19th Hole

Golf, gators and greens

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Ernie Els (Golf Canada/ Bernard Brault)

Outside of the game itself and the thrill of competition, there are so many other positives to hitting the links and playing a round. Meeting up with old friends; hosting an important client outside of the boardroom; having the chance to get outside and connect with nature – these are just a few of the reasons why golf reaches so many.

While seeing a deer at the edge of a forest or taking a sip by a stream can make you feel at ease and calm your nerves for the putt ahead, nature can sometimes have the opposite effect on your game.

Not everyone will appreciate a prehistoric monster of several hundred pounds on the greens, but the thrill-seekers among us will certainly enjoy the added challenge.

See? Just another example of the game of golf offering something to everyone.

Enjoy the game and whatever nature brings your way!