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Lessons in leadership: Key takeaways from the 2020 CP Women’s Leadership Summit

Lessons in leadership: Key takeaways from the CP Women's Leadership Summit

In the summer of 2013, at just 15-years-old, a young golf prodigy of Smiths Falls, Ont., was entering the final round of her third LPGA Tour event. A future Canadian golf star, Brooke Henderson was paired with Canadian golf legend Lorie Kane. Walking up to the final hole of the tournament, surrounded by Canadian fans at the Manulife Financial LPGA Classic held in Waterloo, Ont., Kane grabbed Henderson’s hand.

“I remember the feeling I had when I took [Brooke] by the hand,” Kane said. “I was saying to myself, whether I said it to [Brooke], ‘you are the future’.”

Flashforward to the summer of 2020, where Henderson appears alongside Kane at the CP Women’s Leadership Summit, no longer as the rookie and the veteran, but as two Canadian women in golf paving the way for future generations of women in sports.

Kane’s gesture of grabbing her hand was a subtle act, but it’s a moment that’s stuck with Henderson all these years later.

“That was just an incredible moment for me,” Henderson said.

Listening to the Summit, it became clear that moments like these; moments of pure, genuine leadership that may not seem like much at the time, can make dramatic impacts on the lives of the people influenced by them.

On Sept. 1, a diverse panel of women in positions of leadership came together for the third annual CP Women’s Leadership Summit. This year though, things were a little different because of COVID-19. Organizers pivoted to host the event virtually to accommodate safety restrictions with in-person gatherings.

2020 CP Women's Leadership Summit

Hosted by TSN anchor Lindsay Hamilton, the goal of the event was to provide inspiring stories and a networking opportunity, while also accepting donations for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. While the networking component wasn’t able to flourish like it has in the past, the Summit was “a success story for us” according to Mary Beth McKenna, the assistant tournament director of the RBC Canadian Open who has co-led the event since it began three years ago.

The event was divided into four sessions, each with different women discussing their experience as leaders in their respective positions. Speakers included Canadian golfers Kane and Henderson, and Olympians Marnie McBean and Perdita Felicien, among other prominent women in leadership positions.

A three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Canada’s chef de mission for the 2020 (though postponed to 2021) Tokyo Summer Games, McBean knows a thing or two about leadership.

Though, even McBean indicated she’s always actively learning how to be a better leader. As the Summit’s first speaker, McBean spoke about her early days with rowing teammate Kathleen Heddle, and how it wasn’t necessarily the match made in heaven their later results would make it seem.

“I actually actively worked for a long time to get into a different boat because I didn’t think Kathleen had what it took because she was introverted, she was calm and quiet,” said McBean. “I was like, well, that’s not what a champion is.”

Marnie McBean

It was encountering someone with a personality and working style different to her own that McBean said taught her an important lesson on teamwork and leadership. McBean quickly learned that welcoming “the diversity of the personalities in the boat” would be crucial to their success.

“I learned to accept that as long as I stopped trying to make Kathleen me, and I let her be her authentic self, she’s extraordinary,” McBean said.

“Leadership isn’t about meeting in the middle with people, it’s about earning trust and respect. I give 100 per cent of what I have to give, and if I’ve earned it, I’ll get 100 per cent of what the people I’m working with, who I’m leading, what they have to give,” McBean said.

The overarching message on leadership from McBean was this: humility and communication. It was a theme that seemed to find its way into separate discussions by all the speakers throughout the two-hour Summit. 

Humility and the openness to continue learning and growing was a key aspect of Olympian Perdita Felicien’s discussion on overcoming adversity and her experience as a black athlete.

“It’s lifelong learning, it’s lifelong commitment,” Felicien said on how to be an ally. “I’m also learning, I’m also figuring it out.”

Felicien said she’s had conversations with friends who are white, who’ve called or texted her to say that they want to listen and learn about being an ally.

“They want this to change. They might not know exactly how, but they are here, and they are at the table and they are deciding, ‘you know what: enough is enough’,” Felicien said.

Perdita Felicien

The session prior, with Candy Ho, CEO of The Cape on Bowen Community Development and Pam Arpin, assistant vice president, customer and corporate Services at Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) focused on the importance of communication.

Arpin discussed how she worked on having successful communication with her employees at the beginning of the pandemic when CP was deemed an essential service and many employees continued working at the office.

Arpin said she focused on making sure her employees knew that she was always available despite the fact that she didn’t necessarily have the answers they were looking for. She said it was important, “because any void in communication, people are going to fill up that void with their own speculation.”

