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Titleist introduces new AVX Golf Ball

Titleist new AVX golf ball

Titleist introduces the third generation of its  AVX golf ball, improving upon short game spin and control, increasing driver distance, and providing even softer feel. The original AVX was engineered by Titleist in 2018 as a performance alternative to its flagship Pro V1 and Pro V1x by offering the lowest flight, lowest spin and softest feel of the three premium offerings. The new AVX reflects further advancements in the brand’s industry-leading multi-component technology with additional breakthrough results for golfers who prioritize distance and extremely soft feel in a urethane covered golf ball. 

“Flight, Spin, and Feel are three key performance attributes we evaluate during our green-to-tee fittings and golf ball selection,” said Frederick Waddell, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Titleist. “AVX provides a low flight, low spin, exceptionally soft feel alternative to Pro V1 and Pro V1x. With these three golf balls, plus Pro V1x Left Dash, every golfer that prioritizes performance can find a precise fit for their game.” 

“With new AVX, we focused on what AVX golfers are asking for: improving upon the already incredible distance and feel that golfers love, while enhancing greenside spin,” added Waddell. “We achieved this by softening the urethane cover to achieve greater short game performance, while adding a new core formulation for speed, and new aerodynamics for flight stability and more distance.” 

AVX is a premium, technologically advanced golf ball, and the golfers who play it choose AVX because it gives their specific game a performance advantage.

“All components of a golf ball are connected when it comes to performance,” said Mike Madson, Director of Aerodynamics and Research Engineering, Titleist. “When we set out to increase distance and enhance greenside spin, we looked at every layer of the golf ball for improvements. New AVX includes improvements to the core formulation, cover and aerodynamics. The dimple pattern is an area of constant innovation.  We continuously design and test new dimple configurations so we can match an aerodynamic pattern specific to the golf ball construction. With AVX, the 348 catenary dimple pattern is optimized specifically for the low flight window of AVX to produce maximum distance.”

The AVX is offered in both white and optic yellow, available in golf shops worldwide starting on Feb. 4, 2022.

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Where does the word ‘mulligan’ come from?

Brent Smyth/ Golf Canada

There is considerable debate about this topic, to say the least. There are several clubs and several people who have staked claims about the origin of the term ‘mulligan.’

The story most widely accepted focuses on a gentleman named David Mulligan who played at the St. Lambert CC in Montreal during the 1920s. There are several versions of the David Mulligan story.

Story one: Mr. Mulligan was a hotelier in the first half of the century, a part-owner and manager of the Biltmore Hotel in New York City, as well as several large Canadian hotels. One story says that the first mulligan was an impulsive sort of event – that one day Mulligan hit a very long drive off the first tee, just not straight, and acting on impulse re-teed and hit again. His partners found it all amusing, and decided that the shot that Mulligan himself called a ‘correction shot’ deserved a better named, so they called it a ‘mulligan.’

Story two: Mulligan played regularly with a group of friends at St. Lambert, and in the morning he drove to pick up his golfing buddies. The road into the club was reportedly bumpy and windy and just sort of generally poor, with bridge of bumpy railroad ties. An extra shot was allotted to Mulligan, the driver of the car, on the first tee because he was jumpy and shaking from the difficult drive.

Story three: this story again identified a specific moment, citing a day when David Mulligan showed up late to the course, having scrambled to get out of bed late and get dressed and get to the course on time. He was frazzled on the first tee, hit a poor shot, and re-teed.

Another version of the ‘mulligan’ story comes from the Essex Fells CC in N.J. This story is one of the latest, and may therefore be less credible. According to this version, the term was named after a locker room attendant at the club named John A. ‘Buddy’ Mulligan, who worked at the club during the 1930s and was known for replaying shots, particularly on the first tee.

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Now on tour: new Vokey Design SM9 wedges

Vokey Design SM9 Wedges

The new Vokey Design SM9 wedges – the next generation of the PGA Tour’s most played wedges – will make their debut this week at the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui. 

Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill, working alongside Vokey’s team of engineers, have spent the last two years designing prototypes and testing them with the world’s best players, pushing forward in their relentless mission to craft better performing and better feeling wedges.

Players in the field this week at Kapalua are getting the first opportunity to game the new models in competition. The tour launch of SM9 will continue at The American Express, when AD is back behind his grinding wheel in the Titleist Tour Truck at PGA West.

