kidd course and got the hole-in-one on hole #16. The hole is 160 yards, and I used an 8 iron from the elevated tee. I was playing the round with my wife, Lisa Robert, and also Gary Tomchuk and Elaan Zaleschuk. As the Kananaskis folks mentioned in their post, it was my first one after playing golf avidly for decades.

Carl Beaulieu, Sorcier Golf Course, Hole #9

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My witnesses were Robert Belanger and Richard Lambert. Short par three teeing off from the hill. The ball landed at the beginning of the green and rolled 50 feet to the back pin left. Nicest hole to make a hole-in-one since you have an amazing view of the green.

Cathy Austin, Hawk Ridge Golf Course, Hole #8

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Hole #8 had a forward flag with a pond in front and bunker behind the flag. It was 65 yards to the pin, and I used my sand wedge. The ball landed two feet from the hole and rolled right in! It was witnessed by my husband Bryan Austin who has two aces of his own and playing partners Bruce Devenz and Paul Cooke. It was so exciting!

Chris Lange, The Hamptona Golf Club, Hole #15

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It was 140 yards and I used a 7 iron. Played with Richard and Barb Payter. Ironically, on one of the other prior par 3’s, I mentioned to Richard that there had been a lot of holes-in-one at the course this year, and although I had played golf for many years, I had never even witnessed one. Then when I hit the shot I thought, “It’s on a pretty good line.” Saw it hit the green and roll, thinking it would stop a few feet short of the hole. There was no ball to be seen, we saw it drop into the hole.

Cindy Ibach, Radium Springs Course, Hole #17

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I hit an 8 iron over a ravine and the distance was 105 yards. We saw the ball hit the green, roll left into the hole. Playing partners were Darrell Ibach, Georgina Moxam and Harry Ferguson. Fun day.

David Drosky, Peninsula Lakes Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing in the Men’s League. The hole was 130 yards, and I used an 8 iron.

David McNeil, Mactaquac Provincial Park Golf Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with Harry Fleming, Richard Lister and Lucas Jensen. We are all members of Mactaquac. I have been playing with Harry and Richard for about seven years whereas Lucas is a new member this year, although I have played hockey with him for a few years, it is getting harder to keep up with those young guys.

It was hole #4, my yardage had it at 161, so I used my 8 iron. I hit it about three quarters up the green and it rolled uphill with a slight bend to the left and then disappeared. What a feeling!

Denise Trottier, Hylands Golf Club, Hole #7

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I played with fellow Hylands member Marie Yelle-Whitwam on our Wednesday ladies’ day. It was 142 yards with a driver.

Doug Eagles, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #17

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The hole was playing 165 yards so I hit a 7 iron and turned to Brad, one of my playing partners, and said this looks good. It bounced once then rolled left into the hole like a putt.

Doug Speed, Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

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My playing partners were Paul Smeltzer, John Heywood, Drew Orosz.

Eddie Mah, Royal Mayfair Golf Club, Hole #16

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Wednesday, August 30th was the semifinals for Royal Mayfair’s Men’s League. The two teams with the lowest net scores of the two best rounds would move onto the finals.  “Drive Home” is the name of our team, and we were pitted against “Team X Stiff”. The foursome consisted of two players from each team. 

My round progressed as usual – some good holes followed by some bad holes which was the case for all the players in the group. By the 13th hole my teammate was called away for a family issue. I was representing the team and flying solo. I was hoping for something good to help me finish the round with a reasonable score. We arrived at the 16th hole par 3, 147 yards. My routine was the same as any par 3. I measured the distance and then chose my club. In this case it was my 8 iron. I rehearsed my swing a couple of times and being an average golfer, I hoped for the best. The moment I struck the ball, I knew it going to be good. You just get that feeling when you hit it pure. In my world “good” means close to the hole. Then my playing partners, Ted Yoo and Barry McNabb yelled, “I think it’s going in the hole.” I looked up just in time to see the ball land close to the hole and slowly roll into the hole. Just at that moment, I turned the clock back in time, yelled and ran around the tee box like an excited little boy.

The excitement of the hole-in-one was magnified with my score of net -3, pushing us into the finals. Receiving $950 for the hole-in-one pot for the Men’s League put an exclamation mark to the day. This is my third one (all at Royal Mayfair but the other two were on a different par 3), and every one of them has a special story behind it which makes the achievement even more special.

I’m very fortunate to belong to the Royal Mayfair Golf Club in Edmonton. At the end of the season, the club hosts a dinner for all the hole-in-one golfers. We all get a chance to tell our stories with family and friends. The gathering is priceless, and we all go away hoping for that next “hole-in-one”.

