Why you should Golf Fore the Cure

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(Golf Canada)

Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru represents support for women’s health in Canada – recreationally, physically and even emotionally. Whether organizing, participating, or donating, involvement with Golf Fore the Cure is, in some capacity, benefiting the status of women’s health.

Conducted by Golf Canada, the program looks to engage more women in golf through an unstructured, friendly format. And that doesn’t just mean a round of nine or 18 holes – it means laughter, friends, and conversation. It means taking a break to enjoy some good company on a day outdoors. It means a new hobby that will last a lifetime.

All fundraising totals from across Canada are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to go towards breast cancer research, making Golf Fore the Cure’s cause both meaningful and important.

For a greater scope of what the program is all about, watch the video below:

There are many ways you can help. Get involved at