Golf in Schools readies for eager students in September

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The Golf in Schools program has a fresh new look for 2015/16.

It starts with updated curriculum, resulting from a partnership between Golf Canada, the PGA of Canada and the University of Ottawa to incorporate life skills into the learning resource that accompanies each Golf in Schools kit.

The new life skills component of the program was created from in-depth research of the leading scientific literature behind delivering life skills through sport. Based on this research, the University of Ottawa identified the importance of both intrapersonal and interpersonal life skills involved in golf:

Golf in Schools - Life Skills framework

Each life skill is carefully integrated throughout all lesson plans included in the Learning Resources for elementary, high school and the newly introduced intermediate program for grades 6–8. Developed by Physical Health Education (PHE) Canada, the Learning Resources are tailored to help teachers deliver lessons seamlessly, regardless of prior golf knowledge.

Also new for the fall of 2015, Golf in Schools has launched a brand new website ( and welcomed ambassador Graham DeLaet, Canada’s top-ranked PGA TOUR golfer.

Another new layer to the program—introduced in the spring of 2015—called the Golf in Schools Professional Visitation program, provides a grant for PGA of Canada professionals to conduct a visit to nearby schools registered in the program. Through the visit, PGA of Canada professionals offer guidance and expert golf advice to both students and teachers while also providing an avenue to pursue golf further should they wish to do so.

Alternatively, the CN Future Links Field Trip program provides a grant to bring a bus-full of students from a registered Golf in Schools site to practise on the grounds of a nearby CN Future Links facility.

In order to be eligible for the Golf in Schools Professional Visit or the CN Future Links Field Trip program, PGA of Canada professionals must be at an active CN Future Links facility and the school must be a registered Golf in Schools site.

To learn how to get involved with Golf in Schools, please visit