Visit Titleist.ca and Titleist’s social channels over the coming weeks for updates as the introduction of SM9 wedges continues on the PGA TOUR and across the worldwide professional tours.

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Lightspeed Golf joins forces with Golf Canada in multi-year agreement

Brent Smyth/ Golf Canada

The golf industry in North America is growing in new and exciting ways. Lightspeed Commerce Inc. (NYSE: LSPD) (TSX: LSPD), the one-stop commerce platform for merchants around the world to simplify, scale and create exceptional customer experiences, today announced a multi-year agreement with Golf Canada, the National Sport Federation representing more than 271,000 golfers and 1,400 member clubs across the country, allowing both participating golf courses and golfers to share certified Golf Canada handicap data across both platforms.

Lightspeed Golf empowers courses to manage an entire facility from a single platform, synthesizing systems for daily operations, tee sheets, on-site hospitality and retail, and online booking. The integration of Lightspeed Golf’s commerce platform with the Golf Canada Score Centre will provide a solution for more Canadian golfers to maintain an Official Handicap Index, leveling the playing field for participants across Canada.

“We are both excited and honoured to be partnering with such a revered Canadian organization,” said Lightspeed Golf GM David Hope. “This platform integration will streamline operations for golfers and course operators alike, enabling improved handicap integrity and reporting. We look forward to working with Golf Canada to grow the game through educational content and putting intuitive technology in the hands of both golfers and golf course operators.”

The platform integration will help more golfers track their scoring history and demonstrated ability on the golf course, allowing both golfers and course operators to see handicap data when booking tee times and navigating tee sheets.

“Golf Canada is extremely pleased to be aligning our Score Centre with Lightspeed Golf,” said Golf Canada Director of Membership Ryan Logan. “This platform integration will open up new opportunities to grow our membership-base across Canada and will further support our member clubs in providing a more streamlined and enhanced golfing experience.”

Golf in Canada continues to show growth and resilience through the past two seasons impacted by the pandemic. In 2021, a record 9.3M scores were posted to the Golf Canada Score Centre, a 19% increase from 2020 and 27.5% increase over 2019, and Lightspeed Golf customers reported a 23% increase in rounds played from 2019 to 2020. Lightspeed Golf customers are growing and modernizing their businesses, attracting younger patrons and more diverse golfers, and re-thinking their business models to diversify their revenue streams.

“Golf is booming right now, but even before that our rounds were continuously up every single year over the past five years,” said Lightspeed Golf customer Jenifer Wright, GM of Westwood Plateau Golf. “We’re making changes to get new people into golf and we’ve been really impressed with every integration Lightspeed has come out with. We can’t wait to see how this platform integration with Golf Canada will benefit our course and players.”

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Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Officer shares a message for Canadian college golf athletes

Kevin Blue, Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Officer, took to twitter yesterday to share a message with Canadian golfers who recently signed NLIs to play U.S. college golf.

“Celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family,” wrote Blue. “After that, set a new goal. This is just one step in your long golfing journey.”

What followed was a thoughtful thread of both career advice and life lessons from an individual with a wealth of experience in the college golf landscape.

Blue joined Golf Canada in 2020 after serving nearly five years as Director of Athletics for the University of California, Davis, an NCAA Division I institute.

Read the full thread below:

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Haunting tales from Canadian courses

If you ask a golfer about their most haunting moments on the golf course, you might hear about an unfortunate double hit or a bad case of the yips. While a poorly played round is certainly reason to keep a golfer up at night, there are perhaps more chilling tales circulating from the back nine or within the forgotten histories of aging clubhouses that concern the otherworldly.

With Canada’s rich history and vast geography, it’s no surprise that the country also boasts its fair share of spooky tales. There’s an old sanitorium in Kamloops that would look right at home in a Stephen King novel, a haunted lighthouse in P.E.I., and a ghost that goes by the name of ‘Dorothy’ at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If that isn’t enough, Canada Post created a collection of ‘Haunted Canada’ stamps from 2014-2016 that reveal a whole cast of the country’s ghostly characters such as Gastown’s Headless Brakeman, the Grey Lady of the Halifax Citadel, and the Phantom Bell Ringers of the Kirk of St. James. 

While it might be hard to imagine these eerie spirits lurking on well-manicured and sunny greens, that doesn’t mean that golf courses aren’t devoid of spooky tales of their own. Below you’ll find five courses across the country that are rumored to house extraordinary spirits.

