Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Week of April 8, 2024

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Angus Black, Marina Mazatlan, Hole #2

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I was playing with a group that here in Mazatlan we call ourselves the PGA (Paraiso Golf Association). The par 3, hole #2 is 146 yards long (from the white tblocks). I used my 7 wood with a ProV1 golf ball.

Kendra Stoner, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Hole #10

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After starting golfing only three years ago, I’m gained a huge respect and love for the sport. In my first year of playing I was able to eagle a par 4 at my local course in Tofino, B.C. I’ve been hooked to the game ever since. So obtaining this hole-in-one was so incredibly special.

I was golfing with my friend Alex Cartwright who went to University for golf as is now a member at Gorge Vale. Playing with golfers at a higher level than me has always pushed me to be a better golfer.

We played 36 holes that day. My hole-in-one was the 10th hole in my back 18 round. After our front 9 of our second round, both fatigued we almost decided to not continue our second round – thank goodness we kept playing as I got my hole-in-one the next hole!

Alex teed off first landing around two feet from the hole, we were both very excited about his shot. Next was me, teeing off from the white/greens, around 115 yards out, I was in between clubs but decided to use my 8 iron. After a swing that felt good, we watched the ball land about two feet in front of the hole and what felt like slo-motion watched the ball roll into the cup.

Being the bubbly, energetic person I am, I started running around the tee box throwing my arms around in excitement. The way this hole is designed is it runs across from the driving range, and those on the range shared this excitement with us. The foursome in front of us also shared the exciting occurrence by jumping up and down and cheering!

I quickly jumped in the cart with my friend and raced to the green where I could perform my most favourite journey on a golf green of my life.

Picking that ball out of the cup, not even thinking about grabbing my putter is indescribable.

Honestly, I was ready to call it a day, but continued on the round and finished the last eight holes in exciting anticipation to get to the clubhouse for a much deserved pint.

Once entering the clubhouse, and being one of the only woman on the course that day, everyone knew what had happened before I even arrived. I walked in to a crowd of people clapping, in Kendra fashion, I did a little curtesy and sat at a table with some friends. One who was a member and also got a hole-in-one that day on hole #16, what a special day!

My friend is a member of the course and therefore gets a round of beer for everyone with his membership hole-in-one insurance so he rang the bell and everyone cheered in excitement (for the hole-in-one and free beer of course). The clubhouse was packed and I knew my tab would be outrageous so I didn’t ring the bell right away, instead I waiting a while for the crowd to die down a little before having my moment of bell ringing glory.

With a less dented wallet, I rang the bell, bought a round for the clubhouse and obtained my bag tag/flag of achievement.

That evening, FaceTiming my dad and sharing the story I could tell brought great pride and joy. He was able to share his stories of his three hole-in-ones and reminded me that this occurrence may be a once in a lifetime achievement in which I am grateful.

It was a special day that I will never forget.

Craig Kotyk, Venetian Bay Golf Club, Hole #16

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It was hole #16, a par 3 , 149 yards from the white tees into the wind. I used a five wood because of the strong wind and it hit the front of the green and rolled up into the hole. This was over the water and when I went to look for my ball I thought it had rolled off the back although I felt I had taken a great shot , it was then that I looked into the hole and saw my ball. I could not believe it and what an incredible feeling! I was playing with my wife Nancy and two Venetian bay residents whom we were paired with, Rick and John. I am in awe and so honoured to join the hole-in-one club!

Douglas Moore, Knollwood Golf Club, Hole #9

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I was playing with three friends Alex, Neal and George. It was around 120 yards and I used 4 hybrid. It was quite cold and windy, but I don’t hit a very long ball anyway. This is my second hole-in-one, I had another July 27, 2001, hole #9 also at Knollwood Golf Club, The New Course.

Greg Leis, River Greens Golf Course, Hole #3

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I was golfing with Troy Zuorro, Dave Sharp and Dan Place as part of our Tuesday morning golf league. We play a Stableford game and have a prize for closest to the hole on all four of the par 3’s. I was the third to tee off and both Troy and Dan had already landed on the green ahead of me, so the pressure was on. It was 126 yards with the wind at our backs so I chose my 9 iron. I hit it a bit lower than planned and the ball was running across the ground by the time it hit the green and looked like it was going to roll right off the back. The pin was at the back of the green so I had a fair bit of time to watch it roll across the green. After turning right, then left, it hit the pin, bounced up about 10 cm and then dropped in the cup. It was very exciting to watch. Apparently the whole course heard us cheer. Fortunately Troy was clear headed enough to make me pose for these photos that he took. It was my first, and hopefully not last, hole-in-one.

Tiger Yuanjun Liu, Morgan Creek Golf Course, Hole #3

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I made a hole-in-one on April 6 in the MJT Junior Tournament at Morgan Creek Golf Course, Surrey, B.C.! It happened in the first round. There are so many good players in my age group.

On hole #3, it is 147 yards. I stroke with my 9 iron. And it was so amazing that the ball went into the hole straight! This is my first hole-in-one. I can’t believe that it happened in a tournament.

David Pratt, Royal St. Augustine Golf & Country Club, Hole #14

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I was a member of a group of seven of us who went on the afternoon of February 5th to play 18 holes of golf at the Royal St. Augustine Golf Club in St. Augustine Florida. I was paired with Mr. Pierre Groulx and his wife Monique Groulx. It was a cool, cloudy afternoon and by the time we arrive at the hole #14 tee the wind was getting stronger as there was some rain moving into the area. The par three hole #14 is a fairly tight but approachable hole. The pin was placed on the right middle of the green. My shot was a high draw that navigated close to the tree line, and I saw it bounce and I thought it would have been on the green or possibly have gone in the right-side bunker or alternatively rolled of the back of the green. Pierre and Monique took their shots and as we approached the green, I could not see my ball. I searched the bunker first, then took a glance at the fringe area beyond the hole and then said to myself well perhaps it’s in the hole. I took a look and too my surprise and delight my ball was in the hole.

We were all so excited after Monique and Pierre putted out, we got in our carts to go and tell our friends in the foursome behind us the news of my hole-in-one. We arrived in the clubhouse to have a celebratory beverage and one of my friends asked myself, Pierre, and Monique if there was a picture taken and we realized no picture was taken. My friends drove with me to hole #14 and took a picture. I am so blessed to have such good friends who reminded by to get a photo of me so I can savour the memory of my first hole-in-one. Thanks Barb and Bob Stewart for reminding me, taking me back to the hole and taking my picture.

Finally, a most interesting part to this story is we are a group of about sixteen to twenty people who winter in the St. Augustine area. On this afternoon, on February 5th, another group of our gang was playing a round down in Palm Coast area at the Palm Harbour Golf Club. When I was preparing to write a note to our gang about my hole-in-one, I saw in my inbox a note from one of our friends that a member of our group, Cynthia Baumgarten, scored a hole-in-one that same afternoon. Now what are the odds of that?

It was an exciting day that I will always remember.

Lesa Bowen, Bonita National Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

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First one ever and man did it feel amazing! I was playing with three special ladies from our golf community, husbands were in a foursome behind us. I stepped up to the tee and felt wind in my face so I contemplated clubbing up. So glad I didn’t as my 8 iron hit crisp, my ball hit the green, rolled and at the last moment turned right and into the hole it went!

The sweetest part of my first hole-in-one? We live on this green and I view it daily from our lanai. I’m certain our screams were almost heard back home in Canada!