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Henry Brunton’s High Performance Golf now available in Chinese

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Henry Brunton giving a lesson (www.henrybrunton.com)

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TORONTO – Henry Brunton is now paving a pathway to performance excellence for thousands of aspiring young Chinese golfers and their families.

His Canadian best-seller, High Performance Golf, The Serious Golfer’s Guide to Effective Training, has been translated into Chinese and is now selling in softcover throughout China’s main book distribution channels, including major online and physical bookstores, and junior golf associations and networks.

While it may not end up making the top-sellers list in China, young Chinese golfers, their families and coaches have an unique opportunity to learn from Canadian golf guru Henry Brunton.

“Golf is growing more rapidly in China than any other country in the world, so to have a chance to connect with Chinese people who share a passion for golf like I do is a tremendous honour,” says Brunton,  a PGA of Canada Master Professional and Golf Canada’s Men’s National Team coach for 13 years. “With golf being reintroduced to the Olympic Games for the first time in more than 100 years in 2016, the sport is going through a fundamental shift as many countries that have not paid a lot of attention to golf now put it on their radar including China.”

High Performance Golf identifies scientifically-proven tour-tested training strategies used by the game’s elite players. In it, Brunton shares a wealth of personal knowledge and the key ingredients: coaching, skill assessment, goal setting, scheduling, deliberate practice, choosing proper equipment, fitness and developing mental toughness – as a game plan for success.  “Hopefully they can take what I have learned over the last couple of decades and use this information to move the sport forward in China,” he says.

High Performance Golf is the first book that will introduce the idea of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) to China’s young golfers and their parents and coaches,” Wanli Ma says. Ma owns and operates Vision Golf in Beijing and contacted Brunton to get the book published in China. “We want to be able to provide the best information available to those youngsters who are interested in becoming serious golfers.”

There is a good chance that China will produce many more stellar amateurs like Guan Tianlang who played in the 2013 Masters where he made the cut and finished 58th. Copies of the Chinese version of High Performance Golf, The Serious Golfer’s Guide to Effective Training, are also available through Brunton’s web site henrybrunton.com  – for $24.95, plus shipping and taxes.