Golf is a game for everyone

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Golf Canada/ Doug McKay

“Go out and have fun. Golf is a game for everyone, not just the talented few.”

This is a wonderful quote from a wonderful contributor to the game, Harvey Penick. More than 300,000 Golf Canada members across the nation would agree…including a few of those talented individuals that Penick refers to.

Within those gifted ranks, but not limited to them, we find Team Canada. What fun they had in 2014. From a competitive perspective, 2014 was the most successful year in the history of Canadian golf, dating back more than a century.

Golfers in Canada and the sport’s many fans from coast to coast should be very proud of our national and provincial development programs. Grassroots initiatives like CN Future Links and Golf in Schools are not only about fun, but also the development of Canadian Golf’s future heroes.

To our talented competitive players, thank you for providing us with great opportunities to see Canadian golfers wave the flag. Thank you all for giving us the chance to feel a swell of pride as we shared in your excitement and cheered you on throughout 2014.

To every golfer across the country, thank you for your participation in this fantastic game. Golf is truly a game for everyone. It is time well spent with family and friends. It gives us opportunities to be social while promoting physical fitness. It is challenging, yet fun and entertaining. It has the ability to fill days with great laughter and decades with cherished memories.

How can we grow this great game?

All Golf Canada members can play a part in ensuring golf reaches everyone. Share the fun and enjoyment of golf and encourage others to join us. The benefits of this great sport reach beyond age and stage in life – from children to adults; from young professionals and those just “starting out” to seasoned veterans and retirees. Life can move pretty quickly and leave us with little time for recreation.   With so much for so many, golf is the perfect activity to bring everyone together.

Beyond us, the golf industry plays an active role in supporting this country and its people. As a significant employer, taxpayer and contributor to charity, the golf industry affects more than golfers and fans of the game. Let’s help the industry grow the game and our country. We want more players to play more rounds. We want kids new to the game and people who have played it for decades to share the same smile over a great shot.

I suggest that one way for us to grow golf in Canada is to work together to promote the fun in golf. Let’s all take part in sharing the game and its many great qualities.

We have great passion for golf. Let’s grow our game together.

Let the good times roll as we embark on another great season.


Christine Dengel is a PGA of Canada golf professional with more than 30 years of experience in multiple facets of the golf industry, and a lifelong passion for and commitment to the game of golf.

Prior to joining Golf Canada, she was a Territory Sales Manager for Callaway Golf Canada for 18 years. During her time with Callaway, Dengel managed the GTA and Southwestern Ontario territory from 1992-2005 and has managed the Southern Ontario territory since 2006.