Handicap Lookup Removal from Golf Canada Website

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As of January 17, 2024, the Handicap Lookup tool will be found exclusively through a Golf Canada membership account.

This change will protect our members’ scoring record information, while still allowing Peer Review to be conducted in a meaningful way.

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  • Where is the Handicap Lookup located when I am logged into my account?

    Follow the steps below to locate the Handicap Lookup function:

    1. Login to our Golf Canada Score Centre
    2. Under the “At-a-Glance” tab, click on the red button named “Handicap Lookup”
    3. It can also be found in the menu bar located on the top right, beside your name and membership number.

    What information is available through the Handicap Lookup? An integral aspect of the Rules of Handicapping is Peer Review, which is the process by which a score or Handicap Index can be confirmed or challenged. For Peer Review to take place, certain scoring and Handicap Index information must be made available to other golfers (as outlined in Appendix B of the Rules of Handicapping). The golfer’s Handicap Index information is also made available through the lookup.

    The General Scoring Record is accessible by the Handicap Committee and Golf Canada members within the golf club (i.e. fellow members at the club where you hold membership). It includes information about each of the rounds played; including date (day/month/year), course/tee information and score data.

    The Condensed Scoring Record is accessible by the larger audience of Golf Canada members. The same score data is displayed, however, for data privacy reasons the exact day and the course where the round was played are omitted.

  • I am a club staff member, how can I verify a Handicap Index?

    Staff members of Golf Canada member clubs will continue to have access through their club admin account to the Handicap Lookup tool. If you are a club staff member of a Golf Canada member club, your club should already have an established admin account that would have access to all your members roster handicap details and the ability to use the handicap lookup function for members outside your club roster.

  • Handicap Lookup Function for Club Admin Accounts

    Club Member Handicap Lookup:

    1. Login to our Golf Canada Score Centre
    2. Ensure that you are under the club admin section, this should be the initial viewing display for your account, if not, it can be selected in the menu bar located on the top right, beside your club name and membership number.
    3. To view a roster member’s current handicap information, proceed to the “Member Roster” tab.
      1. Search for the member in the search bar or scroll through the list of members. If your club holds a large member roster, it would be effective to use the search bar.
    4. Once you have located the member, their handicap information will be identified under the “Hcp” column.
    5. To view their course handicap, under “Course Hcp” column click on “View”, Score Centre will open a new page which will present their course handicap for your course. However, you can select the option to change courses on this page, if necessary.

    Non-Club Member Handicap Lookup:

    1. Login to our Golf Canada Score Centre
    2. Click on the menu bar located on the top right, beside your club’s name and membership number.
    3. Select the Handicap Lookup function from the menu bar and input their membership number or their full name (last name, first name).
  • I am not from Canada; how can I verify the Handicap Index of a golfer playing in an international event?

    If you are not a member of Golf Canada and require the handicap index information for a desired player whether it be for event purposes or member guest access requirements, we suggest you ask the member to either provide you their World Handicap System (WHS) approved handicap card that can be found in their membership account. Alternatively, you may contact members@golfcanada.ca for these inquiries.

  • I am a Golf Canada member, playing in an event outside of Canada where a Handicap Index is required. How can I provide proof of my Handicap Index?

    As Golf Canada is the sole provider of an official Handicap Index in Canada your handicap is recognized worldwide. If an official Handicap Index is required or requested to play internationally whether recreationally or competitively, members of Golf Canada can provide their Handicap Index through the Golf Canada mobile application, email or print version of their handicap card, or contact Golf Services to provide your Handicap Index credentials. If you are a member of a golf club associated to Golf Canada, you can provide a club contact such as a staff member or handicap committee to the organizing committee and/or club. Please see below to follow instructions on how to obtain your handicap card through your member account.

    Mobile App

    Handicap Card (Membership Card) in the Golf Canada Mobile Application:

    1. If you have yet to download our mobile, click on this link Golf Canada Mobile,
    2. Once the application has been downloaded, login to your Golf Canada account.
    3. There are two options to provide the organizing committee or golf club with your Handicap Index. In the Golf Canada application, you can provide your Handicap Index through the “Profile” tab or the “More” tab.
        1. In the “Profile” tab in the mobile application you can find your handicap index as such in the image below with highlight sections in red.
          1. In the “More” tab in the mobile application you can find your handicap index through membership card section as per the image below.
        1. Click on the “Membership card” tab in the red section found under your Membership number.

    Handicap Card in Score Centre

      1. Login to Golf Canada Score Centre
      2. In the “At-a-Glance” tab and click on the “View All” link under the recent rounds section. This can be found in the picture below highlighted in yellow.
      1. In the “View All” section you will see the “Handicap Card” tab.
      1. Once you have entered the “Handicap Card” tab you will see the option to either “Print” or “Email” your card.

    If you have any questions, please contact members@golfcanada.ca.