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Golf Canada signs extension with GolfNet as handicap and score posting technology partner

Golf Canada is pleased to announce a five-year extension with GolfNet as the exclusive handicap and score posting technology partner for Canada’s National Sport Federation for golf.

GolfNet has been providing the score posting technology for the Golf Canada Score Centre which serves as the hub for the majority of club, provincial and national golfer engagement for the past 13 years.

Score posting along with the ability for golfers of all skill level to track their games, scoring statistics, earn badges and ringer cards, is a foundational pillar of Golf Canada’s membership program which is administered in partnership with the 10 provincial golf associations.

In 2016, more than 238,000 Canadian golfers posted nearly 7.1 million scores online to the Golf Canada Score Centre, the Golf Canada mobile app, or through scoring kiosks at golf facilities from coast to coast.

As part of the extended partnership, GolfNet will also provide tournament management software to Golf Canada member clubs at no charge. In addition, clubs can also access the innovative StrackaLine shot tracking software which can be licensed for daily use at a fraction of retail pricing.

“GolfNet has been a strong partner for the past decade and we are proud to continue our relationship in delivering quality score posting experiences to Canadian golfers of all abilities,” said Golf Canada interim CEO Jeff Thompson. “We have been working closely with the provinces to enhance our value proposition to both golfers and our member clubs, especially through our Golf Canada Score Centre platform. We’re also pleased to offer additional daily use software and technology to member clubs that represent a critical engagement touchpoint with golfers.”

The agreement, which extends through 2021, will see GolfNet take an active role in helping Golf Canada and the provincial golf associations increase its membership base that currently includes 306,650 golfers and 1,403 member clubs. The entire Canadian golf landscape includes nearly 5.7 million golfers who play 60 million rounds annually at nearly 2,300 facilities across the country.

“Our live scoring and tournament technology is used by thousands of clubs in North America and we are extremely proud to continue working with our Canadian partners,” said GolfNet CEO Jim Stracka. “Canada represents a massive audience of golfers and it’s exciting to see Golf Canada and the provinces take an innovative approach to golfer engagement through technology.”

Through the agreement, Golf Canada and the provincial golf associations will have full access to the StrackaLineTM software and technology for any member facility that is hosting a national or provincial golf championship at no additional licensing fee. Previously licensed for use by the PGA TOUR in its Shot Tracker online software, the StrackaLine platform is a patented technology utilising 3D laser scans to create topography maps of putting greens.

Canadian golf facilities and member clubs looking for more information about tools and technology available through the Golf Canada Score Centre can contact