Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Week of April 15, 2024

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Ronald Rozon, Royal Colwood Golf Club, Hole #7

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I was playing with Michael Gibbons, James Leslie and Michael Craig. Hole #7, 149 yards, Pitching Wedge.

Phyllis Laschuk, Point Grey, Hole #2

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On Tuesday, April 9th, I received the eGolf Canada newsletter and read all the articles including the Hole-in-One Report. It brought back memories of the past hole-in-one’s I’ve had in 2018 and 2019 and thought – “it would be nice to enjoy another one day”.

On April 11th, I arrived at Point Grey for my usual Thursday game. It was starting to rain and the forecast was for continuing rain throughout the day. With two from our group cancelling, my longtime (over 30 years) golf buddy, Caroline McKee showed up, along with a new member, Betty Gass. We reluctantly agreed to play a few holes and decide if we would continue. As we walked to the first tee, Killian from the pro shop stopped us and asked if we would have the young fellow on the tee join us as his group had cancelled and he was a guest from The Ottawa Hunt Club.

We happily agreed and mentioned to Geoff that we may only play a few holes due to the weather and he said that was fine. On the first hole we were impressed with his ball striking as well as his engaging and patient manner despite the 40 plus age difference.

On the second hole, approximately 86 yards, I took my pitching wedge and watched as my ball bounced once, hit the flag and landed near the hole. I was breathless as I turned to see if my group had just seen the shot, and as I looked back to the hole the ball had disappeared.

Yes, the ball was in the hole. But silence followed as I mentioned that the hole-in-one insurance states that you have to complete at least nine holes. And the rain was persisting, so I was grateful when Caroline, Betty and Geoff said they would continue and complete the nine.

After hole #9, we enjoyed drinks and lunch and most importantly for me will be the memories for my lifetime of sharing my hole-in-one with dear friends and a special new acquaintance.

Deborah Parker, Tara Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with Linda Landry and Wynann Biondo. As you can see from the picture I brought my wedge with me because we didn’t see it go in and I figured I may have rolled off the back, but to my surprise it didn’t! It was on a par 3, I believe the yardage was 134. I hit my Ping 5 hybrid and was playing my Taylor Made Tour Response.

Claire Primeau-Bouchat, Belleview Golf Club, Hole #11

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Member at Belleview Golf Club – Woodslee, ON
– Witnesses: Peter & Shelly Roovers & Andrew Bouchat
– Handicap: 16
– Hole #11 – Par 3 – 126 yards – used my TaylorMade Kalea 3W and a Titleist golf ball

It was a nice spring day with blustery winds. I was playing with my husband and two friends and having a decent round. The shot on hole #11 was slightly left of the pin – bounced once and ran towards the cup and disappeared. My husband yelled “it’s in”. I was picking up my tee and actually did not see it go in the hole. We told the Golf Course Manager (Josh) who sent a notification to the Membership via Facebook. This was my third Hole-in-One putting me one-up on my husband who has two of them.

Rosemary Willett, Paragon Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

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This was my seventh hole-in-one! Last year I had one on hole #15 at Paragon playing with Mike Willett, Lorraine Drummond and John Drummond. This year I had a hole-in-one on hole #7 at Paragon and I was playing with the same couple and my husband! I used a choked up 7 wood for 110 yards.

David Wilks, Uplands Golf Course, Hole #11

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I had a hole-in-one on hole #11 at Uplands Golf Course. I was playing with John Agar and Keith Classen. From the white tees it is 140 yards to a middle pin. The winds were gusting that day. I hit a 4 hybrid with a slight draw onto the green. Thought it had gone by, but found it in the hole when we got up to the green. After the round went to the club house and used our club’s hole-in-one insurance to buy beverages for those who joined us to celebrate the occasion. It was a fun day and evening. Totally unexpected!

Roger Rivard, Bear Mountain Golf Course, Hole #6

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I had my hole-in-one on Monday, April 15th on the Valley Course, hole #6 on Bear Mountain. I shot it 137 yards using my 7 iron. I was playing with Harry Oshanski, Brad Maclaren and Andy Bes.

Byron Chamberlain, The Meadows Country Club (Grove Course), Hole #5

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I was playing with Janice Lui at the time. I used a Pitching Wedge and the distance was about 124 yards.