Hunter Thomson

Calgary, Alta. • Team Canada – NextGen

General Facts

  • Date of birth December 2, 2003
  • Hometown Calgary, Alta.
  • Home club Calgary Golf & Country Club
  • School Michigan (Jr.)
  • Years on team 2021 (Junior Squad); 2023-24 (Team Canada - NextGen)

Notable moments

  • T5 – Northeast Amateur Invitational (2024)
  • T8 – Big Ten Championship (2024)
  • T3 – Fighting Illini Spring Collegiate (2024)
  • 2nd – Louisiana Classics (2024)
  • Champion – Palmas del Mar Collegiate (2024)
  • T4 – Saguaro Amateur (2024)
  • 2nd – Everett Buick GMC Classic (2023)
  • T9 – Big Ten Championship (2023)
  • BIG 10 Golfer of the Week (Apr. 14, 2022)
  • T2 – Desert Mountain Collegiate (2022)
  • Champion – Alberta Junior Boys Championship (2020)
  • 2nd – AJGA Junior at Knollwood (2019)

Q & A

  • Q: What are some of your nicknames?

    I have never had any real nicknames but some of my close friends call me Hunt.

  • Q: How did you get into golf?

    When I was 4 years old my dad borrowed the hole-cutter from the Calgary Golf & Country Club and he cut three hole locations with real pins in our backyard. I would spend hours a day hitting whiffle balls back and forth

  • Q: How do you mark your golf ball?

    I put one dot beside each number, then I put three dots over the “Pro V1” line, then three other dots opposite that.

  • Q: Do you have any siblings?

    I have four older siblings. Lyn, Jenny, John, and Byron.

  • Q: What was the last book you read?

    Inner Excellence by Jim Murphy

  • Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

    Bradley Cooper

  • Q: What is something most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?

    I competitively ski raced for the Banff Alpine Racers before I switched to golf full time.

  • Q: What exercise do you dread the most?

    The beep test is borderline torture.

  • Q: What was the last picture that you took on your phone?

    A picture of me, post wisdom teeth removal, very puffy cheeks.

  • Q: What is the best thing about your hometown?

    The Calgary Stampede every July.

  • Q: Do you have any superstitions?

    I don’t have any.

  • Q: What is the most surprising thing in your golf bag?

    A wrench for my Clicgear. It failed me once, so I always keep it in there.

  • Q: If you could have a walk-up song on the first tee box, what would it be?

    “Worst Behaviour” by Drake


Ball: Titleist Pro V1