Arpin said she thinks it was a missed opportunity “if you haven’t grown as a leader through this.”

It’s that aspect of humility and the willingness to grow that both Arpin and Ho emphasized in their discussion together.

It was apparent that no matter what leadership role you’re in, from CEO to a veteran golfer, being a leader transcends it all.

“We just have to be humble, have that mindset for growth, and then no barrier is a barrier, they’re all opportunities,” Ho said when asked about obstacles she’s encountered in her own career. 

While it may have been possible to view the postponement of the CP Women’s Open and the restriction from having an in-person Summit as a barrier, instead the CP Women’s Leadership Summit went on, taking advantage of the unique situation.

McKenna admitted that having to do the Summit virtually this year was a curveball, but it also opened up new opportunities.

“We had people attend outside of Canada, so you didn’t necessarily have to be in the marketplace to enjoy these great speakers,” said McKenna.

Usually in a space-restricted setting, the event has around 275 attendees, according to McKenna. This year, however, she said there were over 1,100 registrants from various countries.

2020 CP Women's Leadership Summit

Canadian Pacific staff tuning in from HQ in Calgary

McKenna also said that everything went seamlessly for the Summit, and she wants to carry that momentum into next year, with the hopes that it can be done in-person if it is safe to do so.

The key takeaway from the Summit is this: what defines a successful leader is not just one thing, on one occasion, it’s finding humility, and it’s about keeping an open line of communication, even when you don’t necessarily have the answers.

And it’s about the small, subtle acts of understanding and empathy, like taking the hand of a 15-year-old walking up to that final hole, despite being her competitor.

Henderson said that golf can teach people a lot of life lessons.

“I feel like almost every day is a challenge out there,” said Henderson. “But that’s part of the reason why we love it.”

The truth can be said about life and leadership, as well.

CP Women's Open

Watch the 2020 CP Women’s Leadership Summit

2020 CP Women's Leadership Summit

The 2020 CP Women’s Leadership Summit — conducted virtually for the first time ever.

The Summit features guest speakers such as former CP Women’s Open champion Brooke Henderson, Canadian Golf Hall of Famer Lorie Kane, TSN personality Lindsay Hamilton and Olympians Perdita Felicien and Marnie McBean.

CP Women's Open LPGA Tour

Lydia Ko’s Canadian Connection

Lydia Ko

In July, the LPGA Tour released the latest in its series of Drive On videos – showcasing the journeys its players have gone through to get to the biggest stage in golf, while also connecting fans with the real person behind the clubs.

For Lydia Ko, whose video has since drummed up tens of thousands of views, her Drive On story got started in Canada. And she’s never forgot that.

“I’m questioning if I’m actually Canadian with how nice Canada has been to me,” Ko said on a Zoom interview, with a laugh.

Indeed, the now 23-year-old burst onto the LPGA Tour with a victory at the 2012 CP Women’s Open. At the time she was just 15 years and four months – the youngest-ever winner of an LPGA Tour event.

The following year Ko won the CP Women’s Open again – and was still an amateur – by five strokes.

After turning professional in 2014, Ko would go on to win the CP Women’s Open again in 2015. In the process she became just the third golfer in the event’s storied history to have three titles to her name (the others being Americans Pat Bradley and Meg Mallon).

When Ko was 15 she came to that year’s CP Women’s Open at Vancouver Golf Club having just won the U.S. Women’s Amateur, so, she said, she was “walking on air.”

Lydia Ko

“I just was so excited to be out there and play with these ladies that I had really seen on magazines and TV not too long ago, and for some of them to come up and even say ‘hi’ to me… I didn’t have a lot of experience playing on the LPGA before, so it was just cool being in that vibe,” she said.

“I just remember that week I said, ‘hey, now I just want to make the cut and go from there and just kind of experience what it’s like playing on the LPGA alongside the best female golfers,’ and that week turned out to be like so much bigger, better, greater than I could have ever imagined.”

Ko said she was actually invited to play in another event on a different tour that week eight years ago, but she opted to play the CP Women’s Open.

And of course, she’s very happy she did.

“I was like, whoever made the final decision (to play in Canada) did a stellar job. I’m so glad I played it,” she said.

Ko’s career, outside of her three wins in Canada, as been nothing short of spectacular.

She’ll be the first to admit that she’s had ups and downs as it relates to caddies and coaches – she now works with Canadian Sean Foley – but there’s no denying how impressive this resume is: 15 LPGA Tour titles, two major championships, past Player of the Year, former No.1 in the world, and the youngest to ever earn $1-million in a season.

