WHS™ 2024 Treatment of Hole(s) Not Played

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What is changing about the way 10–17-hole scores are treated in 2024?

Currently, when 10 to 13 holes are played, scores made on holes 10 through 13 are disregarded and a 9-hole score is posted. When 14-17 holes are played, net par is used for the remaining holes to allow an 18-hole score to be posted.

Beginning in 2024, when a player with a Handicap Index plays 10-17 holes, a Score Differential will be created based on the holes played.  For the remaining holes not played, the player’s expected Score Differential will be added to that value to produce an 18-hole Score Differential.

To facilitate this change, when a player plays between 10-17 holes, they will be required to post their scores hole-by-hole so the appropriate Score Differential can be calculated from the holes that were played to combine with the expected score for the holes not played.

What are the benefits of this change?

10–17-hole rounds are uncommon for most players and are typically a result of circumstances such as darkness, inclement weather, or match play, this change will result in a premium being placed on the holes played, more flexibility in terms of posting scores, and more accurate Score Differentials. Here’s why:

Note: Net par will still be available for limited use where practical, and at the discretion of the Handicap or Competition Committee, however, the expected score will be used as the default position for holes not played.

Here is an example of how an 18-hole Score Differential is calculated for a golfer who played only 14 holes:

A player with a Handicap Index of 10.0 plays 14 holes before stopping play due to severe weather. Through 14 holes, the player had an adjusted gross score of 64. After posting the 14-hole score hole-by-hole, a Score Differential will be calculated based on the score of 64 and the Course Rating information for the 14 holes played, and that result will be added to the expected Score Differential over 4 holes for a 10.0 Handicap Index player to determine an 18-hole Score Differential.

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How will this change impact the score-posting procedure?

When posting a score where 10-17 holes have been played, the golfer will be required to designate when a hole has not been played. 

Please remember that if the golfer started the hole, but did not finish, then they are required to record a score using the “Most Likely Score” procedure (Rules of Handicapping, Rule 3.3).

If someone plays 10-17 holes, will it count as 18 holes for the purposes of establishing a Handicap Index?

When establishing a Handicap Index, or building up to 54 holes played and posted, if a player plays between 10 and 17 holes, the score made on the 9 holes with a 9-hole Course Rating and Slope Rating would be posted for handicap purposes. Any remaining holes would be disregarded.