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Cottage Springs launches exclusive Transfusion drink and renews partnership into 2027

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Golf Canada’s Official Ready to Drink Partner, Cottage Springs, is proud to announce the creation of an exclusive product tailored for golf enthusiasts, only available at Golf Canada’s Professional Championship events. This collaboration unveils the launch of the Cottage Springs Transfusion, a refreshing beverage crafted specifically for the discerning tastes of golfers.

The Transfusion is a modern twist on the classic golf cocktail, crafted to deliver a blend of flavours that perfectly complement the leisurely pace of a day on the golf course. Featuring a delightful blend of vodka, real grape juice, zesty ginger and fresh lime, this new, limited edition release contains only 3g of sugar and 120 calories per 355mL can.

“As a Canadian company that values innovation, we are thrilled to introduce the Cottage Springs Transfusion” said Keith Walker, VP of marketing at Cottage Springs. “The creation of the Transfusion reflects our commitment to excellence, as we aim to enhance the enjoyment of golfing events across the country.”

Spectators will have the opportunity to taste this iconic drink at Hamilton Golf and Country Club, where Cottage Springs will be activating both in the Fare Way, and with a public grandstand and beverage cart on 13 where fans can enjoy the atmosphere as their favourite PGA TOUR players come through the popular rink hole.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cottage Springs to offer this unique beverage experience to our fans,” said David Vladars, Director, Partnerships at Golf Canada. “The Cottage Springs Transfusion adds a new dimension to our championships, further enhancing the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of the event.”

The launch of the Cottage Springs Transfusion marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Cottage Springs and Golf Canada, setting the stage for future collaborations aimed at enhancing the golfing experience for enthusiasts nationwide.

Moreover, Cottage Springs has also renewed their partnership with Golf Canada and will serve as the official Ready to Drink Partner until the end of 2027.

Cottage Springs and Golf Canada are thrilled to continue this partnership, ensuring that golfers across the nation can enjoy premium, signature beverages while experiencing the camaraderie and excitement of the sport. This extended partnership reaffirms a mutual commitment to fostering memorable moments on and off the green, enriching the golfing experience for years to come.

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About Ace Beverage Group
Ace Beverage Group (“ABG”) is a leading better-for-you (“BFY”) beverage alcohol company in Canada. Its flagship brand, Cottage Springs, is one of the biggest and fastest growing ready-to-drink brands in Canada. Additional popular brands include Ace Hill, Cabana Coast and Casa Del Rey. ABG’s mission is to develop, launch and market the world’s best tasting BFY alcoholic beverages.