Granite Golf Club embraces cycling

STOUFVILLE, Ont. – Granite Golf Club is embracing cycling—on and off the course.

This season, Granite Golf Club which is located just north-east of Toronto, will be among the first private golf clubs in Canada to offer Golf Bikes as a means of allowing golfers to play a quick round while providing valuable exercise.

“Granite Golf Club prides itself on looking forward, while still embracing the traditions of the game,” says General Manager
Murray Blair. “We feel the Golf Bike is a great fit for a club with an active, engaged, and energetic membership. The opportunity to
put your clubs in the back, jump on a bike and cycle for a quick morning or evening round really elevates the experience.”

The Golf Bike was conceived 15 years ago by avid cyclist Todd May as a means of combining his passions of biking and playing
golf. A prototype was first demonstrated in 2010 and the concept was presented at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando
three years ago. The bike has made significant inroads since its commercial introduction.

“With The Golf Bike, I have combined the benefits of [cycling and golf], bringing the elements of fun, fitness and speed of play
to the greatest game ever played,” May says. “This new spin on an old tradition will provide the avid golfer with the ability to play
at the speed of a cart while getting paid back with fun and fitness.”

Members will be able to use the Golf Bike by simply transferring their clubs to the attached bags, and heading out on the course.

Golf Bikes cuts the average time of a round to around three hours, an important element when lifestyle demands often limit the
amount of time players can allocate for the game they love.

Granite Golf Club is also starting a cycling club this spring, open to members of the golf club, as well as the historic
Granite Club in Toronto. Members will take to the picturesque roads that surround the club, an area that is already very popular
with Toronto-area cyclists wanting to escape the city and explore the countryside on two wheels. There is even on site bike
storage for members who do not want the hassle of transporting their bike back home following their ride.

“ With flexible membership offerings and a relaxed, refined familyoriented culture, Granite Golf Club is really expanding the notion of
what people consider a member club,” says Blair. “This is what the modern club member wants—unique and interesting experiences they
can participate in with friends and family. And that’s exactly what Granite provides.”

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