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Our storied game

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Scott Simmons (Julie Bernard/ Golf Canada)

We cherish the opportunity to share our experiences. For many of us, those most memorable golfing moments fuel our emotion for the game. And we know Canadian golfers are a passionate bunch – a community that counts nearly 5.7 million enthusiasts that play more than 60 million rounds annually.

Celebrating the moments and memories that connect golfers is the driving force behind Golf Canada Golf, a national marketing campaign designed to engage golfers through storytelling. The campaign invites golfers to share their stories and special connections to the game across video, online and social channels. The end goal is simple – remind golfers why it is we all love this great game and hopefully inspire a few more rounds along the way.

Golf Canada Golf is based on a simple premise that among golfers, there’s always a story—memorable shots, family experiences, favourite courses, golf trips with friends, or compelling stories of people using the game to overcome personal adversity.

In a column last year, I wrote a personal tribute to my best friend Rick Soverign after he lost his courageous battle with cancer. I shared how golf brought Rick – ‘Sovy as we knew him – together with his many friends and how he reminded us to enjoy every round as if it were our last. For ‘Sovy, golf was about camaraderie. He would celebrate golf ’s intangibles, the memorable moments, the buddy trips, or other factors that make the game special. As golfers, we can all relate.

The campaign provides an outlet for Canadians to celebrate the Rick Soverigns of the world – friends, family, colleagues and strangers whose passion and enthusiasm makes golf more fun for those around them.

Golf Canada Golf has also given me another forum to pay tribute to my late pal. Posting my story to the Golf Canada Golf website and sharing it with family and friends through Twitter and Facebook has brought back a wave of great memories as well as a bit of reflective sadness. It reminded me of the promise I made to my best friend before he passed – to play a bit more golf than I did the year before and enjoy each round as if it were my last.

Storytelling is a common thread that connects our golf experiences. When you visit you will experience compelling video features along with golfer story submissions from across the country. You will also find links to connect with a club or PGA of Canada professional in your community as well as information about programs to engage children and new golfers.

The campaign welcomes golfers to socialize their golf experiences all season long. Whether you’re out playing a round, sharing news on Twitter or Facebook, introducing a new golfer or cheering on our Canadian athletes in competition, #GolfCanadaGolf has the power to connect golfers and their stories from coast to coast.

At the end of the day, Golf Canada Golf is a reminder to all golfers – members, public players and new enthusiasts – to celebrate the impact golf can have on our lives and the emotions we experience. I know that every golfer has a ‘Sovy in their life, a constant reminder of why we love this great game.


Our storied game

 This article was originally published in the June 2015 edition of Golf Canada Magazine. To view the full magazine, click the image to the left.