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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Braden Messer, Tobiano Golf Course, Hole #3

We were on our annual trip and decided to go to Kamloops this year. I was playing with my good friends Ryan Thompson, Brandon Kerr and Jeremy Mitchell. It was on hole #3, 136 yards and I hit my pitching wedge. It landed on the green, bounced and spun and headed toward the hole. I heard my ball hit the pin as it disappeared. The Marshall had even just pulled up beside the green to see it all happen.

Ethan Kummerfield, Tobiano Golf Course, Hole #3

Thanks for the message. I was playing with two of my buddies, Tanner Goetz and Brandon Vervalcke. It was 131 yards, and I used a pitching wedge.



Jake Kearley, Eagles Nest Golf Club, Hole #8

Hi there!

Can't believe I got one! Thank you for the graphic!

Occurred on hole number 8 at Eagles Nest on Thursday, September 1st. I grabbed my gap wedge and hit three quarters swing to a front pin with a 121 yardage. The ball bounced about 10 feet short and right of the pin. The ball then rolled up and right in the front of the hole.

I was playing with my good friend, Conner Rowntree.


Jake Kearley

Jeremy Borys, University Golf Club, Hole #16

To Golf Canada,

I received a hole-in-one during a team shotgun scramble tournament. After a long hot day of birdies and bogeys we were coming to the last hole to finish, which was Hole 16 at the UBC golf course. I had not been contributing to the team's score very well all day. This was the last chance for me to pull something out of the hat. I specifically remember calling the shot before hitting, pulling a 5 iron on a 195-yard par 3, hitting slightly to the right of the green and letting it roll down towards the hole. Low and behold that was exactly what happened except the ball disappeared. Looking at the group at the next tee box they began to scream in excitement, which is when it hit me that I just holed it.


Jeremy Borys

Lynn Dashkewytch, The Springs Course, Hole #14

Yes, it was an exciting to get a hole-in-one. I was playing with my husband, Paul Dashkewytch, and our friends, Kelly Dunn and Mike LaFarge. It was the 14th hole at The Springs Course in Radium. It was a back left pin (100 yards), and I used an A wedge. The shot landed passed the pin and slowly rolled back towards the hole. It was great fun as we were able to watch the ball slowly trickle into the hole. A foursome was waiting on the 15th hole, and they saw it too which added to the excitement. My only other hole-in-one was also at the Springs in 1998. The Springs gave me a flag to keep as a momentum which is so thoughtful.

Lynn Dashkewytch

Rob Belinski, Black Mountain Golf Club, Hole #7

Playing with friends Brian Rowe and Dave McConnell and added to the group was Brad Dahl. This was a fun one because we could watch it all the way. Dave’s comment while it was in the air “you’re buying drinks”.

Rod Belinski

Amy Zhang, Richmond Country Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for your letter!

I was playing with Sarah Choi, Yvonne Wang and Karen.

The yardage to the pin was 95. I used PXG Gap wedge.



Barb Cooper, Early Grey Golf Club, Hole #13

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On September 3, 2022, I spent the afternoon golfing with my aunt, Jackie Stewart, and her friend, Claire, at the Earl Grey Golf Club in Calgary. After having a mediocre first nine holes, I was looking forward to the back nine.  

We were on the 13th tee box where a gully separates it from the 13th hole. The green was oddly sloped with the pin middle of the green at approximately 114 yards. I figured if I missed the slope before the green, I would be in trouble, so I aimed for the middle of the slope. Using my 7 iron, I hit a crisp clean shot that landed just a little short of my mark. I watched my ball roll up the slope and over it as it disappeared from our sight line. As we got up to the green, Claire called out that it was a hole-in-one, but I thought she was messing around. I laughed and was surprised when I walked up to see the ball in the hole!  

The ladies (both members of the course) were talking about the difficulty of the hole and how they’d never seen a hole-in-one before I teed off, unbeknownst to me. “The shot that keeps you coming back” as my wonderful husband tells me. I told him that I was glad I had witnesses as he wouldn’t have believed it otherwise. Now it’s his turn!

Christopher Mead, Glendale Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out. It was a fun moment in my golf career and one I will never forget. 

Here are the details:

– Glendale Golf and Country Club, Winnipeg 

– 16th hole 

– 154 yards into a brisk 40km wind 

– Using a TaylorMade P7MC 6 iron 

– With my buddies Matt Stephenson, Ron Chev and Jamie Constantine 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Enjoy the rest of your golf season. 