Even with all the accomplishments, Ko (who of course is not Canadian, but from New Zealand – and has been named New Zealand’s sportswoman of the year three times) stays humble when asked about being a role model for the next generation of golfers out there.

She laughs at the statement, as she is only in her early-20’s herself, but knows there are teenagers who, like her, are nearly ready to make the leap to the LPGA Tour.

Lydia Ko

While acting as a role model to so many, she cites some big names that have been helpful as well.

“It’s been so amazing to have lots of role models that you really look up to and say, ‘hey, I want to be the next Se Ri Pak or the next Annika Sorenstam, the next Brooke Henderson.’ But at the end of the day all you can do is really, like I said earlier, be the best version of you,” said Ko.

“I think as long as you’re working hard and having fun while you’re doing it, that’s all you can do.  Sometimes I think we just try and make it so much bigger than it already is, and it makes it look a lot more complicated.  But as long as you’re having fun and as long as you have belief in yourself, that’s what really matters.”

Ko will have another opportunity to inspire young Canadian golfers at next year’s CP Women’s Open when it returns to Vancouver and Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club in 2021. She’ll go for her record fourth CP Women’s Open title next year after the 2020 edition was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Lydia Ko

She said she’s super excited to return to Vancouver specifically.

She visited the city in 2019 for an event with Canadian retailer Lululemon and even visited a Korean restaurant that had the same name as her sister (“It’s called Sura and it was probably hands down some of the best food I’ve had in my life,” she said). She complimented CP as an “incredible sponsor and supporter of the LPGA” and has heard Shaughnessy is one of the top courses in the country.

She joked, even, that Coquitlam should change it to K-o instead of C-o because of her success and her love (“I actually would love to live in Vancouver,” she said) of the area.

So while Ko’s Drive On story has circled the globe, and she’s reached the top of golf’s mountain already, her connection to Canada is undeniable.

“Every time I go back to Canada,” she said, “it actually makes me feel like I’m home.”

CP Women's Open LPGA Tour

Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club to host CP Women’s Open in 2022

2022 CP Women's Open returns to Ottawa Hunt

OTTAWA (Golf Canada) – The stars of the LPGA Tour will once again head to the nation’s capital as Golf Canada and Canadian Pacific (CP) have announced the 2022 CP Women’s Open will return to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club.

The 2022 edition of the CP Women’s Open will be held August 22-28 and will mark the championship’s fifth visit to the nation’s capital, as well as the fourth visit to Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, which previously hosted in 1994, 2008 and 2017. Canadian star Brooke Henderson from nearby Smiths Falls, Ont. will be a power draw once again as the nine-time LPGA Tour winner is an honorary member of Ottawa Hunt.

“We are extremely thrilled and enthusiastic for the return of the CP Women’s Open to Ottawa and the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club in 2022,” said Laurence Applebaum, Golf Canada’s CEO. “The CP Women’s Open always receives terrific community support, but when we’re in Ottawa that backing is intensified. With our 2017 event in Ottawa for Canada’s 150 celebration and the excitement around Brooke competing so close to home, we set records for attendance, volunteer enrollment and left a meaningful charitable contribution. I’m certain the community will embrace all facets of the event when the stars of the LPGA Tour return to Ottawa.”

Through its CP Has Heart campaign, CP will once again be making a significant charitable donation to the host community. In the first six years of CP’s title sponsorship of the event, more than $10.7 million has been raised in support of children’s heart health across Canada.

CP’s community investment program has proven itself an award-winning initiative, earning the CP Women’s Open Gold Driver Awards for Best Charity & Community Engagement among all LPGA Tour events in 2017 and 2019.

“Through terrific events like the CP Women’s Open we’re able to shine a spotlight on local heart charities that make a big impact in their communities,” said CP President and CEO, Keith Creel. “Together, with all involved with the event, including our CP Golf Ambassadors Brooke Henderson and Lorie Kane, we look forward to raising money for a worthy cause and leaving a lasting charitable legacy in Ottawa through CP Has Heart.”

The announcement of Ottawa as the 2022 host city is the core of a partnership between the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Tourism and Golf Canada.

“It is great news that Golf Canada and CP have decided to return to Ottawa in 2022 for the CP Women’s Open at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club,” said City of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “The tournament was a major success in 2017, attracting a record number of fans and putting Ottawa on the map as a fantastic golf destination. We look forward to, once again, welcoming the best talent from across the world for this exciting event in 2022.”

