Niagara College students raise more than $3,000 in support of Golf in Schools

Golf in Schools - Niagara College

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON – Niagara College’s Professional Golf Management (PGM) program celebrated their continued support of Golf in Schools with a donation exceeding $1,900 to three schools in the Niagara region (with additional funds to follow).

The donation marks the sixth consecutive year students in the PGM program have donated to Golf Canada’s in-school program. Since 2010, over $10,000 has been raised resulting in 14 Niagara schools adopted into the Golf in Schools program. Funds are generated through the program’s PGM Invitational Golf Tournament, an annual fundraising event conducted by the 3rd year PGM class that attracts 80 participants including students, alumni, faculty, and industry supporters.

With the funds, Niagara College adopted three intermediate schools in the St. Catharine’s region. Each school received the intermediate kit (valued at $635), which comes equipped with age-appropriate equipment and a teacher-friendly learning resource that was developed in conjunction with PHE Canada and the PGA of Canada.

“On behalf of Golf Canada, I’m very proud of the continued dedication of the professional golf management students at Niagara College and their support of junior golf in their community,” said Jeff Thompson, Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Officer. “Their investment in the Golf in Schools program represents an important link between education, community and junior golfers—the future of our sport.”

Grant Fraser, Coordinator of the PGM program at Niagara College, continues to see the benefits of this initiative for the community, the college and his PGM students.

“I believe that it is important for the golf community to support the Golf in Schools program and to do all we can to help grow the game. The professional golf management students at Niagara College are part of that community,” said Fraser. “One of the key topics we discuss in our Event Management class is the importance of giving back and doing what we can to introduce the game to students at schools throughout the Niagara region. Supporting Golf Canada’s Golf in Schools program helps us do this.”

Niagara College’s generous contributions have added to the national total of over 2,900 schools delivering the best-in-class program. Offered at the elementary, intermediate and high school level, Golf in Schools has instilled the fundamental values and life skills associated with golf to over 300,000 Canadian students.