Chris Mead 

Colleen Bingham, Pipestone Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for acknowledging my hole-in-one. I was playing that Saturday morning with my husband. The 13th hole at Pipestone Golf Course. 116 yards uphill to a two-tiered green. I hit an 8 iron that looked okay but you can’t see the green from the tee box. When we got to the green, I didn’t see my ball and was starting to look to the right of the green. There was still dew on the green and my husband noticed a trail that looked like a ball went in. So, I looked in the hole and there was my ball! This is my third hole-in-one on this hole (who says 13 isn’t lucky) and my fourth in my lifetime! Thanks for letting me tell my story!

Colleen Bingham

Colleen Whitney, Georgian Bay Club, Hole #5

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I observed through the Georgian Bay Hole-In-One Club that at this point, I am the first and only woman this season to achieve a hole-in-one. I also looked at the score card and this is the most difficult hole for women of the par 3 holes. This season only four men have achieved a hole-in-one. Further, no one at GBC has shot a hole-in-one in the prime months of July and August. Except me, of course! These are stats not me boasting. 

I play from the copper tees which are a set back from the forward tees (where most women shoot from). I used a 3 rescue club. 

I was with my husband and another member and his adult son.

P.S. My favourite colour is pink. If you look closely at the ball, it has several pink marker dots identifying my ball!

Colleen Whitney

Collin Rayner, Humber Valley Resort Course, Hole #2

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Thanks so much for the email! It was definitely a memorable moment!

Yardage – 148 to a front left pin location

Elevation – approximately 10 yards down hill 

Club – knock down 9 iron with some zip on the ball

Story: Shot landed about one yard long and spun back into the cup

Thanks again! I definitely won’t forget this one!

Derek Phillips, Spring Lakes Golf Club, Hole #2

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So nice to receive this message. I have been a long-time supporter of Golf Canada since moving from Quebec to Ontario in 1982. 

I was proud to serve as a Marshall at more than 15 Canadian Opens. As a resident of Unionville, I travelled to Glen Abbey for several years, Hamilton twice, Angus Glen twice, and to the Legends of Niagara when the LPGA was played there. I attended St. George’s as a patron to see Sandra Post and Dawn Coe Jones a few years back, and this year, to see Rory win his second Canadian Open. Memories I have treasured for a very long time.

As for my hole-in-one at Spring Lakes last Thursday, it was very special. Having just turned 83 in August, it made me very proud. I have been a member at Spring Lakes first from 1991-2012, and left to join Whitevale from 2013-2018, then returned to Spring Lakes from 2019-to now.    

I play every Thursday at Spring Lakes with the Keenagers (55+ members). Last week my foursome included Chuck Lane, Don Tweedle and Ted Pickering, who witnessed my ace.

The hole was 129 yards from the red tees. I used a 7 iron.

Thank you very much for your interest.


Derek Phillips

Don Boddy, Neepawa Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

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I will share the story of the hole-in-one I got on August 21st at Neepawa Golf Course. I was golfing with three good buddies: Warren Neufeld, Preston Meier and Dale Lyle. I just played the 11th hole really badly and thought I shot a 7. My good buddies were kind enough to point out that I actually got an 8. The 12th hole was scoped at 124 yards. I hit a nice 9 iron and it landed a few yards before the hole and rolled in. We had a good celebration, and I was bought many drinks for folks who were around. Thanks to Club Pro, Landon Cameron, at Neepawa Golf Course who celebrated with us well and provided a gift of the flag to remember the moment. 

Don Boddy

I live, work and play on Treaty 1 territory. I am grateful to be able to share the land and resources.

Frank Tarasco, Canmore Golf Club, Hole #12

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Hole-in-one was on #12 at Canmore Golf Club on Sunday, September 5. Was playing with John Gibbons and Nick Sandlin. The hole was 136 yards, and I used a 9 iron. My first hole-in-one after 40 + years of playing golf.

Gareth Parry, Andersons Creek Golf Club, Hole #10

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Thank you for your email. These events don’t come often enough so it always adds some excitement when the unexpected happens.

