NAGA announces new golf rules for Alberta

The National Allied Golf Association (NAGA) Alberta chapter has informed industry stakeholders of new rules for golf in the province that go into effect Sunday, May 9th at 11:59 pm.

To be part of the solution and battle the third wave of COVID-19, golfing in Alberta will be limited to members of your household or if living alone, to two close contacts.

“With the recent announcements based on surging case numbers, we are fortunate to have been provided with an opportunity to remain open for the enjoyment by Albertans. However, this needs to be done responsibly,” said Erica Beck, the president of NAGA Alberta, in her letter to stakeholders. “Today, we were informed that golf was on the list of industries to be closed, however, the industry’s commitment to being responsible and ensuring protocols were put into place to maintain the safety and well-being of golfers were the key deciding factors in the industry being permitted to remain open. We strongly urge all golf courses to continue to remain vigilant as the safety of staff and guests remains our utmost priority and we ask that all facilities do their part to adhere to all AHS guidelines.”

To read the full statement from May 6th, click here.