Haunted Lakes Golf Club

Haunting tales From Canadian golf courses: Image of the sign at Haunted Lake Golf Club

Haunted Lakes Golf course in Alix, Alta. is certainly high on the list of Canadian courses with the spookiest names.

As the legend goes, seven Native American hunters camped around the eastern shore of the lake and awoke one morning to discover a magnificent deer trapped in ice.

As the men began to chip away at the ice around the antlers, the still-alive beast crashed through its icy cage and carved a path towards the refuge of the shore. The deer made it to safety and disappeared into the woods, but the men would never set foot in the forest again. All seven plunged into the frigid depths, drowned, and were claimed by the lake. They were never seen or heard from again – alive that is.  

To this day, the spirits of the unfortunate seven are rumoured to haunt the area, giving the lake its name. Locals also claim that every winter when the lake is frozen over, a huge fissure appears tracing the exact path of the deer’s escape – right along the third fairway where Haunted Lake hugs the front right of the green.

Glen Abbey Golf Course

They say the best ghost stories are the ones that hit close to home. Located on the picturesque Sixteen Mile Creek in Oakville, Ont., Glen Abbey Golf Course has played host to the Canadian Open 30 times and also serves as home-base for Golf Canada. While the later have taken up residence at the property since the 1970s, there is – if you believe in such things – a much older tenant who reportedly still roams the corridors.

Originally built by mining magnate Andre Dorfman in 1937, the sprawling country estate was sold in 1953 to be used as a retreat and monastery by the Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada. The property was again sold in 1963 by a group of businessmen with a vision to build a golf club. The men named their new course ‘Glen Abbey’ as a nod to the previous occupants, but as the story goes, one of those occupants never left.

Since then, there have been reports of cupboards inexplicably slamming, heavy footsteps in the hallway and the mysterious feeling of being watched. One eyewitness claims to have seen the specter glide through solid wall, and all accounts seem to agree that the spirit takes the shape of a Jesuit Priest.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club

Charming little Niagara-on-the-Lake in Southern Ontario is often referred to as Canada’s most haunted town. It therefore comes as no surprise that Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club, with its 140-year history, would be just as populated with ghost stories as the town is with visitors.

Located toward the back of the scenic course you’ll find Fort Mississauga – a defensive structure built after the War of 1812 to defend against the nearby American Fort Niagara. While the Fort was garrisoned until 1826, rearmed after the Rebellion of 1837, and manned during tense periods of the American Civil War, it never saw battle. However, the structure was erected using salvaged pieces from an old lighthouse and bricks from the crumbling Fort George which could perhaps account paranormal activity surrounding the historic site.

It is said that sounds of violence can be heard issuing from the Fort and multiple accounts have reported a man yelling in pain from within the structure. A young soldier even confided to his journal in 1871 that he and another officer saw a tall, gliding figure in a black robe while on watch one evening.

Fort Mississauga is now a National Historic Site and serves as a striking reminder to golfers that the land they putt on is steeped in history.  

Jasper Park Golf Course

At Jasper Park Golf Course in Jasper, Alta. you’re more likely to come across a wandering elk than a wayward spirit. Still, a medley of ghostly characters have scared their way into the lore surrounding this jewel in the Canadian Rockies.

Construction for the resort property began in 1921 with renowned course architect Stanley Thompson joining the project in 1924. It took 50 teams of horses and 200 men before Thompson’s design became a reality and opened to the public in 1925.

As far as ghost stories go, past staff suggest that the clubhouse – particularly the kitchen – is frequented by spirits moving objects or banging pots. Multiple witnesses claim to have encountered an elderly woman who mysteriously vanishes when spoken to, and there’s even said to be a photo of her hanging outside the restaurant.

Another spooky story involves Point Cabin where a young maid took a tumble down the stairs and broke her neck. To this day her spirit is said to slam doors, turn lights off and appear to unsuspecting guests.

Victoria Golf Club

Over on the West Coast, Victoria Golf Club boasts an impressive history and a dramatic tale that has become a local legend.

The story surrounds Doris Thompson who immigrated to Canada in 1906 and married local sports reported Victor Gravlin. Victor, however, was not a good husband to Doris and spent countless hours at Uplands Golf Club where is brother was head pro. When her husband lost his job and began drinking heavily, Doris left him and found work as a private live-in nurse.