Eight of us decided to travel to P.E.I. for a week of golf together. This day, I was playing with Graeme Walker, Tracy Walker and Vicki Advent. Hole #10 was playing approximately 135 yards, so I went with an 8 iron. The shot looked good, but we couldn’t see the bottom of the flag. When we got to the green, we only saw one ball (Tracy’s). Graeme got to the hole first to confirm what we thought.

Gareth Parry

Gord Huston, Ledgeview Golf Club, Hole #8

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My name is Gord Huston and I have been a member of Ledgeview Golf Club for many years. I’m 74 years old and I had my fou hole-in-one on Sunday, September 4, 2022. My playing partners were Roy Evans, Ken Check and Trevor. It was the 8th hole at Ledgeview Golf Club, playing 208 yards and I hit a 3 wood. My bar bill was $120, which I was happy to pay.

Grant Karst, Wascana Country Club, Hole #3

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Thanks for the email.

It was on hole number 3 – 138 yards. I hit an 8 iron which flew right at the flag, landed about 8 feet in front and rolled in.

I was with Dean Muma, Peter Muma and Peter Van Royan. It was especially exciting because it happened on Men’s Night.

This was my second hole-in-one with the last happening 12-13 years ago on #16 at Deer Valley.

Grant Karst

Jason Pain, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you for reaching out regarding my hole-in-one at Wooden Sticks.


I was playing on August 27th at Wooden Sticks with my 14-year-old son, Jager, my brother, Michael, and our friend, Ray.

As we rode up to hole #17, the Replica Island Green from TPC Sawgrass, which is both me and my son’s favorite hole around, I was playing pretty good.

My son let me know that the hole was playing 134 yards from the maple tees (these tees are second from the Tips at Wooden Sticks playing 6,771 yards total).

There was no wind, and the flag was tucked in the little bowl on the left-hand side of the green (sucker Sunday pin).

As we waited for the group ahead to finish, I started to figure out how I was going to hit this shot.

I had to choke up on a pitching wedge as 134 yards was not a stock yardage for me.

I didn’t want to go directly at the pin in case I pushed it slightly to the left, (I am a lefty) so I aimed to land it on the ridge closer to the middle of the green and let the ball roll down to the pin.

I saw a tree in the background that I could aim at.

As my turn approached, the group behind us now pulled up and was watching along with the group on hole #18.  

Great, now I have an audience on the Island green (sarcasm). But this actually turned out good.

As I got set to hit my shot, the only thing that I thought about was, “hit your target”.

What followed was awesome.

I hit the shot pure and right at my target.

Once it landed on the green, I was relieved as it didn’t go into the water.

The ball then started to roll down in the bowl towards the flag.

At this point I lost sight of the ball.

My son yelled out, “This could go in.”

Then I heard the eight people watching start to cheer and yell, “it went in”.

My son ran over, and we started to celebrate but I was pretty much in dis-belief as I didn’t see it go in myself.

We rode up to the green and all the guys waiting and watching where congratulating me.

My son started to film my walk up to the green and once I saw the ball in the hole, I just had a big smile as I couldn’t believe it.

A few things made this experience really cool.

  1. I was with my son and brother.
  2. This was my first hole-in-one ever and it was on the Island Green.
  3. I actually hit a golf shot the way I wanted to, and it worked out.  That does not happen too often for me.
  4. I ended up shooting a 79 and my son shot a 72. Having both of us shoot good rounds definitely added to the experience.
  5. The coolest thing was how excited my son was for me. He is a pretty good golfer, has a +2 handicap, and he beats me all the time but he was genuinely the most happy for me when I got the hole-in-one. 

Also, I am looking forward to seeing my name on the plaque by the hole when I go to play the Island Green next year.


Jason Pain

John Christianson, The Country Club, Hole #8

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Playing with Eric. I hit a 3/4 wedge 115 yards into the wind and flew the ball into the hole. I heard it hit the stick and then it disappeared. It didn’t even make a mark on the side of the hole. Nothing but net. Kobe!

Kieran Johnson, Stratford Country Club, Hole #4

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I thought I would send in this note about my 13-year-old son, Kieran Johnson, and his first hole-in-one on Friday, September 2nd. Playing with his two friends, Cohen Bernard and Fischer McPherson on the 115-yard par three fourth hole at Stratford Country Club. He used a pitching wedge. Landed 20 feet short and rolled into the middle pin for an ace. 

