What women’s golf means to me

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How do I measure the success of Golf Fore the Cure events? It’s simple – laughter.

Sure, it’s relative and it can’t be tracked. But if you’re looking, it’s there. Through the bogies, the birdies, the mulligans and the lost balls, laughter is the key to engagement.

Laughter creates fun, which leads to engagement – my personal goal (also the goal of the program). Golf Fore the Cure events are by no means required to be competitive. In fact, less than 10% of events feature some form of competition. And even then, that competition is almost always suited to accommodate all skill levels.

I felt it necessary to address competition, because it can be seen as a barrier to the game for women who are considering taking up the sport. Being at the centre of Golf Fore the Cure for over two years, I know that there are ladies who are hesitant to play for that very reason.

I want to change that. WE want to change that.

Golf is a game for a lifetime, and I want any and all ladies to be introduced to the game, even if interest doesn’t develop. Let’s not forget, a round of golf takes roughly four hours – the majority of time is spent in between shots. That’s where the laughter happens.

This is what Golf Fore the Cure looks like in my head:


We could all use more laughter. It’s a sign of happiness, it’s a sign of enjoyment, and above all it’s contagious. Hearing the foursome ahead of you erupt in laughter is a sure way to make anyone smile. That’s what I love about golf.

Awareness and fundraising for breast cancer is the financial goal of Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru. It is a global issue that affects millions and is a cause very dear to my heart. Through laughter on the golf course, we can grow female participation and work towards ending the fight against breast cancer forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved… Register a Golf Fore the Cure event before June 27th and you will be entered to win an iPad mini.

If you have any questions about Golf Fore the Cure, feel free to drop me a line.

Rebecca Siddall
Coordinator, Recreational Programs
Golf Canada
1.800.263.0009 x495