Not long after, Victor sent a letter to Doris which historians believe was a plea to meet and reconcile. On the ill-fated night of Sept. 22, 1936, Doris and Victor left their respective residences and were seen together on Runnymede Avenue. What happened next remains a mystery as neither were seen alive again.

The couple was reported as missing and a search ensued. Days later a caddy searching for a lost ball at Victoria Golf Club discovered Doris’ corpse near the 7th green. The 30 year old had been strangled with her hat, belt and shoes missing.

The local gossips believed that Victor, the number one suspect, had escaped. However, they were wrong. One month later a fisherman found Victor’s body floating in the kelp beds off the 9th fairway with a rope in his pocket and in possession of Doris’ missing attire. The police concluded he had strangled his wife and then committed suicide by walking into the water.

It’s no surprise that the traumatic tale has given rise to haunting stories at the property. To this day, visitors to the area report floating orbs, disembodied screaming, strange unexplained pockets of mist, and even full-bodied apparitions of a sad-looking woman believed to be Doris.

The spooky tales arising from these properties add to the character that makes each course unique. Whether you’re a believer in ghosts or a skeptic of the spirit world, the next time a strange wind results in a bogey you have someone – or something – to blame.

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Participants of the Audi Night Golf Experience test skills under the lights

Corey Conners takes photos with contest winners at the Audi Night Golf Experience. (Ethan Shaw/ Golf Canada)

Toronto, Ont. – Last month, participants of the Audi Night Golf Experience descended upon Lambton Golf and Country Club for a chance to test their golf skills under the lights. The event also featured food, music, special guest appearances, and premium prizing from Golf Canada partners Titleist and Audi Canada.

The competition featured four distinct challenges involving a longest drive challenge, chipping and putting challenges, and a closest-to-the-hole challenge. Attendees were also presented with an opportunity to meet PGA Tour star Corey Conners who was on hand to greet guests, take photos, and give a demonstration.

Audi has been successfully involved with golf on a global scale for over two decades in its hosting of the Audi quattro Cup. In 2019, Golf Canada and Audi Canada announced a multi-year integrated partnership with a collective focus to drive excellence in the Canadian golf landscape. The luxury automotive brand also serves as the exclusive Premier Automotive Partner for Canada’s National Open Championships—the RBC Canadian Open and CP Women’s Open—as well as the Official Automotive Partner of Golf Canada’s National Team Program.

An additional two Canadian stops were held earlier in the month at Point Grey Golf and Country Club in Vancouver, B.C, and Club de Golf le Mirage in Montreal, Que. Over the course of the three events, 100 contest winners were treated to the Audi Night Golf Experience along with their guests.

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Garry McKay named GJAC’s Dick Grimm Award winner for 2021

CALEDON, ONT. – The Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) have announced Garry McKay as recipient of its Dick Grimm Award for 2021. 
The announcement was made Monday, October 4th as part of GJAC’s Annual General Meeting and Golf Day, which was held at The Pulpit Club in Caledon, Ont. 
A committee of past GJAC presidents selected McKay, a Hamilton native, in recognition of his contributions to the Canadian golf-media landscape during a remarkable career spanning four decades. 
“Garry personifies the Dick Grimm Award with the contribution he’s made to Canadian golf for more than 40 years,” said GJAC president, Rick Young. “His career as a journalist, one that still continues today, is steeped in professionalism and his dedication to volunteering is a model for leaving the game better than you found it. Dick would be thrilled knowing Garry has joined the GJAC’s elite list of Dick Grimm Award recipients.” 

Canadian Golf Hall of Fame Honoured Member, Dick Grimm, also known as ‘Mr. Canadian Open’, serves as namesake for the association’s highest honour.  
“I was quite surprised and deeply honoured to be named this year’s Dick Grimm Award winner by the Golf Journalists Association of Canada,” said McKay. “I have always said that you meet the nicest people in golf, either playing it, covering it or volunteering in it. Any success I’ve had is because of the people I’ve met along the journey.”

Decorated for his journalistic efforts, Mckay began his career in radio before transitioning to write for SCOREGolf, Golf Canada, Pro Shop Magazine, Ontario Golf, the Hamilton Spectator and various publications in the United States and Germany. 