Matt Johnson, on behalf of Kieran Johnson

Leo Rato, Kingsville Golf & Country Club, Hole #2

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Good afternoon,

I was playing with Dave Owens (Kingsville’s club champion), Zac Booth and Ryan Goncalves. The yardage was 177 yards uphill into the wind. Swung my 6 iron.

Leon Jubinville, The Springs Course, Hole #14

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My hole-in-one that you have seen on my score card was measured at 163 yards and I hit it with 5 iron with a slight wind up the gut and it hit the pin for my first ace. It was witnessed my son, Shawn Jubinville, and another player that I do not recall his name.

Louise Ladouceur, Rideau Lakes Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

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3rd hole from the red tees. I used a 6 iron. Players with me were Denis Ladouceur, Mark Tupper and Fred Gillis. This was my second hole-in-one. I’ve been golfing about ten years.

Marcello Cuzzolino, Ambassador Golf Club, Hole #8

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Yardage: 144 yards

Club: 8 iron

Playing partners: Scott Irwin, Adrian Sanderson and Andre Levesque 

Marlena Floyd, Hylands Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thank you for the congratulations! 

I was playing with a very good friend of mine, Donna Sullivan, who owns CWGI (Canadian Women’s Golfer Inc.), and another lovely couple who I didn’t know, Anita and Ken Barr. I wasn’t having a great round and felt sluggish most of the day!

It was in the 16th hole south at Hylands golf course in Ottawa. It was only 108 yards from the reds and was uphill with the flag in the middle of the green. I was tired so grabbed my seven iron. I normally hate this club because I typically hit sideways with it! In any event, it went absolutely straight and aligned with the hole. We didn’t see it go in, but we knew it was well struck. As we walked up, I only saw half the ball…and I said, “oh my goodness, it’s in the hole!” My partners all came up to attest to it. Was a wonderful feeling to say the least. I’ve been golfing 30 years and it’s my only hole-in-one. I also only ever had one eagle. We wrote hole-in-one and date on the ball, which I found the previous day.

Michael D’Ambrosio, Freedom Oaks Golf Club, Hole #8

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The folks in my group were: Peter Hogeterp, Ben Vint and Gavin Boorsma. The yardage was 135 yards (island green). I’m 71 now and don’t hit a seven iron as far as I once did, but that was the club.



Michelle De Silva, Wyldewood Golf & Country Club, Hole #11

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Thank you so much for the email and the acknowledgment! It was indeed a thrilling experience. My second one so far, with the first happening 20 years ago in Puerto Rico where we lived at the time!

It was hole number 11, and I used a pitching wedge. I choked down a little for the 105 yards, as the pin was in the middle! 

My playing partners were Cathie Joyce and Julie Hackett from our club.

This is an elevated green so we can never actually see the ball go in. From the tee shot, it looked dead on the flag! So, when we went up to the green and no ball was visible. I did check the fringe first and then went to the hole…and there it was! 

Thanks for the graphic too! 

Neill Kennerney, Braestone Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with Roy Teskey and Ted Kurello. It was the 4th hole from 155 yards. I hit a 6 iron into the wind.


Paul Wesson, Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you so much. 

Yes, my hole-in-one was on Friday, September 2. It was my first ever. I am 56 years old and have been playing since I was 14 years old. 

Hole: 17

Yardage: 170 yards

Club: 6 iron

Players: Paul Wesson, Mark Worth, Dwayne Tarr and Kenny Nelson

Story: After I hit my shot, which was a fade with the wind, none of us could see it go in as the base of the flag was hidden from view tucked behind the right bunker. Mark and Dwayne were first to the green and noticed there were only three balls in play. They thought it would be funny to prank someone and go up to the hole and pretend there was a ball in it. They both went to the hole as I approached the green, looked down, then looked back up at each other with a surprised look on their faces. Laughing they pulled out a ball. It was my Titlest Pro V. High five’s all around! 

Attached is a photo (notice the golf Canada hat). 🙂


Quinton Bock, Sask Landing Golf Resort, Hole #6

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Thanks for the email. I was with my wife on our anniversary. Yardage was 154 and I hit an 8 iron. Ball landed a foot and half past the pin and spun back in.

Riekert Panther, Kananaskis Country Golf Course, Hole #12

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I have been playing golf for 49 years and never got a hole-in-one. Kananaskis is such a special place. My friend, Todd Milliar, invited me to join him 10 weeks ago. I said yes immediately and kept on cancelling anything coming up for August 30th. We played a match and our opponents got one close on the 12th. I went last and had to clear the bunker and said to myself come in from the right side…that was all I had to do, and the ball ended up in the hole. It measured 202 yards and I hit a high 3 iron. 