“Ottawa Tourism looks forward to welcoming the CP Women’s Open back to Canada’s Capital in 2022 and to hosting the stars of the LPGA once more at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club,” said Ottawa Tourism President and CEO, Michael Crockatt. “We thank Golf Canada for choosing to return to Ottawa for this prestigious event which will build on the success of the 2017 CP Women’s Open. We will show off the best of our city to the athletes and spectators and are honoured to bring this exciting event once more to the passionate golf community in Ottawa”.

More than 50,000 people attended the event in 2017, where Sung Hyun Park earned a two-shot victory at Ottawa Hunt as part of an amazing season that saw her capture several LPGA Tour awards, including Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year, Rolex Player of the Year and the Season Money Title.

The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club has welcomed numerous notable championships since its incorporation in 1908, including the three CP Women’s Open Championships in 1994, 2008 and 2017; the 1932 Canadian Open; and three Canadian Amateur Championships in 1937, 1960 and 1970.

The 18-hole championship course that will challenge the world’s best women golfers in 2022 was originally crafted by famed architect Willie Park and redesigned by international course designer, Dr. Michael Hurdzan prior to the 2017 event.

Gino Picciano, President of the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club Board of Directors recalls how the club and the community embraced the tournament in 2017 and anticipates it doing so once again in 2022.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to host the prestigious CP Women’s Open again in 2022 and welcome the top players in the world, including our own honorary member Brooke Henderson,” said Picciano. “Hosting the world-class event provides us with another opportunity to showcase our club as a challenging test and one of the premiere golf experiences in all of Canada.”

For CP Women’s Open Tournament Director Ryan Paul, a return to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club is reason for excitement given the event’s past success in the nation’s capital.

“The City of Ottawa and Ottawa Hunt have hosted some of the most memorable and successful CP Women’s Opens in history,” said Paul. “The response from LPGA Tour players as well as golf fans, volunteers and community supporters has always been tremendous and with two years of runway, we have the opportunity make the return of our National Open to Ottawa in 2022 very special.”

Volunteers CP Women's Open Ottawa Hunt 2017

The CP Women’s Open consistently draws one of the strongest fields in women’s golf vying for the largest purse (US $2.35 million) on the LPGA Tour aside from the five majors and CME Group Tour Championship.

Due to continued travel and border restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 CP Women’s Open at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver was postponed until 2021. Shaughnessy and the province of British Columbia will now host the event August 23-29, 2021.

First conducted in 1973, Canada’s Women’s Open Championship has allowed the brightest stars of the LPGA Tour to shine on Canadian soil and has inspired the nation’s next generation of female golfers.

Information regarding tickets, volunteer opportunities and corporate hospitality for the 2021 and 2022 CP Women’s Opens will be available online at www.cpwomensopen.com at a later date.

CP Women's Open

2020 CP Women’s Leadership Summit to be held virtually

– Third annual business summit to inspire empowerment will be held online Tuesday, September 1, with complimentary admission –

– Panelists include CP Ambassadors Brooke Henderson and Lorie Kane; Olympians Marnie McBean and Perdita Felicien; as well as executive and educator, Candy Ho and CP executive Pam Arpin –

OAKVILLE, Ont. (Golf Canada) — Golf Canada in partnership with Canadian Pacific (CP) has announced the third annual CP Women’s Leadership Summit will take place virtually on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, with complimentary access.

The intent of the CP Women’s Leadership Summit is to bring together like-minded female business leaders for an opportunity to network, as well as inspire empowerment and philanthropy among women. This year’s Summit will feature four sessions, running from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT, and will be hosted by TSN anchor Lindsay Hamilton.

The CP Women’s Leadership Summit will also help raise funds for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the primary charity partner of the 2021 CP Women’s Open, with online donations supporting the health and wellness of children at the BC Children’s Hospital.

The opening-session of the Summit will discuss leadership in sport and will be led by Canadian rower, Marnie McBean, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and Chef de Mission of the 2020 Canadian Olympic Team at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The second session will be themed around leadership during uncertain times and will feature Candy Ho, CEO of The Cape on Bowen Community Development and a board member of Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon along with Pam Arpin, Assistant Vice President, Customer and Corporate Services with Canadian Pacific who was named 2019 League of Railway Woman of the Year.

Perdita Felicien, a retired Canadian hurdler and world champion turned TV broadcaster and personality, will head up the third session touching on overcoming challenges and adversity.

The final session will touch on the growth and state of women’s golf and will feature emcee Lindsay Hamilton interviewing LPGA golfers and CP ambassadors Lorie Kane and Brooke Henderson.

Kane is a 4-time LPGA Tour winner who received the Order of Canada in 2006. She is an honoured member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame (2016) and was recently named as an inductee into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (2020-2021).