A multi-sport journalist, he would also receive the James H. Ellery Memorial Award from the American Hockey League, three media awards for provincial gymnastics, a SCOREGolf award in 1981 and was honoured by the Ontario Golf Hall of Fame with the Lorne Rubenstien Award in 2015. 

McKay’s contributions to the game go far beyond his many awards and accolades and speak to a generous commitment to growing and honouring the sport. He has previously served on selection committees for the World Golf Hall of Fame, PGA of Canada Hall of Fame, Ontario Golf Hall of Fame, and currently sits on the selection committee for the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. 

Additionally, he has also contributed to Golf Canada’s Heritage Committee, acted as director of the Stanley Thompson Society and became one of the founding directors of the Hamilton Halton Junior Golf Tour, where he’s continued his involvement since 1984 and has elected to make the donation the award comes with out to. 

Garry Mckay continues to be a pillar of the Golf Journalists association where he is one of the seven founding directors. He has served the organization in previous capacities as president, secretary/treasurer and long-time board member. He currently holds office as advisor to the board while continuing his 43-year career as a sports journalist. 

Past Dick Grimm award winners 

About the Golf Journalists Association of Canada:
Established in 2006, the purpose of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) is to encourage and promote golf journalism in Canada, recognize excellence in Canadian golf and golf journalism through annual awards, bring together golf journalists from across the country to share ideas and common interests, and develop better media relations between the Association’s membership and various golf associations, sponsors and golf companies across Canada.

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Foresight Sports’ New GC3™ Launch Monitor Promises to be a “Game Changer” for all Golfers.

The company’s latest Launch Monitor provides uncompromising accuracy and performance both indoors and outdoors, at a price that puts a Foresight Sports Launch Monitor in reach of every golfer now more than ever.

More than a decade after the debut of its GC2 – the launch monitor now known as the market’s all-time best-selling performance technology – Industry leader Foresight Sports has just released this legendary product’s successor; the GC3.

This newest addition to the Game Changer (GC) family of technology will allow more golfers to access the unparalleled data accuracy and true-to-life simulation that only Foresight Sports is recognized for.

Built on the same advanced photometric technology found in the company’s Tour-Dominating flagship launch monitor, the GCQuad, the new GC3 features a three-camera system that delivers ball and club performance data, both indoors and outdoors, with industry-leading precision.

According to Foresight Sports Canada’s Director Aaron Hardy, the GC3 answers a long-awaited need in the golf industry – making the highest-level performance, gaming and entertainment within reach of all golfers. “The GC3 was designed from the start to fill the space between our original ball data-only GC2and the unmatched data insight of our GCQuad. It delivers the essential ball and club data players need to reliably improve their game and empower a true-to-life virtual golf experience. No other product on the market comes close to delivering this range of options – nor the level of indoor and outdoor accuracy – at this price.”

The purchase of a GC3 includes FSX 2020 & FSX Pro Software, 20 Standard Courses, the FSX performance app and exclusive first-time access to the Beta version of the yet-to-be-released FSX Play Software (expected early 2022).

The GC3 will also be available with all styles of Foresight Sports Canada’s SIM-IN-A-BOX collection and the BackYard series; you can extend the Canadian golf season from 4 months to the whole year.

We are expecting a high demand for the GC3; Foresight Sports Canada suggests that anyone interested in purchasing a unit in 2021 should contact them as soon as possible to be added to the waitlist.

To learn more about the GC3 or to sign up for the waitlist, CLICK HERE.

For further information, please get in touch with Jim Hill at jim@foresightsports.ca

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Titleist introduces new Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putters

Scotty Cameron putters
Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putters (Photos provided by Titleist)

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. – Inspired by the putters he has made for major winners and champions on the worldwide professional golf tours, Scotty Cameron has re-imagined one of his most iconic designs to create three new models called Champions Choice. Crafted in a limited run to be released this summer, the new putters bring the sleek, tour-proven shapes of the Special Select family of putters together with an integrated Teryllium insert and Scotty Cameron’s revered “Button Back” setup, as well as unique graphics and accessories celebrating the history of winning with Scotty Cameron putters.

In select Titleist golf shops worldwide beginning Friday, August 6, the new Champions Choice putters will be offered in three models: Newport Button Back, Newport 2 Button Back (also available in left-handed) and Flowback 5.5 Button Back. Each putter features a solid milled 303 stainless steel body with a soft Teryllium inlay fused together with the iconic button head machine screws and modern vibration dampening technology.