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Golf, It’s Good For You!

Golf x Health

Golf Canada Launches Season-Long Campaign That Highlights
The Many Health Benefits of The Sport

New Golf and Health campaign website along with Golf Canada mobile app enhancements to focus on the sport’s positive physical, mental, and social benefits for participants.

Golf Canada is highlighting the physical, mental, and social benefits that the sport can provide on Canadians through its brand-new Golf and Health campaign.

The campaign – Golf, It’s Good for You – launches this weekend leading into World Health Day April 7. All of the World Health Organization’s key criteria for health enhancing physical activity can be achieved through the sport of golf and Golf Canada is prioritizing communicating health as part of its strategic plan.

“We are proud to launch this campaign ahead of World Health Day to showcase the breadth and depth of mental, physical and social health benefits that the game of golf can provide for all participants,” said Tim McLaughlin, chief marketing officer with Golf Canada. “The campaign brings awareness to what Canadians think they know about golf with the many known health benefits they might not be aware of. We launched a website resource with the latest clinical research focused on golf and health. We are also working with golf clubs across the country to share this impact with golfers who are enjoying the game in record numbers. We have also made it easier for Canadians to track their health progress through new health tracking features and enhancements to our Golf Canada Mobile App.”

The Golf and Health campaign focuses on three key pillars: mental, physical, and social.

The mental benefits of golf include enhanced overall well-being, improved brain health, and helping to reduce the risk of dementia. Golf can also assist to boost confidence, promote increased focus and concentration, and help to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Being out on the golf course can also help to slow down stress response and induces a feeling of calm.

As published in The R&A Golf and Health Report, and in addition to the mental benefits, the physical benefits of golf are undeniable. Research has shown that playing golf regularly can add five years to your life highlighted by the physical exercise, mental stimulation, and time spent outdoors while playing. As a physical activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, golf can also help to prevent or lessen the impact of over 40 different chronic illnesses including diabetes, cancer, along with heart attacks and stroke.

Golf is viewed as a moderately demanding form of exercise and is a great way to contribute to daily step goals. The average golfer walks 5,000 steps in a 9-hole round which is the equivalent of three to five kilometres. With nearly 2,300 golf courses in Canada including both public and private facilities, the sport is highly accessible and significant strides have been made in accessible technology to make the game more inclusive for the differently abled people of all ages.

The inherent social nature of the game is also an important factor in helping increase social well-being and is a great way to bond with old friends and meet new ones. It is a sport that welcomes families and partners to be active together and is also an effective way to network and build business relationships.

Operating as small businesses in communities across Canada, golf courses provide players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to enjoy the game. Golf Canada is collaborating with the Provincial Associations to provide information and assets on the Golf and Health campaign to club operators across the country.

Golf Canada has launched a new website that highlights the benefits of the game including helpful resource information and articles – please visit to find out more.

The Golf Canada Mobile App continues to be the all-in-one place to track progress and connect with colleagues and friends. In support of the Golf and Health campaign, the app is providing significant health tracking enhancements to the golfer experience. In addition to tracking scores and stats, users can now gain valuable personal insights into how each round positively affects their health. New health stat features include number of steps, distance walked, stand time, calories burned, elevation gained and heart rate. Users will also be able to view health statistics over different periods of time all of which is private and secure within their profile. For more information on the Golf Canada Mobile App, please click here. To download on Apple devices click here, to download on Google Play devices, click here.

“Golf brings people together and has an incredible impact on our personal heath and well being,” added McLaughlin. “Whether through physical activity over a lifetime, mental health improvements or the wonderful social experience shared by family and friends, now is a great moment for the Golf and Health campaign to inspire golfers and new enthusiasts to consider the incredible impact that our sport is having on Canadians.”

The Golf, It’s Good for You campaign will run season long and be featured at Golf Canada championships and events including Canada’s National Open Championships – the RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ont. and the CPKC Women’s Open at Earl Grey Golf Club Calgary, Alta.