Henderson, a 9-time LPGA Tour champion and winner of the 2018 CP Women’s Open, became the second youngest player in LPGA history to win a major championship at the 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. She also represented Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio where she finished T7.

“I am very excited to participate in the CP Women’s Leadership Summit to share, hear and learn from some amazing female leaders,” said Pam Arpin, Assistant Vice-President Customer and Corporate Services, Canadian Pacific. “This is also a great opportunity to raise funds for a commendable cause and help to leave a lasting legacy for the hospital, children and families who need it.”

For Golf Canada, hosting the CP Women’s Leadership Summit aligns with the organization’s commitment to developing a more inclusive culture in Canadian golf.

“The CP Women’s Leadership Summit is an important event to provide a forum to discuss meaningful topics that can offer change within sport and the workplace,” said Mary Beth McKenna, a member of Golf Canada’s championship management team. “Our speakers are true leaders, both in their respective industries and as women’s empowerment advocates. While we can’t gather in person this year due to circumstances around the pandemic, we are excited to bring speakers together virtually who will provide participants with an inspiring experience and wide array of perspectives.”

The CP Women’s Leadership Summit typically takes place in conjunction with CP Women’s Open tournament week. In late June, Golf Canada, CP and the LPGA jointly announced the 2020 CP Women’s Open would be postponed until 2021 due to continued travel and border restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 CP Women’s Open will be held August 23-29, at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver. Information about the 2021 CP Women’s Leadership Summit will be announced in the coming months.

More information about the CP Women’s Leadership Summit, is available online at www.cpwomensopen.com/wls. 

Amateur CP Women's Open

Greg Dukart to retire after 40 years in golf industry

Brooke Henderson & Greg Dukart (Golf Canada/ Bernard Brault)

For four decades Greg Dukart has lived what he describes a “blessed life” in the Canadian golf industry. He’s managed some of the finest clubs from coast-to-coast. But now, after 40 years in the business, he’s calling it a career.

Dukart, whose career started in Regina in 1981, has worked in Vancouver, Kamloops, Calgary, on Prince Edward Island and overseas in London, England. For the last 12 years, he has returned to his Regina roots as Chief Executive Officer of Wascana Country Club.

“It’s been a tremendous journey,” said Dukart. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it (golf) would have taken me across this great country of Canada and its provinces. It’s been a total life experience beyond my family and my expectations.”

Dukart said while his final year in the golf industry has been unlike any in his career due to COVID-19, his thoughts of retirement began to creep in last fall. He and his wife talked about the potential for him to retire for a few weeks and realized it was time to call it a career. He has a new grandson and is keen to pursue other interests.

“Golf has opened up so many different things, but golf is an all-immersive lifestyle choice. You don’t play golf four times a week like many people think,” said Dukart with a laugh. “It’s a lot of work!”

Still, Dukart said what he loves most about the sport is that it’s generational game for everyone. He’s witnessed people starting their golf careers at just three or four years old. He’s seen junior golfers under the age of 10 start to beat balls on the driving range and five years later they’d become junior club champion. And he recalls fondly a 103-year-old member at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club who played 27 holes per week.

Dukart’s hobbies outside of golf include working on a muscle car project he’s been tinkering away at and he’s also a proud collector of antiques. He’ll frequent estate sales. Every place he’s travelled, he said, he’d bring something back home. Other opportunities in golf have popped up but he’s not quite sure what he’ll end up doing – but he for sure he will be spending more time with his family.

“There are a lot of people that need to be thanked for this,” he said.

One of the biggest moments of Dukart’s career came in 2018 at the CP Women’s Open – a project he had been working on for a number of years. He was hopeful the event would come to Regina and when the week wrapped up that Sunday afternoon in August, Wascana would own a piece of history.

Canadian golf sensation Brooke Henderson won the tournament in a pinch-me moment for Dukart, he said. The club made Henderson an honourary member for life a week or so after the tournament and it installed a 300-pound marble plaque in the 18th fairway where she hit her last shot – which set up the putt to win the tournament.

“That was living the dream on that one. Someone asked me before the event, ‘what would be your dream journey this week’ and I said, ‘well of course Brooke Henderson winning.’ She went on and did that,” said Dukart. “Sometimes you have to pinch yourself wondering if that just happened – we talk about that all the time because to even think that could happen on our home soil in tiny Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s part of history now, forever.”

Dukart has the finish line in his sights after an impressively successful career. And he’s content to know how many people he’s worked with, how many special moments he’s had and what time is to come with his family.

He got into the business thinking he wanted to be a player, but instead that journey transformed into management. He’s leaving the golf industry in Canada better than how he found it.

