Michelle Wie out 3-5 weeks with finger injury

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Michelle Wie (Matt Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Michelle Wie announced today that she will miss three to five weeks of competitive golf due to a stress reaction in a bone of the index finger on her right hand. After withdrawing from this week’s Meijer LPGA Classic, Wie was examined by hand surgeon Dr. Tom Graham at the Cleveland Clinic, who made the diagnosis and will consult with Michelle on her return to golf this year.

“I was looking forward to playing the next three weeks,” said Wie, who will now miss the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open at London Hunt and Country Club. “It’s honestly one of my favorite stretches on tour. It’s extremely disappointing to miss these events, but I am relieved to have a proper diagnosis.”

“Michelle has developed an ‘acute-on-chronic’ injury influenced by the volume in which she practices and plays,” said Dr. Graham. “Michelle is very aware of her body and was keen to pick up on this injury before it may have created a more severe problem.”

“Seven years ago, I would have tried to play through this injury and it is important to me not to make that mistake again,” Wie added. “I feel more comfortable now listening to my body and, while it’s hard to miss this stretch of events, I know I will be better suited to continue a great year and finish strong.”

Graham described that injuries of this severity typically requires about three to five weeks of limited practice and play before returning to competition. He also treated Wie several years ago when she broke her wrist.