Team Canada

United States wins the 33rd World Amateur Team Championship, Canada climbs to finish T17

Nick Dunlap, (left), David Ford and Gordon Sargent of the United States of America at the 18th green with the Eisenhower Trophy during the final round of the World Amateur Team Championship at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, United Arab Emirates on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 (Copyright USGA/Steven Gibbons)

Building off a successful third round, Canada finished the World Amateur Team Championship strong on Saturday, climbing to a T17 finish with a combined team score of 13-under (146-142-136-139-563) in the 36-team field.

Two members of Team Canada earned top-30 finishes in the individual competition amongst a field of 108 golfers. Brady McKinlay of Lacombe, Alta. fired the low round of the day for Canada with a 3-under 69 to finish the tournament T24 at 7-under (72-72-68-69-281). Ashton McCulloch of Kingston, Ont. recorded a 2-under 70 on Saturday to finish T30 at 6-under (74-70-68-70-282). Piercen Hunt of Hartland, Wis. closed the tournament with a 5-over 77 to finish at 13-over (80-74-70-77-301).

The United States of America surged to its 16th Eisenhower Trophy win, and its first since 2014, on Saturday in the 33rd World Amateur Team Championship at Abu Dhabi Golf Club. David Ford, the No. 5 ranked amateur in the world, posted an 8-under 64, while 2023 U.S. Amateur champion Nick Dunlap contributed a 4-under 68.

On the strength of a red-hot Ford, who was 6-under through his opening six holes, the Americans quickly established an eight-shot cushion midway through the opening nine. Ford rattled off four consecutive birdies followed by an eagle hole-out from 140 yards on the par-4 sixth to kick-start his final round.

Ford’s 64 is the second-lowest individual final round score in World Amateur Team Championship history.

After struggling to get things going early on, Dunlap birdied six of his final 10 holes, leading to his 68, and Gordon Sargent, the low amateur in the 2023 U.S. Open, posted a non-counting 71 for the USA in the fourth round. Dunlap (2), Ford (T-5) and Sargent (T-5), who competed together on last month’s victorious USA Walker Cup team at St Andrews, all finished in the top 5 of the individual scoring.

The USA’s 72-hole hole score of 36-under-par 540 was 11 strokes better than the silver-medal winning Australia and Norway teams. The 11-shot victory was the largest championship margin since Australia’s 19-stroke win in 2016.

Australia used a strong finish by Jack Buchanan (4-under 68), who birdied four of his final five holes, and a counting score from Karl Vilips (2-under 70) to close at 25-under-par 551.

Norway’s silver is its first medal in the country’s 26 Eisenhower appearances. The Norwegians, whose previous best finish was fourth place in 2022, used a 3-under 69 from Herman Sekne and a 2-under 70 from Michael Mjaaseth for a team total of 551.

France finished in fourth place, one stroke behind Australia and Norway at 24-under 552. Italy, the 2022 champions, and New Zealand finished in a tie for fifth place at 553.

The USA receives custody of the Eisenhower Trophy until the next World Amateur Team Championship, which will be held in 2025 in Singapore. Members of the winning team receive gold medals and members of the two second-place teams receive silver medals.

Although there is no official recognition, New Zealand’s Kazuma Kobori, the 2023 Western Amateur champion, was the low individual scorer at 16-under 272.


What’s Next:

The 30th Women’s World Amateur Team Championship for the Espirito Santo Trophy will take place beginning Wednesday at Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

The 2025 World Amateur Team Championship for the Eisenhower Trophy will be held at Tenah Merah Country Club in Singapore.

Results from Saturday’s final round of the 2023 World Amateur Team Championships, played at par-72 Abu Dhabi Golf Club (National Course), in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

1      United States of America 135-137-136-132–540
        Nick Dunlap 69-67-69-68–273
        David Ford 68-74-69-64–275
        Gordon Sargent 67-70-67-71—275

T2     Norway 144-134-134-139–551
        Herman Sekne 73-64-68-69–274
        Michael Mjaaseth 71-70-66-70–277
        Mats Ege 75-77-71-70–293
T2     Australia 137-137-139-138–551
        Jeff Guan 68-69-68-72–277
        Karl Vilips 69-68-73-70–280
        Jack Buchanan 76-72-71-68—287

4      France 135-138-139-140–552
        Bastien Amat 68-70-67-69–274
        Hugo Le Goff 67-68-72-71–278
        Paul Beauvy 68-73-74-73—288

T5     New Zealand 139-139-139-136–553
        Kazuma Kobori 70-70-67-65–272
        Sam Jones 69-72-72-71–284
        Jayden Ford 74-69-73-72—288

T5     Italy 142-138-136-137–553
        Pietro Bovari 69-67-69-70–275
        Flavio Michetti 73-73-67-67–280
        Riccardo Fantinelli 74-71-70-71—286

7      South Africa 139-138-138-139–554
        Christo Lamprecht 71-68-68-70–277
        Christiaan Maas 70-70-71-69–280
        Altin van der Merwe 69-71-70-71—281

T8     Czechia 139-135-140-142–556
        Filip Jakubcik 69-67-70-71–277
        Petr Hruby 72-68-70-73–283
        Louis Klein 70-72-73-71—286

T8     Ireland 145-139-138-134–556
        Matthew McClean 72-68-68-69–277
        Alex Maguire 73-73-72-65–283
        Liam Nolan 75-71-70-70—286