“I’ve just been incredibly blessed to have this journey and I would have never in my imagination thought I could work in the places I’ve worked, and the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met,” said Dukart. “It’s surreal to me.”

CP Women's Open LPGA Tour

2020 CP Women’s Open postponed to 2021

Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club

VANCOUVER – Due to continued travel and border restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LPGA Tour, together with Golf Canada and title-sponsor Canadian Pacific (CP), have announced that the CP Women’s Open at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver has been postponed until 2021.

Golf Canada and CP have continued to monitor guidelines set by federal, provincial and municipal authorities intended to prevent the community spread of the virus. Physical factors including restrictions on international travel and mandatory quarantine along with limitations on group gatherings in the province of British Columbia ultimately forced the event’s postponement at Shaughnessy until 2021.

“The CP Women’s Open is a signature event for Golf in Canada and on the LPGA Tour and we share in the disappointment of our fans, players, volunteers and partners,” said Golf Canada CEO Laurence Applebaum. “The health of everyone who comes together for the event is our top priority and together with our partners at CP and the LPGA Tour, we can now look ahead to hosting an exceptional CP Women’s Open next year in the world-class city of Vancouver. I also applaud the swift and supportive response from our friends at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club as well as the Province of British Columbia and Sport Hosting Vancouver who continue to be tremendous hosts and partners in welcoming the LPGA Tour back in 2021.”

As title sponsor of the CP Women’s Open, CP is committed to raising charitable dollars in the event’s host community through the CP Has Heart campaign in support of children’s heart health. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation had previously been named primary charity partner for the 2020 CP Women’s Open and will continue on in the same capacity in 2021.

“We are disappointed we are unable to run the event in Vancouver this year as planned. There is no doubt that the 2021 CP Women’s Open will be a remarkable event both on the course and in terms of leaving a positive impact on the community,” said Keith Creel, CP President and Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to welcoming the world’s best golfers to Vancouver next year.”

The 2021 CP Women’s Open at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club will mark the sixth time the province of British Columbia has hosted Canada’s Women’s Open Championship, with the last time being 2015 at The Vancouver Golf Club, where Lydia Ko won her third CP Women’s Open title.

“The CP Women’s Open is truly a world-class event and a favorite stop for all of us at the LPGA Tour,” said LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan. “I understand this was a tough decision for everyone involved, but given the restrictions faced, there was simply nothing else that could be done that would have enabled us to run the event in 2020. It is disappointing to miss Canada’s national championship and I know I speak for all LPGA Tour players and staff when I say we look forward to being back in Vancouver next year.”

The 2020 event was originally set for August 31-September 6. The Board of Directors and membership at Shaughnessy quickly decided to shift their focus to welcoming the stars of the LPGA Tour back next August 23-29, 2021.

“Shaughnessy understands the need to postpone this year’s event in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic – we will continue to work with our fantastic group of volunteers and partners in preparation of hosting the best players in the world in 2021,” said Brian Mossop, General Manager and C.O.O. at Shaughnessy.

The rescheduled return of the LPGA Tour will be proudly supported by both the Province of British Columbia as well as Sport Hosting Vancouver. With a global audience reach of over 500 million households across 170 international markets, both bodies are getting behind one of Canada’s signature sports entertainment properties as part of their tourism platform for 2021.

“While we share the disappointment that this year’s CP Women’s Open in Vancouver is postponed, we know this is the right thing to do to keep players, fans and communities safe,” said Lisa Beare, B.C.’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. “We look forward to welcoming the LPGA Tour next year and invite all involved to explore more of Super, Natural British Columbia after the tournament.”

“Sport Hosting Vancouver is proud to support Golf Canada through our partners at Tourism Vancouver, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Hotel Destination Association,” said Michelle Collens, Senior Manager, Sport Hosting Vancouver. “We look forward to continuing to work with all partners over the next year to ensure the 2021 CP Women’s Open is a highlight on the calendar, including initiatives to foster sport development and support the economic and social objectives of our destination.”

The third annual CP Women’s Leadership Summit, which was scheduled to take place on September 1 as part of CP Women’s Open tournament week, will be replaced in 2020 by a digital experience focused on audience empowerment and inspiring guest speakers. Full details including a schedule and guest speakers will be released in the coming weeks. The Summit, which is a celebration of business leaders, influencers and community champions, will continue to be part of the CP Women’s Open in 2021 and beyond.

Golf Canada, CP and the LPGA Tour would like to thank golf fans across the nation in addition to the many corporate partners, ticket and hospitality purchasers, as well as the countless volunteers for their continued support through this unprecedented time.

