Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Week of April 22, 2024

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Randy Vanberg, Quintero Golf & Country Club, Hole #16


I hit a 6 iron from 185 yards. It bounced twice and rolled the final 10 feet into the cup. We teed off from an elevated green so we could see it drop. I was playing with my best friend Marc Chiswell and two locals. It was a wonderful experience I will never forget!

Ivan, Sandhills Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

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Got one! On hole #17 at Sandhills, Ontario last fall.

Trish Ross, Hemet Golf Course, Hole #7

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I got a hole-in-one on hole #7 at Hemet Golf Course in Hemet, California on November 24th, 2023. I used a 5 hybrid and the yardage was 127 yards. This was my second hole-in-one, what makes this funny is my first hole-in-one was at Lacombe Golf Course in Lacombe, Alberta on hole #7 which is also a par 3!

Phil Rebus, Cove Cay Country Club, Hole #12

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My ace took place at the Cove Cay Golf Club in Clearwater, Florida on the par 3, hole #12 late in the afternoon on March 23, 2024. I was playing with my wife Stephanie and two gentlemen from Chicago, Mark and Scott. I hit a pitching wedge from 122 yards, which turned out to be a one hopper that ended up in the jug. Because of the pin position (just behind a front bunker) and green elevation I did not see the shot go in, however a man on a neighbouring tee let out a cheer and walked over to shake my hand. I couldn’t believe my ball had gone in, but after walking up to the green we found the ball mark approximately two feet in front of the hole and my ball in the cup.

Carmen Auciello, Blackmoor Golf Club, Hole #15

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The hole was playing 153 yards, slightly downwind. I hit a 9 iron that was right at it the whole time and basically one bounced into the hole! It was a surreal moment and was a great way to end our golf trip to Myrtle Beach. I was playing with Jim Schmidt, Glenn Crisp and Derek Haughton. Was a lot of fun.

David Dischiavi, Cherry Downs, Hole #6

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I was playing with my buddy Evangelos (Evange) Bethanis, he’s a Golf Canada member as well. The hole is listed at 170 yards, I gunned it at 157 and used an 8 iron. If you want a few more details it was into the wind with a big of a push off the right, little baby draw and it rolled in. The group in front of us heard the pin shake and walked to the green and saw it in the cup.

Dan White, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #14

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My second round at the club this year after opening on Friday, I was playing with two good friends; Michael Dixon and Ryan Smyth on a mid Sunday morning round. The wind is regularly gusty at Whistle Bear Golf Club, and as we reached the par 3, hole #14, my playing partners lasered the flag at 155 yards with a good wind into us from the left. The pin located in the middle to back left on the green with the hole not visible in the landing area. I hit a 7 iron left over the green side bunkers watching the wind drift it back towards the flag, not knowing what happened after it landed. As we walked up, the group in front of us walked over the hill from the 15th tee shouting we think that went in. In disbelief, Mike gets there ahead of me and checks the hole and confirms it, my ball is in the hole, for my first hole-in-one!

Jeff Gossack, Deer Creek, Hole #8

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I’ve been playing golf since 1975 starting from when I was a junior at the old Green Valley golf course in Saint Monique, Quebec. I have been moved on to play golf at Cedarbrook Golf and Country Club for two years and then Hillsdale Golf & Country Club for 22 years. I am currently now a member of Elm Ridge Golf and Country Club in Ile Bizard, Quebec for the last three years. Where I’m currently a member of our senior intersectional team. Believe it or not, it took me 60 and a half years to finally enjoy the moment of making my first hole-in-one. I have literally been on the lips several times, hit sticks, rolled over the hole countless times. But it never dropped. Even my sister, who didn’t take the game seriously has actually had a hole-in-one. So you can imagine, the excitement to finally get the proverbial monkey off my back.

It happened at my home course in Florida, which I’m a member at. Which is Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield, Florida on hole #8 par 3. Playing 156 yards into the wind that day and I had a 7 iron. At this point in my career, I probably would’ve taken a lucky bounce or a skulled duff. But to my amazement, it actually was an absolute gorgeous shot. I was playing with my good buddy Jerry Marcus who actually lives in New Jersey. As well as two other members of deer Creek, a gentleman named Joe, also from New Jersey, and Ron from parkland down here in Florida. Hope you will share my story with other golf enthusiasts. To never give up Faith in this wonderful game as everybody will eventually get an outstanding moment to cherish if they just keep at it.

Jay Kembhavi, Cordova Bay Golf Course, Hole #6

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It was a beautiful Spring morning in Victoria at the superb Cordova Bay Golf Course. My playing partners were Lorraine Cooper – Morton, Mike Morton and Barry Greenwood. The magical moment happened on hole #6 which has an elevated green. If I remember, it was 136 yards, slope adjusted. I hit a 6 iron, saw it roll to the pin and disappeared. I thought it had rolled in, as did my playing companions but because it’s an elevated green, we weren’t 100% sure till we walked up and confirmed the ball (a Red Srixon) was indeed in the cup. The Marshall, Brad Johnston happened to be at the green and saw what happened. That’s when we really celebrated! Brad of course immediately spread the word around and I got several congratulatory messages from all the wonderful staff at the club and other members who know me. Pretty memorable day especially since it was my very first ace and was very happy to share it with my friends.