Eddie Wiley, The Pulpit Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with Kevin Meisner and George Frempong. The yardage was 178, pin at the back, and I hit a 7 iron. I did not see the ball finish and initially thought the shot was too long. As I walked up to the green, I could not see my ball. I approached the pin and saw my ball mark about four feet in front of the pin and checked the hole “just in case”. I saw my ball in the cup and started yelling that I got a hole-in-one and George and Kevin watched me pull the ball out of the cup. 

Evan Traverse, Coloniale Golf Club, Hole #8

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It was hole #8 at Colonial Golf Club. We teed off just after 2pm so I would guess it was around 4pm when it happened. I booked alone and got paired with three great guys. Two of them (Jeff and Mike) are members at Colonial and provided some tips along the way for me since I had only played the course once before.

When we got to the #8 tee box, we all immediately complained about the pin placement. It was a front pin tucked behind a bunker, short of the bunker was water. We were not pleased that the greens keeper that morning decided to place the pin so close to that pesky bunker.

I ranged the pin at 158 yards, there was a little wind right to left but nothing a nine handicap like me should really worry about factoring in. Coming off a bogey on the previous hole, I was focused on just keeping the ball in play and aiming for the centre of the green. Normally, I would hit a 9 iron to that distance, but I opted for an 8 iron. The idea was to try and hit a three quarter swing with my 8 iron with a bit of a draw, keeping the ball away from the water as much as possible.

I teed off first and as soon as it left my club face, I knew it could be good. I hit it pure, and thanks to the tee I also hit it high. The ball flew up towards the right edge of the bunker and as it began to reach its zenith it started to draw. It turned in the air just enough to land dead on line with the pin. Pleased with my shot I picked up my tee and backed off the tee box, still watching the ball roll.

I thought the ball had stopped moving when Mike shouted, “Get in!” Then just like that, the ball vanished.

We all went crazy. There were clubs and hats flying in the air, I was high fiving and hugging these three strangers like we had just won the Stanley Cup together.

I couldn’t contain myself and ended up feeling obligated to apologize to the group of seniors golfing behind us. 

I went on to nearly get my first eagle on the next hole, just missing a chip in.

As you can imagine the round was all downhill from there. I ended up shooting an 85 overall. The three double bogeys I got on the back nine are well hidden thanks to that beautiful encircled one on my card.

George Gee, Kings Links by the Sea, Hole #15

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I was playing a practice round before the Vancouver Chinese Golf Club yearly tournament. I was playing with Alen, Alene and Jason. We didn’t have a birdie yet and I hit a 9 iron from 123 yards with a little draw. It’s my third ace!

Glenn Wiebe, Winkler Golf Club, Hole #8

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It is a 168-yard par three. I had at least one club tail wind, so I used a 5 iron. It was a red flag, so the ball hit the green just over the bunker and curved into the hole. It kind of felt surreal.

Gordon Norrie, Willow Park Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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This happened on hole #2 from blue tees which was 144 yards. I used a 9 iron and was golfing with two other members, Jeffrey Mann and Joyce Gibson. I ended the round with one of my best scores in many years, an 83.

Jan Broer, Carstairs Golf Club, Hole #14

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It was a wonderful day for golf at the community golf course in Carstairs, Alberta. I had chosen to play from the back tees that day and was only three-over by the time we reached the 14th tee. For me, 67 years young, that is pretty good. On #14, I hit a 9 iron from the back tee, about 145 yards. I saw I had pulled it slightly left. However, it hit the bank on the back side of a bunker protecting the left side of the green. The ball bounced right then was seen rolling towards the cup. I expected to see it on the other side of the pin. It never appeared.

My playing companion that day was Dale Fleming. He asked me where it went. I said, “I think it went in the hole.” The third member of my group that day, Charles McConnell, responded he thought it may have gone in as well. They hit their tee shots, we went to the green and sure enough it was in.

Jim Ewanek, Henderson Lake Golf Club, Hole #4

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Another great tournament with family and friends. It was a 147-yard par 3 and I used an 8 iron.

Karen Lewis, Bridgewater Country Club, Hole #6

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It was on a Tuesday morning which is ladies’ day. I was playing with Nicky, Glenda and Bonnie. The pin placement that day was on the upper right side of a very sloped green about 120 yards. It was a nice shot with my 5 hybrid landing just beyond the left bunker and it rolled up towards the hole and disappeared. One of the maintenance crew was watching and started yelling, as well as the group behind us, who heard our cheers!

Kyle Burroughs, Northview Golf and Country Club, Hole #5

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I was playing with some of my ex-teammates from the Vancouver Canucks – J.T. Miller, Tyler Myers and J.T.’s dad, Dennis. It was during Northview which is a PGA experience where they set up courses like the ACC tournament back in ‘96 or ‘97. It was 207 yards, adjusted to 202 and we had wind behind us. The green was rolling so I hit like a 180 shot with my 8 iron. It landed in the middle of the green and trickled perfectly and dropped in the hole.