Thanks for allowing me to share this wonderful experience. 

Many more to come.

Riekert Panther

Robbie Devries, Jagare Ridge Golf Club, Hole #4

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Appreciate the recognition! It was quite the moment. 

I was playing with a few other guys from work as we normally get out to play a few rounds a year with each other. It was great to have Jesse, Tristan, and Ron witness the moment. I think they were more excited than myself. Jesse plays frequently and is a member at a course here in Edmonton. 

Hole-in-one details:

– 111 yards 

– Par 3 

– Elevated tee box so it scoped at 92 yards to the pin.

– Front of the green pin placement.

– Shot landed about a foot from the hole and wasted no time going in!

  • I used my 62-degree loft wedge with about a smooth 85% swing. It’s been a great club for me around 120 yards in! 


Robbie Devries

Russell Clark, Shuswap Lake Golf Course, Hole #9

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Hello Golf Canada,

Thanks for the recognition of my hole-in-one.

Playing at Shuswap Lake Golf Course with wife, Cathie, friends, Stephany and Bazz Smith on August 21st. Hole #9 is an uphill 184-yard par 3. I used a 5 wood. Landed just before the hole and dropped in! Cannot really see that far so thought it was off the green until we got there.


Sam Catalano, Weston Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

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Thanks for this!

My playing partner was Carlo Tomei from Weston Golf & Country Club. Happened on hole #8, a par 3. Yardage was 123 and I used a 9 iron.


Sanele Mlotshwa, Willow Valley Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for reaching out to me. It was a surreal moment that I can’t forget. 

I was playing with friends, Cody Devine and Parker Buckbroough. The hole was number 8 alongside of the highway (upper James) with multiple cars buzzing by. It read 155 from the blues and I used a 9 iron by trying to play it safe by hitting it at the top of the hill. I got fitted two months ago for TaylorMade p790s so I’m playing everything safe. I hit the ball flush and straight at the top of the hill and it slowly rolled down the hill in the direction of the hole. I wasn’t expecting it to go as my colleagues were saying it’s looking good, and it just disappeared! Cody was at his cart and ran as fast as he can and tackled me as they congratulated me.  I was in shock, disbelief and happy all at once!

Great way to start the long weekend with a great group of friends. 

Best regards,

Sanele Mlotshwa

Shelley Allard, Prince George Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thank you, this was very exciting. I was golfing with my friend, Louise Giese, as I normally do on Ladies Day. We were on hold #14 at the Prince George Golf Club. I would normally use a pitching wedge but on this hole, you have to clear water, so I used my 9 iron and eased up a little. It was a great feeling shot, it flew over the water and bounced on the green and gently rolled into the hole.  

Sue Wesley-James, Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Club, Hole #2

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I would be thrilled to share my hole-in-one story! I used a 9 iron and I believe the yardage was 110 yards that day. I was playing with three other ladies from our Saturday morning group at Dundas Valley. It was a shot over a little pond, took one bounce and slowly rolled in. 

It was a very good day! 😁

Sue Wesley-James

Thomas Hebert, Brundenell Golf Course, Hole #3

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Thank you. I was playing with Joe Johnson and Taylor Johnson. It was 160 yards to the flag I hit an 8 iron. 

Todd Read, Riverview Golf Club, Hole #8

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for the email. I was fortunate to have holed out on our 8th hole on September 1, 2022. It was playing 220 yards. I used my 5 iron as it was down wind. It was witnessed by my wife, Karen Read, and our Club General Manager, Jaubron Widdis. I have been fortunate to have holed out on this hole two previous times and it was my 26th hole-in-one in my lifetime.

Take care,

Todd Read

Xin Zhang, Country Hills Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thanks so much for your email, which extended my excitement!

It’s #16, 161 yards to the pin, I used my 8 iron. Simon Deng, Michael Pat and Hai Wang were the witnesses. At that moment, my ball hit the back edge of the green, nine yards behind the pin, then bounced forward about one yard, after an obvious pause in the short cut rough (maybe two seconds only), the ball came back slowly, rolled towards the hole, and in the hole finally. Fantastic shot!

Thanks again!

Jackie (Xin) Zhang