Video: Learn to Compete – Seven core modules

Brooke Henderson
Brooke Henderson

Introduced in 2016, the Learn to Compete program incorporates in-depth industry research into a three-stage development program for juniors aged 11–18. Launched in conjunction with the PGA of Canada, Learn to Compete bridges the gap between CN Future Links Learn to Play initiatives and pursuing competitive golf opportunities.

The seven core modules are carefully integrated into the benchmarks of all three stages: New Competitor (11–14), Developing Competitor (14–16) and Advanced Competitor (16–18). The stages are structured to be delivered year-round, where it may take the athlete 18–36 months to complete depending on development and ability.

Brooke Henderson, Canada’s top-ranked LPGA athlete (No.7), tees up the program’s seven core modules and how they contribute to success both on and off the golf course.

Learn to Compete is delivered by PGA of Canada teaching professionals trained under the Coach of New Competitor or Coach of Developing Competitor context.

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