Video: Teeing up the CN Future Links Field Trip program

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The CN Field Trip program is a new initiative launched in 2013 that addresses the gap between local schools and their surrounding golf facilities.

In the past, a bridge between Golf in Schools sites and CN Future Links facilities was missing. The new CN Field Trip program tackles that problem by bringing students out of the classroom to give them a day of introductory golf lessons from welcoming PGA of Canada instructors.

The fun-filled activities will build on skills, fundamentals and etiquette in a traditional golf environment. Not only will juniors learn more about the sport, they will also become aware of facilities in their area to pursue the game further if they choose to do so.

CN has announced that in 2014, they will be offering 50 first-come, first-serve grants of $500 to PGA of Canada professionals to cover the costs of hosting a field trip event.

Online applications can be submitted here.