Golf Canada and PGA of Canada launch second generation of the Long-Term Player Development Guide

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Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada are proud to jointly present the second generation of the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Guide.

The comprehensive resource, referenced as LTPD 2.0, outlines an eight-stage, systematic approach to golf and athlete development in Canada.

Available in various formats—a hardcopy print edition online and by downloadable appLTPD 2.0 offers a full range of resources designed to help all coaches, teachers, players and parents understand the stages that each player goes through and also the training principles and activities at each stage.

“In developing LTPD 2.0, we have incorporated best practices and the latest scientific research from within our sport, both in Canada and worldwide,” said Golf Canada Chief Sport Officer Jeff Thompson. “We believe this guide will play a key influencing role in achieving international success for our players, while also assisting our goal of fostering a life-long engagement in the sport of golf by Canadian enthusiasts from coast to coast.”

In the period since the original version of the LTPD guide was launched in 2006, Canadian golf has seen tremendous results at the highest competitive levels, as well as a national adoption of national programs and development benchmarks from grassroots through to high performance.

“The benefits from LTPD have shown as our best Canadians are now competing at the top level of the world game. We need to continue to have the same success at the recreational level with the creation of sustainable golfers and strong learn-to-golf adult and junior programs,” said PGA of Canada Technical Director Glenn Cundari. “LTPD 2.0 is not just for the industry stakeholders to use as a road map, but a resource for every PGA member to reflect on their own programs to ensure they align with a world leading framework and system.“

In addition to providing a solid sport development framework, LTPD 2.0 outlines important roles and responsibilities of sport stakeholders including PGA of Canada coaches and instructors; golfers; parents of golfers; facility owners and golf administrators.

Endorsed by Sport Canada, LTPD 2.0 utilizes the knowledge and experience of a task force of golf and sport science experts with backgrounds ranging across sport development, coaching, sport psychology and scientific best practices.

Among the major contributors to LTPD 2.0 are renowned long-term player development experts Dr. Stephen Norris and Dr. Istvan Balyi.

“The Long-Term Player Development Guide for golf provides a framework for all those involved in player development to optimize available resources that will positively impact a young player’s experience and ability to play the game to the highest level of their ability,” said Norris, Executive Vice President and Chief Sport Officer with WinSport in Calgary and a driving force behind the Own the Podium high performance program. “Critical elements must be interwoven and considered for this process to be a success, including facility type, golf-specific training, athleticism and health, education and of course competition and performance tracking.”

The LTPD 2.0 framework is split into eight stages through which a player will move from simple to more complex skills and from general to golf related skills. Rooted in a combination of research from domestic and international coaches and sport science experts, LTPD 2.0 addresses the physical, mental, emotional and technical needs of the athlete as they pass through each stage of development.

To view LTPD 2.0, its web resources and download the mobile app, visit