Lary Blanchard, Two Eagles Golf Course, Hole #7

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Great day!

Linda Denson, Barcovan Golf Club, Hole #2

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I played with Ann Newberry, Kathie Forder and Linda Denyes. It was a lady’s league play day. We were on hole #2 which is a par 3 at 113 yards. I used my 5-hybrid club.

Michelle Hudon, Vernon Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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I played with three other ladies from Vernon Golf and Country Club (Tina, Karen and Brenda). The adventure happened on hole #17. The flag was set at the back of the green with a yardage of 145 to the back of the green. I used my 5 iron because I thought I needed a bit more to climb up the green. I was happy with the shot, but I thought I was short. Tina said that the ball was good and was heading toward the flag. Unfortunately, I chose to pick up my tee instead of watching the ball and I missed it going into the hole. Oh well, lesson learned; it was still an exciting moment!

Mike McCullough, Hawk Ridge Golf Club, Hole #3

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A great day!

Noah Connolly, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #17

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I was playing with my father and was paired with Andrew and Evan who are from Acton. It was 205 yards and I used a 5 iron.

Norm Koch, Deer Creek Golf Club, Hole #9

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I golfed with three other players that day, Tony De Bortoli, Bill Kitscha and Warren Orton.

After 44 years of golfing, I finally had my first ever hole-in-one June 2, 2019. It was at Deer Creek Black Pearl #9 using a 5 wood. It bounced twice and hit the flagpole and went in.

I watched it happen, and it was an emotional moment for sure.

Fast forward to August 24, 2023, this hole has a pond guarding the green and the shot bounced once that we could see over the pond, but we could not see it finish because the pond bull rushes blocked our view.

There was a ball in the centre of the green, but not mine.

We thought that it may have gone long so I started looking behind the green in the bush trying to find it.

Then a voice yells out from the green, “Norm, we found your ball.” Unbelievable, my second one on the same hole, what are the odds.

Parampal Gill, River Spirit Golf Club, Hole #8

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It happened on the 8th hole (17th of our round) of Spirit which was playing about 182 yards according to my Bushnell scope. I hit a 5 iron. I was golfing with my regular foursome.

Patricia Williams, Kelowna Springs Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

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I will remember it forever!

Preston Leeder, Prescott Golf Club, Hole #4

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I played with Kevin Devaney and used a pitching wedge 120 yards with a front pin.

Russell Cook, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Hole #6

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The pin was playing 143 yards that day with little to no wind and was slightly elevated. I thought about a pitching wedge, but I knew it wasn’t quite enough club. I grabbed the 9 iron and took a little off, it landed past the hole, the green however had a small back stop which allowed the ball to trickle back and curve right into the cup!

Sarah Porterfield, Royalwood Golf Club, Hole #18

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I found Ledgeview Golf Course to be quite challenging and of course the next day we played at Royal Wood Golf Course.

I was just telling my golf partner Janice that it would be nice to finish this last hole with a hole-in-one. I had a couple of friends already waiting at the clubhouse and watching me tee off. I had been golfing with three other women that I had never met.

It was 110 yards, so I decided to use my 8 iron. When I teed off, I thought to myself it looked like a nice shot, as it got closer to the green, I said it’s going to land on the green. Which it did and I continued to watch it roll forward in a straight line heading to the flag. Then it disappeared and I knew from my friends screaming and seeing it disappeared it would be my first hole-in-one.

That was a wonderful game to finish off at the 55+ B.C. Games. I actually took home a medal which I was informed it was a gold one at that.

Scott Stacey, Grand Niagara, Hole #14

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I was fortunate enough to get my second hole-in-one of my life. Both were on Grand Niagara. The first one was on the second hole and this was over the Labour Day long weekend was on the 14th hole. I was 146 yards away according to my range finder, which is right on my 8 iron yardage of about 145. I was very comfortable stepping into the shot.

What was very gratifying about it was I hit a perfect shot, got that flushed feeling from the clubface. The ball tracked right down the line and never left the flag. The cup was in a little gully on the green so I didn’t actually see the ball go in, but I thought it had a chance as normally the ball will rise on the upslope of the gully when you hit just at the beginning of the gully, which is where it landed. As I approached the green and didn’t see the ball in the gully, I knew it was in and sure enough it was in the cup when I got up to it.

I didn’t see the ball go in for both of my hole-in-ones as the cup was in a dip on the greens. I joked with my wife and friends that if I ever get another one, I would actually like to see the ball go in the hole!

Tristan Frenette, The Riverside Country Club, Hole #8

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My hole-in-one was on #8 at Riverside Country Club. It was 125 yards and I hit my 52-degree wedge. I was playing with Kyle McClune and Kehlan Munroe.