Canadian Junior Boys Championship, presented by BDO


There is no better proving ground for young male golfers in this country than the Canadian Junior Boys Championship. Conducted by Golf Canada since 1938, when the first championship was played at London Hunt and Country Club in London, Ont., the Junior has given Canadians a glimpse into the future glory that many of its champions have gone on to enjoy. Canadian Golf Hall of Famers Doug Silverberg, George Knudson, Gary Cowan and Doug Roxburgh have all won the Silver Cup as young men before moving on to fine amateur and professional careers.

In addition to the 18-and-under championship, the 16-and-under Juvenile Championship was added in 1970, with the winner receiving the Jack Bailey Trophy. Since its inception, only ten golfers have won both the Juvenile and Junior titles — Jim Rutledge, Jeff Makahon, Rob McMillan, Jesse Collinson, Dustin Risdon, Gord Scutt, Rafael Lee, Mitch Sutton, Charles-Éric Bélanger and Christopher Vandette. The Junior and Juvenile championship rounds are played concurrently over 72 holes, with the Junior Inter-Provincial Team Championship held in conjunction with the first 36 holes. This team event, which pits teams from every province against each other in stroke play competition, has been played concurrently with the first two rounds of stroke play since 1959.

The Junior champion of the Canadian Junior Boys Championship earns an exemption into the Canadian Men’s Amateur Championship and the U.S. Junior Amateur.


2021: Jean-Philippe Parr
2020: No championship on account of the pandemic
2019: Christopher Vandette
2018: Christopher Vandette
2017: Calvin Ross
2016: Sam Meek
2015: Charles-Éric Bélanger
2014: Austin James
2013: Kevin Kwon
2012: Adam Svensson
2011: Kevin Kwon
2010: Richard Jung
2009: Mitch Sutton
2008: Mitch Sutton
2007: Graham Baillargeon
2006: Nick Taylor
2005: Mitchell Fox
2004: Rafael Lee
2003: Ryan Lecuyer
2002: James Lepp
2001: James Lepp
2000: Michael Mezei
1999: Kevin Klebe
1998: Gordy Scutt
1997: Dustin Risdon
1996: Dan Chartrand
1995: Jesse Collinson
1994: Rob McMillan
1993: Rob McMillan
1992: Rob McMillan
1991: Curtis Thompson
1990: Greg Trammel
1989: Jeff Makohon
1988: Brad Newman-Bennet
1987: Jeff Kraemer
1986: Todd Fanning
1985: Todd Fanning
1984: Brent Franklin
1983: Brent Franklin
1982: Jack Kay
1981: Kevin Dugas
1980: Keith Westover
1979: Rick Sepp
1978: Danny Maue
1977: Jim Rutledge
1976: Andre Nols
1975: Jim Goddard
1974: Jim Harrison
1973: Robbie Jackson
1972: Robbie Jackson
1971: Kelly Roberts
1970: Doug Roxburgh
1969: Dale Tallon
1968: Doug Stewart
1967: Jay Paukkunen
1966: Wayne McDonald
1965: Ian Thomas
1964: Jim Sced
1963: Wayne Vollmer
1962: Norman Mogil
1961: Terry Campbell
1960: Brian Wilcox
1959: Alan Kennedy
1958: Bobby Panasiuk
1957: Bill Wakeham
1956: Gary Cowan
1955: Geo. Knudson
1954: Grant Dearnaley
1953: Gordon MacKenzie
1952: Lea Windsor
1951: Laurie Roland
1950: Doug Silverberg
1949: Bob Hall
1948: Bill Mawhinney
1947: Gerry Kesselring
1946: Gerry Kesselring
1940-1945: No championship on account of the war
1939: Howard Bennett
1938: James Hogan