FAQ: World Handicap System (WHS) and Your Information

In order to measure a golfer’s performance and progress, it is essential for the game to be equitable and consistent to maintain the integrity of the game. This FAQ is meant to address specific questions individuals may have about how their personal information is managed in relation to their Handicap Index. 

The World Handicap System (WHS) developed Rules of Handicapping, which is implemented and administered by Golf Canada in cooperation with the provincial golf associations. Through the WHS, each golfer establishes a “Handicap Index” based on the scores the golfer submits. The Handicap Index allows for accurate tracking of a golfer’s progress and equitable play with other golfers when used in competitive situations. For more information on the Rules of Handicapping, please click here.

To ensure the integrity of the WHS, golfers are required to submit information, including personal information via the Golf Canada Score Centre. The Score Centre is Golf Canada’s proprietary user experience and database software utilized solely by members of Golf Canada. We encourage you to review Golf Canada’s Privacy Policy to learn about how we handle your personal information. 

What information is collected to calculate my Handicap Index? How does Golf Canada collect this information?

You or your golf club, on your behalf, may be required to provide the following information on Score Centre:

●      Information related to your profile including your name, date of birth, email address, phone number, membership number and type, home club, address, gender and age

●      Date played

●      The course played and tees

●      Number of holes played

●      Score

●      Attestor (Optional)

We may automatically collect the IP address of the device you used to input your information. 

Why does Golf Canada need this information?

The primary purpose of collecting and using your information is to provide you with a Handicap Index as outlined in the World Handicap System Rules of Handicapping. We use this information to provide and calculate your Handicap Index. Additionally, this information can be used to:

●      Facilitate the integrity of WHS and accuracy of your Handicap Index;

●      Administer your participation in a competition;

●      Assist with Peer Review, which is an integral component of the Rules of Handicapping (see World Handicap System Rules of Handicapping for more information about Peer Review);

●      Track and gain insights and trends about the sport of golf in Canada; 

●      Communicate with you; Provide curated gifting and/or benefits from our partners; and

●      Gain insights and be used for statistical analysis for research purposes. 

Am I required to input my score?

In order to maintain a Golf Canada Handicap Index, all acceptable scores must be entered into your scoring record.  Failure to do so may result in adjustment or withdrawal of your Handicap Index.

How is my score collected?

You voluntarily provide your score and the associated information relating to associated using various entry points such as the Golf Canada website, application, kiosks, a tournament/league administrator, or the golf club. 

You may also authorize someone to enter a score on your behalf, such as your club or tournament administrator. 

Do I need to provide consent to share my Handicap Index? 

By participating in the handicap system, you provide implied consent to disclose the score information summarized above as supported by the Rules of Handicapping. 

Who will see my Scoring Record?

a)     General Scoring Record

Your general scoring record has information about each round played, including date (day/month/year), course/tee information, number of holes played, adjustments, and score information (Adjusted Gross Score, Hole-by-Hole Scores, Score Differential). The general scoring record is disclosed in the Score Centre. It is accessible to the National/Provincial Association administrators, the Handicap Committee, and all members of your golf club to support the Peer Review process.

b)    Condensed Scoring Record

The condensed scoring record is accessible to the larger public audience. The record includes information about each round played, the number of holes played, adjustments, and score information (Adjusted Gross Score, Hole-by-Hole Scores, Score Differential). The Condensed Scoring Record does not showcase the course or exact date of your scores posted. Visibility of Condensed Scoring Record is mandatory and cannot be disabled if you wish to use the World Handicap System. 

Your date of birth is never made public. 

What if I don’t want my information to be made public?

If you wish to use the World Handicap System, the visibility of your condensed scoring record is mandatory as per the Rules of Handicapping. The information needs to be accessible for Peer Review and the integrity of the sport. 

By participating in the handicap system, it is assumed you provided your consent to disclose the necessary score information, summarized above, as supported by the Rules of Handicapping.

How can I correct my information, including my score?

You can edit your information, including your score, at any time. You may contact your home golf club, provincial association, or Golf Canada to assist you in editing your score. If you wish to delete your score, you may do so within 24 hours of posting it. 

How can I delete my information in the Score Centre?

You cannot delete your Score Centre profile. In accordance with Golf Canada’s Privacy Policy, you may request to delete your personal information, including Score Centre profile, by contacting privacy@golfcanada.ca. A deletion of your Score Centre profile will nullify your official Handicap Index.

If your membership expires, your handicap and scoring information will be removed from public view, however, the information will be maintained internally in the Score Centre database and Golf Canada will archive your information, making it unavailable for public or club view. Your score will not be permanently deleted so that if you return to the game, you can reactivate their score history. 

If your membership has not expired and you do not wish to have your information public, you must submit a written request with written support by the respective authorized Golf Association. In certain extenuating circumstances, scoring and account information can be deleted, however, only with the approval of the appropriate authorized provincial Golf Association.

Where is my information stored?

Your personal information is processed by GolfNet and is stored in Amazon’s AWS cloud server in the U.S.

How can I gain access to my Handicap and scoring information?

If you are a Golf Canada member and you created an account in the Score Centre, you may access your information and score at any time. 

If you are no longer a member and you wish to gain access to this information, you may do so by contacting Golf Canada or your provincial Golf Association. Your information will be gathered and exported to you in a readable format. 

Do you collect the scores of minors?

Yes. The same Rules of Handicapping apply to minors. An individual’s date of birth is not made public.

How can I contact Golf Canada?

We welcome your questions and comments about privacy. Please feel free to contact us by emailing our Privacy Officer at privacy@golfcanada.ca, calling us at (905) 849-9700 extension 226, or writing us at Golf Canada, 1331-1 Dorval Drive, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6M 4X7.