10     Netherlands 136-140-139-142–557
        Jack Ingham 70-70-69-73–282
        Benjamin Reuter 66-71-76-71–284
        Lars van der Vight 77-70-70-71—288

T11    Denmark 137-138-143-142–560
        Jacob Olesen 68-71-71-71–281
        Frederik Kjettrup 75-67-72-71–285
        Gustav Frimodt 69-75-72-71—287

T11    Spain 138-140-142-140–560
        José Luis Ballester 69-72-68-69–278
        Luis Masaveu Roncal 69-70-74-71–284
        Angel Ayora 71-70-76-78—295

T11    Mexico 143-133-142-142–560
        Santiago De La Fuente del Valle 71-66-72-71–280
        Omar Morales 72-68-70-71–281
        José Islas Valdespino 75-67-74-75—291

14     Argentina 137-138-146-140–561
        Joaquín Ludueña 70-70-74-67–281
        Vicente Marzilio 69-68-72-75–284
        Segundo Oliva Pinto 68-72-76-73—289

T15    England 137-143-142-140–562
        Tyler Weaver 68-71-70-71–280
        Jack Bigham 72-72-72-69–285
        Barclay Brown 69-73-72-75—289

T15    Germany 141-141-145-135–562
        Jonas Baumgartner 71-70-70-69–280
        Tim Wiedemeyer 70-72-75-68–285
        Tiger Christensen 73-71-76-67—287

T17    Canada 146-142-136-139–563
        Brady McKinlay 72-72-68-69–281
        Ashton McCulloch 74-70-68-70–282
        Piercen Hunt 80-74-70-77—301

T17    Chinese Taipei 143-136-141-143–563
        Chuan-Tai Lin 72-66-72-72–282
        Ching Hung Su 71-70-72-75–288
        Chi Chun Chen 74-77-69-71—291

T17    Wales 142-139-141-141–563
        Tomi Bowen 70-71-70-71–282
        Matt Roberts 75-71-75-70–291
        James Ashfield 72-68-71-80—291

T17    Japan 142-140-141-140–563
        Yuta Sugiura 72-70-71-69–282
        Riura Matsui 75-70-73-71–289
        Minato Oshima 70-70-70-80—290

T21    Scotland 141-140-140-145–566
        Connor Graham 70-71-68-69–278
        Calum Scott 71-69-72-76–288
        Gregor Tait 78-79-72-76—305

T21    Switzerland 142-142-143-139–566
        Max Sturdza 70-68-71-73–282
        Nicola Gerhardsen 74-74-72-70–290
        Marc Keller 72-80-75-69—296

T21    People’s Republic of China 138-135-144-149–566
        Justin Bai 69-68-73-76–286
        Zihang Qiu 69-67-71-83–290
        Ziqin Zhou 76-69-79-73—297

24     Morocco 141-142-143-141–567
        Soufiane Dahmane 69-69-72-75–285
        Hugo Mazen Trometter 72-74-71-70–287
        El Mehdi Fakori 75-73-73-71—292

T25    Colombia 142-139-138-149–568
        Nicolas Quintero 69-69-67-76–281
        Carlos Conde 73-72-71-75–291
        Manuel Merizalde 76-70-73-74—293

T25    Republic of Korea 144-142-135-147–568
        Seonghyeon An 73-70-65-75–283
        Donghyun Moon 71-72-70-72–285
        Sungho Lee 74-72-74-85—305

T27    Sweden 145-141-140-143–569
        Daniel Svard 70-71-73-71–285
        Tobias Jonsson 75-71-69-72–287
        Albert Hansson 79-70-71-73—293

T27    Guatemala 146-143-139-141–569

        Gabriel Palacios 72-70-73-70–285
        Juan Ricardo Davila 74-74-66-73–287
        Alejandro Villavicencio 82-73-73-71—299

T29    Austria 147-144-138-142–571
        Christoph Bleier 73-71-66-67–277
        Fabian Lang 78-73-72-75–298
        Florian Schweighofer 74-77-79-77—307

T29    Singapore 154-142-143-132–571
        Hiroshi Hirahara Tai 79-71-72-65–287
        Ryan Ang 78-71-71-67–287
        Troy Storm 76-78-75-74—303

T31    Finland 149-139-144-141–573

        Elias Haavisto 77-67-71-71–286
        Jesse Saareks 74-72-76-70–292
        Markus Luoma 75-75-73-79—302

T31    Thailand 149-145-141-138–573

        Ashita Piamkulvanich 74-70-70-66–280
        Parin Sarasmut 75-75-71-72–293
        Jiradech Chaowarat 75-77-73-77—302

33     India 150-142-148-142–582
        Yuvraj Singh 74-70-72-71–287
        Shaurya Bhattacharya 76-73-76-71–296
        Rohit Narwal 79-72-76-74—301

34     Zimbabwe 143-147-151-144–585
        Tafadzwa Nyamukondiwa 70-72-74-78–294
        David Amm 73-76-77-69–295
        Keegan James Shutt 82-75-78-75—310

35     United Arab Emirates 155-153-153-154–615
        Rayan Ahmed 79-79-75-77–310
        Ahmad Skaik 80-74-80-77–311
        Thomas Nesbitt 76-80-78-79—313

36     Guam 169-158-157-161–645
        Markus Nanpei 86-80-74-74–314
        Nalapon Vongjalorn 84-78-83-87–332
        Eugene Park 85-86-85-89–345