Corporate hospitality buyers will be contacted by their Golf Canada sales representative over the coming days to plan forward for 2021. Individual ticket purchases made via Ticketmaster will have the opportunity to be refunded within the next 30 days or be carried over to the 2021 event. Volunteers will be contacted by Golf Canada staff and will be able to choose between deferring their volunteer registration to 2021 or receiving a refund.

CP Women's Open LPGA Tour

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation named official charity partner for 2020 CP Women’s Open

BC Children's Hospital

Vancouver, January 31, 2020 – Canadian Pacific (CP) and Golf Canada announced today that BC Children’s Hospital Foundation has been chosen as the primary charity partner for the 2020 CP Women’s Open. Fundraising initiatives will occur leading up to the tournament and a month-long public match campaign starts February 1st, in recognition of Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Month.

“The CP Women’s Open is an amazing opportunity to draw attention to the important work being done by doctors to mend the hearts of the future,” said Keith Creel, President and CEO of CP. “Partnering with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation again is a natural fit and progression from our first partnership in 2015. I look forward to seeing the lasting legacy this brings to the hospital, children and families who need it.”

Funds raised through the CP Women’s Open partnership will support the Children’s Heart Centre at BC Children’s Hospital. Funds will be used to purchase a new fleet of the latest generation cardiac ultrasound machines, advance the cardiac research program and help to train the next generation of medical superstars.

“We are delighted to be chosen as the charity partner for the 2020 CP Women’s Open and are honoured to be the first charity to partner with CP for a second time,” said Teri Nicholas, President and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “Funds raised through this partnership will continue to take children’s health care in our province to the next level, giving new hope to kids and families when they need it most.”

“CP’s generosity will not only support the daily work of the clinical care team, it will enable us to substantially expand our research capacity,” said Dr. Shubhayan Sanatani, head, division of cardiology at BC Children’s Hospital. “This infusion of high-quality personnel into our scientific programs will create additional opportunities to pursue new solutions for children’s heart health. We are very grateful to have a partner like CP by our side as we work to solve tomorrow’s problems today.”

The month-long public match campaign beginning February 1 until the end of February will match online donations to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. In addition to matching all one-time donations, CP will also match the total of the first year of contributions for all new monthly donations. With the match in place, the Foundation is hoping to acquire 100 new monthly donors by the end of the month. Visit bcchf.ca/heart for more information.

CP is proud to also announce the CP Women’s Open community charity partner is Royal Inland Hospital Foundation in Kamloops, an important terminal in the CP network and home to nearly 200 employees. CP will contribute $250,000 to fundraising efforts in support of cardiac care at Royal Inland Hospital.

“We are so proud to witness first-hand the incredible work CP does through CP Has Heart and the meaningful impact made in the lives of countless Canadians,” said Lawrence Applebaum, CEO of Golf Canada. “Excitement for the CP Women’s Open continues to grow in the Vancouver area and I’m very much looking forward to a tournament week highlighted by world-class golf and charitable giving in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.”

The 2020 CP Women’s Open will feature the stars of the LPGA Tour at Vancouver’s Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club from August 31 – September 6.

CP Women's Open

2019 CP Women’s Open earns Gold Driver Awards at season ending award ceremony

Golf Canada/ Bernard Brault

NAPLES, FLA. (Golf Canada) – ​The success of the 2019 CP Women’s Open at Magna Golf Club in Aurora, Ont., was recently recognized as the Tournament Partners of the LPGA presented Golf Canada and Canadian Pacific (CP) with two Gold Driver Awards for delivering best-in-class elements among all LPGA Tour events.

The annual Gold Driver Awards were hosted in conjunction with the LPGA Tour’s season-ending CME Group Tour Championship at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Fla. The Tournament Partners of the LPGA (formally Tournament Owners Association) have a long standing tradition of recognizing best in class tournaments with Gold Driver Awards at the season ending event on the LPGA Tour calendar.

At the formal ceremony, the CP Women’s Open received Gold Driver Awards for Best Community and Charity Engagement and Best Sponsor Activation.

The award for Best Community and Charity Engagement was earned for the CP Has Heart community investment campaign, which raised nearly $2.5 million for children’s charities in the Greater Toronto Area – the largest donation in the history of the CP Women’s Open. As part of the program, $2.2 million was presented to the SickKids Foundation in Toronto, while a $250,000 donation was made to Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ont., to support paediatric cardiac care. In the six years of CP’s title sponsorship of the CP Women’s Open, more than $10.5 million has now been raised to support children’s heart health in Canada. This is the second time in the last three years that the CP Women’s Open was awarded the Gold Driver for Best Community and Charity Engagement.

