Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Week of March 11, 2024

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Vicki Lacasse, Kanata Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

I was with two of my girlfriends and the two of them had gone ahead of me. I proceeded to ask my girlfriend what club they used and one of the girls said she had used a 5 hybrid. Even though I’ve never really been that successful on hitting the green, I decided to use my 5 hybrid anyway. I got up to the tee and hit my ball and one of my friends watched and said you hit the flag I’m like “yeah okay, whatever” but we weren’t sure if in fact the ball went in the hole so as we proceeded to get up to the hole, we all looked in and sure enough the ball was in the hole. I screamed at the top of my lungs. It’s something that is just amazing to think that I actually got a hole-in-one, so it was very exciting. After that we had a one hour social in the clubhouse for anyone that wanted to join us in celebration of me getting my hole-in-one with free drinks for the hour, so it was a very exciting day.

Darian Ducharme, Kawartha Golf Club, Hole #12

Hole #12, 104 yards (into the wind), 8 iron, I clubbed up, light swing, good loft and directly went into the cup. I was playing with my friend and we both heard it all the way at the white tees blocks.

Steven Webber, Tangle Creek, Hole #8

On September 18, 2023 I got a hole-in-one on hole #8 at Tangle Creek Golf Course in Barrie, Ontario. I used a 7 iron on the 147 yard hole. I was golfing with my brother-in-law Jerry Lukowski.

David Gurr, Victoria Park East Golf Club, Hole #6

Hi, my name is David Gurr and I got my first hole-in-one in 54 years of golfing! Yep, it finally happened for me! It happened at Victoria Park East Golf Club in Guelph, Ontario on April 12, 2023 during our first round of the year on the par 3 hole #6. The pin was front right 136 yards and I hit an 8 iron right at it, 2 bounces and in the hole it went. I was playing with my brother and two other long-time members. Seeing it was the opening day of the new 2023 season the course was packed with eager golfers, luckily, I had hole-in-one insurance and the bar tab was insured!


Gerry Tresierra, Big Horn Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

Almost scored a hole-in-one on hole #15 but on hole #17, it happened. 110 yards using my 9 iron! I was playing with John Silano, Les and Kirk! My first in 40 years and glad it happened on men’s night! I was awarded a medal from the Big Horn golf and country club along with some cash!

Donna Yost, Bear Mountain, Hole #14

The hole-in-one was at hole #14 on the mountain course. I used my TaylorMade 54 degree wedge to pop my lucky ball over the gully and master a one hop exciting hole-in-one. The distance to pin was approximately 64 yards. I took this photo above right before I hit the ball as it was so beautiful at that moment. The day had been a mixture of weather that could have sidelined the opportunity! Pouring sleet/rain and wind on hole #11 and 12. Cold and windy on the front nine. Crazy spring weather but us die hards hung in there and thankfully so! The ladies I was with for the momentous occasion were Danya Carter, Carla Anderson and Liz Stafford.

Mike Ebner, McCleery Public, Hole #3

Hole was playing 128 yards that day (into the wind), club was a pitching wedge. Played with fellow McCleery Club member Ron Wootton.