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#MyGolfYear is back!!

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Golf Canada is excited to announce the return of #MyGolfYear presented by BDO for year three.

Look back and celebrate your 2023 golf season at a glance! Golf Canada members get access to a snapshot of their golf season highlights and their personal #MyGolfYear can be proudly shared with friends and fellow golfers across their social media channels.

After the successful launch of #MyGolfYear following the 2021 golf season, the 2022 campaign saw the addition of new achievements and golfing milestones available for every member who logged their scores into the Golf Canada Score Centre over the course of the season.

Golfers can share their #MyGolfYear stats, highlighting total rounds, best round, total holes played, total distance played along with personalized achievements from the 2023 golf season.

“We have seen record levels of play in 2023 and Golf Canada members have shown great enthusiasm in sharing their #MyGolfYear stats. It’s a great way to look back on their season and be proud of what they have accomplished on the course and then be able to share with those milestones with their friends and networks,” said Tim McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Golf Canada. “We are continually looking into the data and have increased the number of achievements since the program’s inception that members can highlight. We encourage all members to take advantage of this fun way to reflect on their golf season.”

The #MyGolfYear campaign wraps up one of the most successful years in Canadian golf including a record 10 million scores posted by Golf Canada members in 2023 – the first ever that that 10M milestone has been reached!

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The full list of #MyGolfYear achievements for 2023 include:

Thank you for being a Golf Canada member and enjoy sharing #MyGolfYear across your social networks!

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