Royal Montreal brings together Canadian golf to celebrate 150 years of tradition

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Royal Montreal Golf Club

Talking about SUCCESS in capital letters is an understatement. Where was it? When was it? It was the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Royal Montreal held on Wednesday and Thursday.

Let’s just say that I have had some experiences with this kind of event. Although generally successful, this week’s event was particularly unique.

Instead of waiting for gifts, it was Royal Montreal, the birthplace of golf in America and a ten-time host of the Canadian Open, that offered its own by inviting visitors from near and far.

In addition to the 18 clubs in Quebec, another 35 clubs from Victoria to Halifax, including Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, and Toronto, belong to the exclusive group of centenarians, including Royal Quebec, where it will be the 150th next summer.

A remarkable success led by Diane Drury, a 17-time club champion, and her team, including Shannon Lee Greenshields, Ed Ricard, and Peter Malo.

“In addition to being where it all started for golf throughout America, Royal Montreal deserves credit for always finding ways to improve,” rightly acknowledges Laurence Applebaum, CEO of Golf Canada, who was able to witness it firsthand as he made the trip.

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In attendance were Louise Patry and David McCarthy, the current presidents of Golf Quebec and Golf Canada, along with their predecessors Jacques Nols, Charlie Beaulieu, Michel Saint-Laurent, Marc Tremblay, and Marcel-Paul Raymond.

Including Golf Quebec Hall of Fame members, Debbie Savoy Morel, Lisa Meldrum, Steve Davies, Rémi Bouchard, Pierre Archambault, Marie-Thérèse Torti and Canadian Golf Hall of Fame members, Lorne Rubenstein, Graham Cooke (Golf Quebec Hall of Fame) and Mary Ann Hayward (Golf Quebec Hall of Fame) were present, with personal thanks to the organization.

It was a special moment and a special day celebrating a course that has been instrumental to the growth of golf in Canada for the past 150 years.