The CP Women’s Open netted Best Sponsor Activation for the Levelwear Caddy Lounge. Headed by Canadian apparel company and Golf Canada partner, Levelwear, the activation delivered a first of its kind hangout for LPGA Tour caddies. The Lounge featured a host of amenities, from food and drinks to post-round massages, haircuts, games and more.

“It is humbling to see the CP Women’s Open honoured with two Gold Driver Awards,” said CP Women’s Open Tournament Director, Ryan Paul. “This year’s event was a true team effort. Thanks to tremendous fan, player and partner support, the 2019 CP Women’s Open was a resounding success and it is rewarding to be recognized with these meaningful awards.”

In August, Rolex World No. 1 Jin Young Ko fired a 26-under 262 over four rounds to best a stellar field of golfers, including 96 of the top 100 golfers in the world and become the 2019 CP Women’s Open champion. By doing so, she would take home US$337,500 of the US$2.25 million purse, the largest purse on the LPGA Tour outside Major Championships and the CME Group Tour Championship.

The 2019 CP Women’s Open enjoyed record walk-up and corporate hospitality sales and was the third-most attended CP Women’s Open in history.

The stars of the LPGA Tour are headed back to Vancouver as the 2020 CP Women’s Open will be contested at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club from August 31- September 6, 2020. The championship will mark the sixth time that the province of British Columbia has hosted Canada’s Women’s Open Championship, with the last time being 2015 at The Vancouver Golf Club, where Lydia Ko won her third CP Women’s Open title.

Information regarding tickets and corporate hospitality for 2020 can be found at www.cpwomensopen.com/tickets.

CP Women's Open

2020 CP Women’s Open tickets now on sale

VANCOUVER (Golf Canada) – Golf Canada, in partnership with title sponsor Canadian Pacific (CP), are pleased to announce that tickets are now available for the 2020 CP Women’s Open, taking place August 31 to September 6 at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver. 

One of Canada’s premier annual sporting events, the CP Women’s Open features miles of front row seating for golf fans to experience Canada’s lone stop on the LPGA Tour. Cheer on Canadian sensation and CP Ambassador Brooke Henderson as she leads the stars of the LPGA Tour back to Vancouver alongside defending champion and world No. 1 Jin Young Ko, past champions Ariya Jutanugarn, Sung Hyun Park and So Yeon Ryu and rising stars Lexi Thompson, Nelly Korda, Jessica Korda, Danielle Kang and Minjee Lee.  

The 2020 CP Women’s Open will mark the sixth time that the province of British Columbia has hosted Canada’s Women’s Open Golf Championship, with the last time being 2015 at The Vancouver Golf Club, where Lydia Ko won her third CP Women’s Open title.  

CLICK HERE to get your tickets for the 2020 CP Women’s Open 

General admission tickets, starting at just $20 for early week admission, provide access to the grounds to get an up-close look at the stars of the LPGA Tour. 

Tournament rounds for Thursday, Friday and Saturday are just $50; a Sunday final-round ticket is $60; and a weeklong, fully transferable badge is $130. A $60 Anyday Grounds ticket is also available for those looking for ticket flexibility.  

A specially-priced youth ticket (13-17 years old) is also available while juniors aged 12-and-under gain FREE grounds admission all week long.  

In addition to general admission tickets and corporate hospitality products, the CP Women’s Open also offers a premium ticket product – The Heritage Lounge. 

The Heritage Lounge delivers an elevated fan experience within the Clubhouse of the prestigious Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club. This premium destination is the perfect home base to sit, relax and map out your experience following the stars of the LPGA Tour! It offers upgraded food and beverage for purchase, ample televisions with a live feed of the broadcast and private washrooms.  Heritage Lounge tickets cost $100 for single day access or $250 for a fully transferable tournament (Thursday – Sunday) pass.

Volunteer opportunities to be a part of the 2020 CP Women’s Open are also available with a full listing of committee positions here. 

For an elevated experience, the CP Women’s Open offers many great hospitality packages to fit any budget. All corporate hospitality comes with private seating on one of Shaughnessy’s closing holes and all-inclusive food & beverage. A full list of offerings can be found here.   

The CP Women’s Open is so much more than a sporting event. Enjoy world-class golf and a premium hospitality experience at a signature Canadian sporting event that will leave a meaningful charitable legacy through CP Has Heart in support of children’s heart health.

Get your tickets today at www.cpwomensopen.com/tickets.

* Prices do not include applicable taxes or Ticketmaster fees.