Brittany Marchand

Orangeville, Ont. • Young Pro Squad

General Facts

  • Date of birth June 27, 1992
  • Hometown Orangeville, Ont.
  • Home club Brampton Golf Club
  • School North Carolina State University (alumna)
  • Years in team 8 (Young Pro Squad in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 | Amateur Squad in 2017, 2016, 2015 | Development Squad in 2011)

Notable moments

  • Member of the Symetra Tour for the 2021 season
  • Best Symetra Tour finish in 2020 was T8 at Florida’s Natural Charity Classic
  • Played on the LPGA Tour in 2019. Best finish was T55 at the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic
  • In 2018 had great results on Symetra and LPGA Tour. T7 Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic, T16 Cambia Portland Classic


  • T7 – 2018 Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic
  • T16 – 2018 Cambia Portland Classic
  • T30 – 2017 CP Women’s Open

Symetra Tour

  • T8 – 2020 Florida’s Natural Charity Classic
  • 3rd – 2018 Florida’s Natural Charity Classic
  • T7 – 2018 Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women’s Health Classic
  • Champion – 2017 PHC Classic
  • T8 – 2017 Donald Ross Centennial Classic at French Lick Resort
  • 3rd – 2016 Garden City Charity Classic at Buffalo Dunes
  • T8 – 2016 Decatur-Forsyth Classic
  • T9 – 2016 Fuccillo Kia Championship at Capital Hills

Other Tours

  • Champion – 2017 PGA of Canada Women’s Championship


  • T2 – 2015 Investors Group Ontario Women’s Amateur
  • R16 – 2015 Ladies British Open Amateur
  • T4 – 2015 Women’s Porter Cup
  • Champion – 2015 Cactus Tour No. 6
  • T20 – 2014 Espirito Santo Trophy (World Amateur Championship)
  • R32 – 2014 U.S. Women’s Amateur
  • 7th – 2014 Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship
  • 3rd – 2014 Ontario Women’s Amateur
  • T4 – 2014 Porter Cup
  • T5 – 2014 ACC Women’s Championship
  • T4 – 2014 Ladies Puerto Rico Classic (NCAA)
  • T5 – 2013 Mason Rudolph Championship (NCAA)
  • 2nd – 2013 Cougar Classic (NCAA)
  • Champion – 2012 Ontario Women’s Amateur
  • Round of 32 – 2012 Ladies British Open
  • T6 – 2012 NCAA Division I Women’s Championship
  • Champion – 2012 Cards Challenge (NCAA)
  • Champion – 2012 Pinehurst Spring Invitation (NCAA)
  • T2 – 2010 Royale Cup Canadian Junior Girls Championship
  • T2 – 2010 Ontario Junior Girls Championship
Partner message

Q & A

  • Q: What are some of your nicknames?

    Britt, B, Britts

  • Q: Who or what got you into golf?

    My Grandpa. He joined me to a club, Brampton G.C, when I was 7 and taught me how to play.

  • Q: What is your favourite pre-competition meal?

    If I am playing in the morning, I love an omelette with lots of veggies and fresh fruit and greek yogurt.

  • Q: How about your favourite “cheat” meal?

    My favourite cheat meal has to be pizza, gluten free of course, and if I am really cheating, eating cheese cake for dessert.

  • Q: What was the last book you read?

    The last book I read was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

  • Q: What is something most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?

    No hidden talents, but I am part South African, French-Canadian, Chinese, and Dutch. Also I was in a movie, Death to Smoochie as a skating rhino.

  • Q: What exercise do you dread the most?

    I hate doing burpees, I also hate push ups.

  • Q: What was the last picture that you took on your phone?

    The last picture I took was of my friends (teammates) and I on our girls weekend.

  • Q: What is the best thing about your hometown?

    The best thing about Orangeville is my three best friends who I grew up with and a few small restaurants that are really good (Thai and Caribbean food),

  • Q: Do you have any superstitions?

    I am not really superstitious. I just match my ball marker to my outfit.

  • Q: What is the most surprising thing in your golf bag?

    I would say to a non-golfer who looked in it, a can of foot odour spray (which is used to spray the club face to see where the impact was … not for my feet smell!)