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The Golf Journalists Association of Canada announces the winners of its 15th annual Media Awards

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A panel of judges has examined nearly 130 stories, photos, videos, and podcasts to identify the finest content created by members of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) in 2022. There was an astonishing variety of content produced across many platforms in 2022 in the world of Canadian golf journalism. The judges faced a difficult task but managed to identify the cream of the crop in eight categories: Column, Profile, Feature, Travel, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), Photography (Action), Photography (Landscape), and Multimedia.

There were some notable highlights from this year’s award, including multiple stories focussing on the ways in which golf is thriving and changing and impacting a wide variety of communities (and vice versa), most notably in our inaugural recognition of work focussing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Highlights of this year’s awards included multiple winners Jason Logan, Chris Fry, Adam Stanley, Lorne Rubenstein, and Guy Nicholson. Score Magazine, with 11 awards, was the most recognized outlet, while The Preferred Lie and ModGolf also took home multiple awards.

The full list of GJAC Award winners is below:

First place: Guy Nicholson for his story “At Waterton Lakes, the golf is elemental” published in Score Magazine         
Second place: Lorne Rubenstein for his story “A can’t miss corner of planet golf” published in Score Magazine
Third place: Jim Deeks for his story “Mr. Deeks Goes to Ireland” published in FairwaysGolf.ca
First place: Curtis Gillespie for his story “Bateman’s Breakout Keyed by New Mentality” published in Score Magazine
Second place: Jason Logan for his story “Mackenzie Hughes: Tough Guy”published in Score Magazine
Third place: Tim Baines for his story “Blind Ambition” published in the Ottawa Sun
Photography – Action
First place: Chris Fry for the photo “The Pulpit Club Finds Success” published in the Toronto Star
Second place: The Preferred Lie for the photo “Fore Life” published in The Preferred Lie
Third place: Bernard Brault for the photo “The End for Lori” published by Golf Canada
Photography – Landscape
First place: Chris Fry for the photo “The 1927” published in Match Play Golf.
Second place: Chris Fry for the photo “The home hole at St George’s” published in Score Magazine
Third place: Brian Decker for the photo “18 at Dawn” published in Score Magazine
First Place: Jason Logan, Kody McWilliams, and Casey McWilliams for their production “2022 RBC PGA Scramble Avion Night Golf Challenge” which appeared on ScoreGolf.com
Second Place: The Preferred Lie for their Canadian Classics production “Cherry Hill Club, Walter Travis Weekend” which appeared on the Preferred Lie
Third Place: The Preferred Lie for their Canadian Classics production “St. George’s Golf and Country Club” which appeared on the Preferred Lie.
First place: Jason Logan for his story “Caddying at Cabot” published in Score Magazine
Second place: Adam Stanley for his story “You’re not alone” published by the PGA of Canada
Third place: Adam Stanley for his story “Mike Weir relives 2007 Presidents Cup match against Tiger Woods” published by PGATOUR.com
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
First place: Colin Weston and ModGolf for their podcast “Steve Tooshkenig and Creating a Sustainable Golf Future” which appeared on ModGolf        
Second place: Gina Phillips for her story “Smashing all challenges” which was published in Score Magazine
Third place: Colin Weston and ModGolf for their podcast “Eileen Jurczak and Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned” which appeared on ModGolf           
First place: Guy Nicholson for his column “Will golf make good on its pandemic mulligan?” published in the Globe and Mail.
Second place: Jason Logan for his column “Tiger Woods is playing the Masters. You thought he wouldn’t” published in Score Magazine
Third place: Lorne Rubenstein for his column “Feeling grounded at Royal Dornoch” published in Score Magazine

This year’s judges were Jeff Brooke, Harvey Freedenberg, Meggan Gardner, Tim O’Connor, Terry Lenyk, Robert Thompson, Mike Johnny, Norm MacDonald, Chris Gallow, Murray Fraser, Scot Morison, and Sandra Thompson.