Junior golf: eyeing the long game

Arrowdale Municipal Golf Course (twitter.com/CityBtfdGolf)

In a time when some question the future of our sport, golfers in the Brantford area have been very passionate recently in defence of one of the city’s municipal golf facilities that was on the verge of closure. Council has just voted to keep the course open after the rallying cry of area residents.  Now…what is next for Arrowdale Golf Club?

Enter Director of Operations, Jeff Moore – a PGA of Canada Professional with a long history of successful junior programs. Jeff has a new focus and a new vision for Arrowdale – as the perfect place to begin learning and enjoying the game.  Jeff believes that “if you take care of the kids, the parents are not going to be too far behind.” It’s important to look at the present…and the future.

I have long said that golf has been good to my family and I would not trade our memories made on the golf course over the years for anything.  I believe that the strength of our future as a sport lies in being a fun family activity. Our great game is time well-spent together outdoors with great conversation – whether it be close to home or a destination around the world – where all generations can and should be included.

Jeff Moore recently spoke with the Brant News about building this family dynamic, starting with the juniors at Arrowdale this season and the progression that can follow. It’s an interesting article and you can read it here.

Christine Dengel is a PGA of Canada golf professional with more than 30 years of experience in multiple facets of the golf industry, and a lifelong passion for and commitment to the game of golf.Prior to joining Golf Canada, she was a Territory Sales Manager for Callaway Golf Canada for 18 years. During her time with Callaway, Dengel managed the GTA and Southwestern Ontario territory from 1992-2005 and has managed the Southern Ontario territory since 2006.