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Practice different distances with your wedges to improve your control

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Varying the distance of your shots on the range will help you dial in exact numbers and distance control.

The beauty of wedge play is that it is an easy area for players to really separate themselves on the course. By strengthening this part of your game, you will make more birdies and save more pars after unfortunate mistakes off the tee. And it does not require crazy power since most shots are within 110 yards.

With that in mind, I recommend trying one of my favourite drills called Wrong, Wrong, Right where I place three markers out at, say, 40, 60 and 110 yards on the range then have our players — in this picture Team Canada’s Stuart Macdonald (left) and Hugo Bernard (right) — hit three balls to each cone. But instead of instructing them to try to hit all three shots exactly, for example, 60 yards, I have them try to fly the first ball 55 yards, the second ball 65 yards and then dial in the third ball to the correct distance, which would be 60 yards.

Practising this Wrong, Wrong, Right approach allows players to feel out a correct distance and understand the small adjustments needed in swing speed/swing length and distance control to hit that target. Harnessing this feel will naturally make you a much better wedge player.

-Position the ball in the middle of your stance.
-Shift slightly more weight — maybe 55 per cent — onto your lead foot versus your trail leg.
-Lean your shaft slightly forward towards the target at address.

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