Adam Gognavec, Legends On The Niagara, Hole #17

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Hey Golf Canada! The hole-in-one was actually on Saturday the 20th! It was awesome, was 162 yards to the flag. There was an 82km/h wind gust that day so I hit a flighted 8 iron right at it, it landed about five yards short and rolled in like a putt. I was playing with two of my good buddies Troy and Christian. The group in front of us was my brother and his buddies and they heard our reaction to it dropping! It was my third hole-in-one but the feeling still doesn’t go away.

Anthony Francella, Hawks Landing Golf Club, Hole #13

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I was down in Florida for an annual golf trip with the boys. Eight of us go down to play and get the rust off before the golfing season gets into full gear in Ontario. That day I was playing with John, Kenny and Darryl. The yardage was 149 yards and I hit a perfect 9 iron right at the flag. From the tee, we couldn’t tell where the ball ended up, however we knew it was close. When getting up to the green, the ball was nowhere to be seen. We’ve all had that anticipation before, could it be in the hole? I ran up to check the cup and screamed when I saw my ball in the bottom.

Elton Weston, Fort Langley Golf Course, Hole #5

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I was playing our Saturday league with Rob Dahlseide, Rob Mitchell and Bryan Martyniuk. The hole was cut on the front of the green about 84 yards from the tee I hit a choked down sand wedge.

Geoff Phillips, Glacier Greens Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for the congratulations on my lucky hole-in-one on April 3. The hole was #12 at Glacier Greens in Comox B.C. It was 96 yards and I hit a pitching wedge. My playing partners were Mick Hewson, Paul McRoberts and Mike Maddocks. The goofy toothless smile was from the dentist the day before, all in all a very enjoyable day.

Michael Coulthard, Gallagher’s Canyon, Hole #5

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I was playing with my usual Wednesday night foursome at Gallaghers Pinnacle, Tom, Brian and Roger (sub for Frank partying in Vegas haha). We’ve been playing regular Wednesday nights here since the course opened in 1996. It’s a nine hole course so I register back nine scores to reflect blue tee distance. It was playing about 105 yards and I hit a 54° wedge. It was my second hole-in-one at the Pinnacle (fourth career), both Tom and Brian have been with me for three of the four. The last two (2016 and 2020) were to elevated greens so we didn’t get to see them drop, it was nice to watch this one roll in.

Ryan McColl, The Oaks Golf & Country Club, Hole #15

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My son Wesley and I are proud members of our amazing club “The Oaks Golf & Country Club” in Delaware, Ontario. This season my son and I said, “This year one of us will get a hole-in-one on hole #15 our signature par 3 island hole.” On Monday, April 23, a beautifully lit evening, the camera rolled, and it happened! We were stunned, screaming, laughing, and celebrating when we fell to the ground, and I may have broken my thumb! We go back for more x-rays on Monday. We got it all on video, hole #15, par 3, 123 yards. We got you hole #15! The crazy thing is this is my sixth hole-in-one and fifth at The Oaks but the best one ever because it was with my son and our first together! So blessed! #memoryforlife

Andrea Mounce-Halasz, Chester Golf Club, Hole #8

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123 yards

4 hybrid

July 12, 2023

Evan Walz, Furry Creek, Hole #14

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I was playing with fellow golfer and friend Mark Warren. I was visiting him in Vancouver for a week of golf (our golfing season in Yellowknife won’t start for another week or two). In fact, we weren’t even supposed to play that day because of rain. We decided at the last minute to take a chance on what looked like a changing forecast and play the round later in the day. The front nine wasn’t great. It was still wet and cold. At the turn we had a ‘Happy Gilmore’ toast and, surprise, the sun came out!

Anyway, the shot came on hole #14. The yardage was 165; I used a 7 iron. It was into the sun/sea so we lost the ball in the air. I actually thought I was short and hit rocks/lost the ball, so I hit a provisional. The provisional was short and right. I chipped it close, then went over to look for what I thought was my lost first ball. Mark putted his eight footer out for a birdie then went to retrieve his ball from the hole when he made the discovery! 

We celebrated a bit and finished the round. I went into the pro shop and talked with staff there about it. They said it was pretty cool that I made a hole-in-one on that particular hole as it’s one of the signature holes for the golf course. They also offered to send me some sort of a certificate, outlining the achievement with all the details, etc. I have yet to receive it, but I’m looking forward to getting it. I’ve also kept the ball and the card in the hopes of having something framed to commemorate the once in a lifetime event.

I’ve been playing golf my whole life and this is the first time I’ve ever managed a hole-in-one! I’ve come close, but never actually made it. I guess doing so on this course, on their signature hole, makes it even more special!