Gordon on Golf

5 guidelines to build your romance through golf

Golf couple
Carruthers Creek, Ajax, Ont. (Rachel Wittenberg/ Love the Moment Photography)

Even the dating web site eHarmony recognizes that, listing “15 reasons to date a golfer.” Among them, “golfers strive for emotional balance,” “they know how to make conversation,” “golfers understand they must forget mistakes and move on,” and “committed golfers are in it for the long haul.” Finally, these relationship experts point out, “you’ll be spending countless hours together in pristine park-like settings. Not a bad way to nurture romance.” They might have mentioned etiquette, balance, equity and all those other fundamental values in the game. As well, the rules would be worth mentioning. Not the new Modernized Rules of Golf, although those certainly have their place in the actual playing of the game.

THE COLONY, TX - OCTOBER 05: A couple watches as Brooke Henderson
THE COLONY, TX – OCTOBER 05: A couple watches as Brooke Henderson of Canada plays the first hole during the Third Round of the Volunteers of America Classic golf tournament at the Old American Golf Club on October 5, 2019 in The Colony, Texas. (Photo by Chuck Burton/Getty Images)

I speak from experience, as I mentioned earlier. My wife took up golf after I did and fell for it as hard, or maybe harder, than she fell for me. We’ve done all things listed above, from golf vacations to couples’ nights to including family. And while the pure meaning of Valentine’s Day is focused on your one and only, and my wife and I have spent many delightful hours golfing together, I can tell you that one of my everlasting memories is the sight of our son and his grandfather golfing together. That’s something else I truly love.